Reading Clueless Author Amber Benson Haven T Got Your Hands On The Newest Installment Of This 90 S Teen Phenomenon As If Your Favorite Girls From Beverly Hills Are Back In An All New Adventure It S Senior Year And Cher, Dionne, And Tai Find Themselves In A Bit Of A Crisis Of Self Where Are They Meant To Go, And What Are They Meant To DO After High School Luckily They Have All Year And Each Other S Help To Figure It OutClueless

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  • 02 January 2018
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    This follows Cher, Dionne, and Tai through senior year, alternating their points of view with each change of season The language and fashion are spot on and the artwork is really beautiful I m a massive Clueless fan so I had high hopes Nothing earth shattering here, but it was a fun little read.

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    3.5 Stars I needed this fluff today It was a shameless guilty pleasure So, was it as good as the cult classic AS IF but it definitely allowed me to lose a few brain cells while diving into nostalgic bliss It was as girly as it could get with Cher, D, and Tai Yup, it ...

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    originally reviewed at One of my all time favorite movies is Clueless When I first saw it in fifth grade my mom brought it home for us to watch together , I was immediately drawn to Cher Horowitz, our well meaning but flawed protagonist I wanted to be her, wanted to live her life and be as clever and kind as she was As an adult I still aspire to live up to her standards, so when I saw that a new graphic novel about Cher and her friends was coming out, I was SUPER excited The story picks up shortly after the movie ends Cher, Dionne, and Tai are starting their senior year of high school, and Ms Geist challenges them and the other students in her class to determine what their post high school goals are by the end of the year, and to figure out what they want to be in the world After this, we follow not just Cher, but also her best friends on a journey of self discovery that was both incredibly charming and completely empowering In spite of my excitement over this book, I was also nervous because I hold this movie so close to my heart and Emma as well, the Jane Austen book that it takes inspiration from I was worried that it was going to perhaps rehash the movie in some way, or throw in drama for drama s sake But I am very happy to report that Amber Benson and Sarah Kuhn absolutely did justice to the film and it s characters.I first want to talk about the cha...

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    This was the best part of my week.

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    SO CUTE, every Clueless fan should read this to spend some time with the characters again

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    A quick read that gives all the good feels of the 90s classic teen film and proves once again that nothing beats the power of friendship.

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    Clueless Senior Year follows Cher Horowitz and her friends Dionne and Tai almost immediately after the first film ends Cher s relationship with Josh has been put on hold while she s struggles to find herself before graduation Dionne has gotten fed up with how boyfriend Murray has been treating her So she decides to run for class president against him Meanwhile, former ugly duckling Tai must choose between her dream of going to art school or running her aunt s apple farm after she inherits it.Living in the 90sThe movie Clueless debuted in 1995 At the time, Clueless was hailed as an accurate portrayal of high school life for that generation I graduated high school in 1996 Without all the excesses of life in Beverly Hills, my experience was pretty similar to Cher s Nobody knew what in the hell were they going to do with their life.By 1995, the rules had changed on members of Generation X We had been told for years to A graduate high school B get a degree and C find a job However, the job market got tougher as the previous generation before us started getting masters and doctorates As a result, my generation was told that the 3 point plan we had been sold on wasn t going to cut it any Thus, even school was on the table if we wanted to achieve our dreams.Like Cher, many of those in Generation X kinda got burned out with the whole situation The best way to deal with our problems was to shop them away If we happened to find love while o...

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    2.5 5Unlike a lot of people I didn t grow up having watched Clueless In fact my first exposure to it came from watching reruns of the short lived tv show It wasn t until I was an older teen adult that I finally got the chance to watch the movie and while I enjoyed it at the time I don t think I really cared Rewatching it now as an adult adult it s funny and charming and a total throwback to growing up in the 90s and I could see why people love it so much.Yet, I went into this with really low expectations since it seems everything is making a comeback these days and not always for the right reasons money, money, money Why they didn t bring Amy Heckerling in, to at least consult on this is beyond me especially since she was involved in the musical workshop There are a lot of writers out there who are easy enough to imitate but clearly Amy Heckerling isn t one of them.I yeah I wanted to like this, I really did The art is cute even if the characters don t really look like the actors who played them honestly most of them I wouldn t know who they are if I wasn t told who they ar...

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    I read this It s not great.What I wanted to be a time capsule of that exaggerated yet relatable Beverly Hills high school experience ended up being a weird hybrid of then and now, ravaged by the last 20 years Tai s lesbian aunt bequeaths her an apple orchard Dion runs for class president against her doofy, yet eloquent boyfriend One thing this book does right is maintain the characters loquaciousness, even if it s a bit off There are some writers that are just tough to emulate, like them or not Joss Whedon, Diablo Cody, and clearly Amy Heckerling It just doesn t maintain that classic, poppy, colorful charm of the source material Maybe rushing each of the girls through a story arc in such a short span of pages was part of the problem The art s alright None of the faces quite translate you d never guess these were Clueless characters without being told but the fashion s pretty spot on The iconic plaid skirt is rather overused her closet freaking rotates, ...

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    DNF d after Tai s chapter The art is gorgeous, so colorful which I love Being a die hard Clueless fan, I was expecting so much As another person pointed out, the dialogue feels forced in that it s trying too hard to sound like the movie A lot of the lines are recycled righ...

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