PDF Epub Serendipity By Max C Payne When Kenji Is Dumped By The Boyfriend He Actually Thought Would Stick Around, He Decides To Treat Himself Being A Broke College Student Doesn T Leave Much Chance For Comfort Food, And He Deserves The Splurge Chancing A New Restaurant Recommended To Him, He Meets Aaron, His Waiter And The Son Of The Owner, And Winds Up With A New Friend.If He Also Develops A Crush On Aaron, Well, That S His Problem Until Another Lousy Night Comes Along And Turns The World Upside Down.Serendipity

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Serendipity book, this is one of the most wanted Max C. Payne author readers around the world.

[PDF] ✓ Serendipity  ✪ Max C. Payne –
  • ebook
  • 53 pages
  • Serendipity
  • Max C. Payne
  • English
  • 02 March 2019

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    I found the blurb for this story full of promise however, I had hoped for something entirely different than what this book offered.First Thin, 5 3 , nearly blind without his thick glasses, solely focused on school, very quiet and submissive, socially awkward, cuts his own hair, secret martial artist master, adoringly follows the long haired, white guy around, and he s mostly a bottom.I think that about covers most of the Asian stereotypes used for Kenji, the main character, in this story I m pretty positive that Eric, my Vietnamese husband of 20 years, would not be amused by any part of that portrayal And I ve gotta say, it left me pretty cold as well.Second I realize that this story was short, but I ve read stories half the length that actually delivered a true emotional connection between the MC s, through opening up on page about themselves, sharing interesting tidbits from their pasts, etc This was not that book.So since the connection didn t feel anything than superficial, I truly didn t care what happened with these characters Plus, the story immediately skipping forward from the day they met to 4 or 5 months later, after they d already become supposed best of friends who seemed to know very little about one another , sure didn t help on that front.Third At the end, the long term to possibly forever feeling statements made only the morning after getting together the white guy offering to pay for himself and his Asian boy to fly to...

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    I usually don t read so short novellas but this one lured me with its lovely cover and the magic title.It was a nice quick read,nothing too serious and emotional to get into.Kenji and Aaron are just two friends who take the chance to start a romantic relationship

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    DNF 70%Reviewed for Just LoveI can t be kind, so I ll make this relatively short.If you re going to write an Asian character, ask yourself if it s really necessary to write them as 1 Short sighted basically blind without glasses 2 Socially awkward3 Introverted4 Secretly skilled at martial artsIf the answer is yes to any of those questions, please don t Close the laptop Put down the pen Stop clacking on that vintage typewriter Just don t do it It will only make you look willfully ignorant.Look There were so many ways Benji could have been written He could have been an athlete, a fuck boy, a Dom, a firefighter, a social justice warrior He could have been ANYTHING Had the author reversed the two characters and made Aaron the super shy, submissive college student and Benji the popular rich kid, it would have been a different story It could have been a far interesting story It s a shame they relied on outdated, racist stereotypes instead.Aside from that mess, there is nothing going on here that held my interest Aaron is supposed to be charismatic and charming but that definitely doesn t come through in the writing In fact, I thought he was a bit of a jerk.The first time the two hook up, Aaron takes Benji s glasses and refuses to hand them back, leav...

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    Book SerendipityAuthor Max C PayneStar rating No of Pages 53Cover GorgeousPOV 1st, one characterWould I read it again No.Genre LGBT, Contemporary COPY RECEIVED THROUGH NETGALLEY This was a cute story, but I had some problems with it Mostly surrounding the fact that it was 1st person, autobiographical, always talking to the reader and explaining what had happened It meant that I never really got to make a connection with Ken or Aaron, because everything was told after the fact, by Ken himself And, sadly, I only felt a little bit of the chemistry that could have been there if this story was longer Which it needed to be at least double if not longer than that The length just doesn t do the plot justice, the way it s written here It could have been fantastic, but we missed out on so many of the important parts of a relationship getting to know one another, becoming friends, then becoming that it just felt a little flat, romantically I wasn t thrilled with the dominant way Aaron behaved, either, for a college kid He never once asked what Ken wanted in bed, even when it reached that point, just assuming that he was a bottom It was only one of many stereot...

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    2.75 StarsAaron and Ken have been friends since the night they met when Ken came into the restaurant where Aaron works Ken had just been dumped by his boyfriend and wanted some comfort food Ken has had a crush on Aaron, but assumes he s straight When Ken comes to Aaron s rescue then takes him home to care for him, Ken discovers this isn t true and that Aaron finds Ken attractive The blurb sounded really good, but the story didn t deliver The main characters have been friends for months, but they seem to know very little about one another I m aware this is a really short read, but the story had good bones, i...

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    Serendipity was a beautiful M M romance novel that was very realistic Kenji breaks up with his boyfirend and wants to treat himself and get to know himself again when he makes a friend in Aaron However, a one stand between the friends...

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