Wet Magic

When Four Siblings Journey To The Seashore For A Holiday, One Of Them Unwittingly Summons The Sister Ofa Mermaid Who Is Captured By A Circus, And The Children Set Out To Save The Imprisoned Being After A Daring Midnight Rescue, The Children S Reward Is An Incredible Journey Beneath The Waves And Into The Hidden Kingdom Of The Mermaids But They Soon Find Themselves In A Race Against Time As They Struggle To Prevent A War And Save Their New Underwater Companions Here Is A Triumphant Tale By One Of The Finest Storytellers To Ever Write For Children, And A Pioneer Of Fantasy Literature For This Age Group.Wet Magic

Edith Nesbit married name Edith Bland 15 August 1858 4 May 1924 was an English author and poet she published her books for children under the name of E Nesbit.She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television She was also a political activist and co founded the Fabian Society, a socialist organisation later connec

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  • Paperback
  • 134 pages
  • Wet Magic
  • E. Nesbit
  • 06 November 2017
  • 9781543221534

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    Wet Magic is a Nesbit book which I didn t read as a child They are rather twee, but I do still enjoy her work Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Wet Magic follows a similar pattern to many of her other books, in that a group of rather well to do siblings discover something otherworldly or unusual i...

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    I must have read this book when I was about 6 E Nesbit was the first real author I discovered I think it was the first time I had ever come across a metaphysical problem in a work of literature The children have been captured by the cruel Sea People, and the Queen offers them a deal Anyone who wants can take a little pill, and they will immediately forget who they are, and that they were ever the Sea People s enemies They will be welcome as free citizens But if they don t take the pill, they will be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.All but one of the children refuse the pills But the youngest agrees And indeed, she immediately forgets who she is, and curls up happily in the Queen s lap, looking at her brothers and sisters as though they were complete strangers Even at age 6, I knew she d made the wrong choice, and was horrified...

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    Wet Magic follows the general pattern of Nesbit books a family of very English children, two boys and two girls in this case, finds themselves embroiled in a magical adventure In this case, they rescue a mermaid from a circus that had captured her She takes them back to her own country, and hijinks ensue.It s pretty typical Nesbit a simple, fun adventure for kids It doesn t stand out among the rest of her books in either a good or a bad way I d recommend it for someone who s already read about the Bastables and the Psammead and is looking for Worst title ever My husband, looking over my shoulder, asked uneasily, Wet Magic Is thatfanfiction No, it s E Nesbit, I told him Oh, he said, still giving me an odd look I thought maybe it was dirty Harry Potter fanfiction or something As to why my husband thinks I would be reading erotic Harry Potter fanfic, I can only surmise that I may have displayed too much familiarity with fanf...

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    Relatively weak Nesbit offering A mermaid is rescued, and takes a group of children on an underwater adventure.It felt unreal This is an odd criticism to make of one of the most fantastical authors of children s fantasy, but the book just didn t seem to ring tru...

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    At about 70% through as labeled by Kindle I was sure I was going to be disappointed with a Nesbit for the first time ever Soon after, I changed my mind I disagree with the author s ideas on what should be forgotten except by the heart whatever THAT means but this one ...

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    I think this is the weakest of the Nesbit books that I ve read I ve given it three stars, but I probably would have given two stars to a different author Of course, the fault may not be with Nesbit but with me This is the sec...

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    I m glad I didn t read this in my youth because I would have been enraged at the lack of mermaids in this mermaid book The Mer kingdom exists in an air bubble and they take off their tails and use two legs 13 year old me would have rage quit this book Apart from that I didn t like the gender roles that were reinforced in this classic, expected but not appreciated I also didn t like how you have to be beautiful to...

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    Well, I was both disappointed and delighted by this book I was hoping the title was alluding to something a bit amusingly adult However, instead I discovered this delightful children s tale Some of the wording caused me to...

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    Not one of Nesbit s best She shines when depicting believable children in the real world, one into which magic intrudes The fun comes in seeing how the children cope with the many disruptions it causes But in Wet Magic, much of the story takes place in a magical unders...

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    One of my least favorite Nesbits It s dated and has less substance.

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