More Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition

You Know Her For Her Smile, Her Love For Pizza And Chewing Gum, And Her Ability To Face Opposition And See The Bright Side Of Things Now Listen To Al Carraway As She Narrates Her Story In This Moving Audiobook From Steak Dinner And Missionaries To Finding The Love Of Her Life And Becoming A Mother, Al Speaks From The Heart As She Shares Her Message About Trusting The Lord In All Aspects Of Life Includes A Personal Interview With AlMore Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the More Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition book, this is one of the most wanted Al Carraway author readers around the world.

[Epub] ❤ More Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition  By Al Carraway –
  • Audio CD
  • More Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition
  • Al Carraway
  • 22 September 2017
  • 9781462120840

10 thoughts on “More Than the Tattooed Mormon - 2nd Edition

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    This was okay I really enjoyed the beginning where she outlined her conversion and the struggles she encountered as a result I also enjoyed the first parts where she encourages her readers to press through difficult times with faith However, this felt like a blog post that just went on for too long, which makes sense since she gained her following as a blogger It just seemed to drag on and on and OOOOOOON, way past the point of being interesting Her message is a really one and heart is definitely in the right place, the book was just way too long and very repetitive I would have liked to have seen autobiographical information, details on the reconciliation with her family, information about how becoming a mother changed and stretched her testimony and understanding of God s relationship win us, and other personal stories like that Less rah, rah God is awesome no really, she says almost exactly that A LOT and , here s how God has used these specific situations in my life and how I am continuing to grow as a result Good effort and maybe helpful to the youth of the church in terms of its tone.

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    My Favorite Quotes Ask God, Not Google We are blessed by our efforts of trying, not perfection Hard times will consistently be there, but so will Christ The gospel is not there to prevent hard times from coming but to help strengthen and guide us when they do come My Review Al has been such a motivational person to so many Now, with this book, she will reach an even broader audience.I LOVE her candid telling of her struggles and her fears and her triumphs.She is a great example of pushing forward, to Christ, no matter what happensso needed to hear that right now.This book is a MUST READ Very well written A true inspiration

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    Mind that this is only about a third autobiography memoir the rest is gospel insight

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    I love to read conversion stories and heard about Al Fox now Carraway a few years ago I didn t know too much about her so was interested to hear her story I loved that I felt like she was just talking to me, telling me what led up to her joining the church and how difficult it was for her after that She actually had a great life and didn t feel like anything was missing Things changed for her when she started asking questions When she joined the church, her friends and family left her and she was completely alone She was able to find the strength to keep reading and studying her scriptures and attending church Moving to Utah was in some ways difficult for her, though She dealt with insensitive comments and looks from others but never let those keep her from living the way she knew she should.Her story is inspiring She seems like she would be fun to know She gets real and shares some serious heartache she experienced There are also lots of good times, too I liked that she included what her current relationship is with her family.This is than just her story she shares scriptures and passages that have helped her I enjoyed hearing her perspective on those and so much It s easy to see why she s a highly sought after speaker Her story is definitely thought provoking, inspiring and well worth the read Mel s Shelves

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    How could you not look at that face of pure joy and not want to read about her journey of faith and happiness Great pep talks in here, and so many phrases I wanted to underline I ve never met Al, but if I get the chance I want to give her a hug and say thank you I m already making up a list of people I need to give this book to.

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    This book is SO good Al writes about the gospel with such joy that it s contagious Her writing makes you want to be a better person I would highly, highly recommend

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    Great experience, great girl Wouldn t doubt that she s an amazing motivational speaker But writing was so juvenile I could barely get through it.

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    It was an interesting thing, reading this book A friend from church used some of it in her Relief Society lesson and it intrigued me, so I asked another friend to borrow her book.About half way through the book I was thinking to myself, I don t NEED this book at all in my life I am not struggling with my testimony, I am not struggling to figure out my purpose, I am not struggling with feeling the spirit, and I most certainly am not struggling with knowing God is real, and feeling His love for me I KNOW all those things, and I hold my relationship with my Heavenly Father as the most dear thing in my life.Then I got to the second half of the book, and I realized something I did need this book in my life, as it was just another source of truth and inspiration, and filled with the encouragement I need to remind me of the path I am on, and to CONTINUE on it Its like going to testimony meeting hearing others thoughts and testimonies always strengthens me and my relationship with God As did this book It just made me smile knowing I KNOW as she does, that God is real, He is leading my life, and He is always there for each and every one of us I need to continue doing what I am doing, and continually cultivate the testimony I have I wanted to reach through these pages and hug Al I hope if we ever meet in life she would know she has a friend in me.

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    What a fantastic book It felt so empowering to read a fellow female Mormon s life experiences and testimony Carraway s writing is funny, approachable, and often quite powerful I felt uplifted during the whole book Her life struggles are deeply relatable and her testimony is hard earned and sincere I look to her writing to help me be strong and press forward in my own life I think Mormons and non Mormons alike will like this book so many empowering messages and wise bits of council here A great read I can t wait to share this book with my sisters.

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    Excellent read I could relate to 90% of her experience, including the uprooting and moving across the country solo in what felt like a crazy plan I liked her delivery style very much one of my pet peeves is a lack of editing, as errors, etc can become jarring when I m engrossed in a book however, they didn t bother me here, and made this feel almost authentic A terrific role model, particularly in her encouragement to never give up, and to believe that we are all loved and of value beyond our understanding.

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