An Ancient Love

KINDLE An Ancient Love Author Zoe Williams Natus Back In Ancient Times, Uruk, The Ancient City Of Sumer And Later On Babylonia Was One Of The Most Prosperous Cities In The Ancient World It Was Ruled By A Young King Who Has Powers Unlike Any Other The Mighty King Of Uruk Known As Gilgamesh Is Known For His Nasty Temper Every Year In The City Of Uruk, There Is A Special Offering To The Gods A Young Woman With Fiery Red Eyes Is Introduced To The Arrogant King Of Uruk And Will Forever Change His Life.An Ancient Love

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the An Ancient Love book, this is one of the most wanted Zoe Williams author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • An Ancient Love
  • Zoe Williams
  • 16 August 2019

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    My Immortal , eat your heart out.You will love or hate this book, and I m giving it three stars for that reason It s true that the book is, if nothing else, a page turner, much like My Immortal , and it certainly does leave the reader constantly wondering what next.Certainly a warning is due to those who will be put off by English language errors this book is punctuated badly enough to make it tricky to understand what is meant sometimes there are also a lot of phrasings that read like they may have come from a non native English speaker and not suffered editing There are very many spelling mistakes, or rather wrong word errors of the kind that a spell checker won t catch, because they are legitimate words For example, the first line reads You re majesty, I can t believe you , and the rest of the book continues in a like fashion.There are anachro...

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    I picked up An Ancient Love because it looked like an interesting historical romance story, but unfortunately, I was disappointed The book suffers from a few problems First, the book needs some significant grammar and spelling revisions An editor is sorely needed to clean up the prose Words are misspelled and verb cases don t match But problematic for me, as a literature and history lover, is that the book has some glaring historical problems It you re at all familiar with the Epic of Gilgamesh or the history of ancient Sumer, you ll notice that the characters and setting don t quite match history For example, cuneiform was the language written in Uruk, not Egyptian Hieroglyphics Also, before Gilgamesh goes on his adventures with Enkidu, he is a tyrant and the people hate him at least according to the epic He s not the king portrayed in An Ancient Love I cringed when Enkido refers to Gilgamesh as Gilgy.But if you don t care about the accuracy of the history, or the recurrin...

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