Ascendancy: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller

KINDLE Ascendancy A Near Future Sci Fi Thriller Author Randal Sloan Young Julie Randolph And Her Fiancee Zeke Caldwell Are Taking Their Battle Against The Evil Organization To A New Level Her Goal Is To Totally Destroy Them And She Intends To Succeed Julie And Zeke Will Soon Learn Their Task Is Not An Easy One As They Discover That The Organization Is Getting Help From A Source With Many Resources They Will Have To Come Up With New Inventions For Ship Weapons And Defensive Systems If The Two Of Them Are To Come Out Of Their Battles Alive But They Discover That Zeke Has A Special Ability That Will Help Them Julie Is Also Planning A Rescue Of Her Father Who Is Stranded On A Research Ship A Long Way From Earth And She Will Need Zeke S Help To Do It During The Search For Her Father, Julie And Zeke Must Carry Along With Them Two Special Envoys From The US And China The Four Of Them Make An Amazing Discovery Sent By New Friends, But It Will Involve Each Of Them Being Given Tasks That They Must Complete In A Temporal War That They Have Unwittingly Become Involved In So Julie And Zeke Must Deal With The Power Behind The Organization While At The Same Time Introducing New Products That Will Drastic Improve The Way Of Life Of Many On Earth But Even That Is Not Without Conflicts That They Will Have To Resolve And They Will Need Help If They Are To Survive The Third In The Near Future Sci Fi Thriller Series, Ascendancy Is A Near Future Sci Fi Thriller In A World That Combines Science That Just Might Be Possible Soon With Psychic Visions And An Evil Organization That Is Backed By An Unknown Power To Keep Up To Date On The Near Future Series, Sign Up For My Reader S List AtAscendancy: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller

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[Ebook] ↠ Ascendancy: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller Author Randal Sloan –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 316 pages
  • Ascendancy: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Randal Sloan
  • English
  • 10 February 2018

10 thoughts on “Ascendancy: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller

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    I enjoyed the book, butAlthough I found the series a bit pollyannaish than most it really didn t bother me that much More irritating, to me, were the religious references which I felt were totally unnecessary to the story Yet they weren t so ...

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    Fitting ending to a meeting of the nannite mindsJulie and Zeke come together again and again to save the planet they so desperately want their children to inherit Space Tech is now as vital to fellow humans as time itself indicates A glimmer into future adventures becomes evident as edge...

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    Nice continuation of the series The story moves along at a nice pace and the characters are interesting and likable The writing style is not polished but not enough to stop the enjoyment of the story.

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