Goodnight My Angel (Angel Enterprises, #2)

PDF Epub Goodnight My Angel Angel Enterprises, 2 Author Sue Brown Callum Ross Has A Tough Decision To Make After Years Of Working For The Covert Ops Agency In The UK And Owning His Own Security Firm In The US, He S Forced To Choose Between The Business He Loves, And The New Relationship With His Partner, Josh Cooper.A Bottle Of Whiskey And Josh Almost Being Killed Helps Cal Make The Decision, And He Moves To The UK With Plans To Set Up His Own Security Consultancy Then The Head Of The Covert Ops Agency Where Josh Now Works Asks Cal For Help Agency Operatives And Their Families Are Being Injured Or Killed, Including Cal S Friends.Cal Is Asked To Investigate With Josh S Assistance.As The Number Of Victims Increase, They Re Aware Either Of Them Could Be The Next Target For The Killer.Goodnight My Angel (Angel Enterprises, #2)

Cranky middle aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys.

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  • Goodnight My Angel (Angel Enterprises, #2)
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  • 06 September 2017

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    4.5 Stars and I love me some hot spies In the sequel to Morning My Angel, this time the hunters become the hunted Somebody has it in for The Agency and there is nobody to trust, not even people from within the company Josh, now working for the agency, and his lover Cal, former agent and now hired as an outsider with insider information to investigate the alarmingly high number of dead agents, have their hands full with finding a killer, preventing him from striking again and staying alive in doing so, while at the same time still working on their relationship All of that without the tiniest bit of a clue what could be the reason for the attacks, much less who is behind it and still without any decision about their future, even if it is obvious that they are made for each other.Where I had my issues with the first book regarding Josh being an arrogant prick most of the time and a plot twist, this sequel was one I really loved Josh could still be a diva sometimes, but I could virtually see the author writing this with a twinkle in her eye and he was totally adorable this time As to adorable actually, they both were, Cal and Josh I jus...

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    Are you shitting me We get blown up again Yes, that s the kind of book this is Guns, knives, car chases and things getting blown up or set on fire.Josh and Cal are once again chasing unknown bad guys killing off Agency people or their partners No one s talking and there is danger around every corner This whole cat and mouse game was highly entertaining.The romance takes a back seat to the suspense but it is still there not just for Josh and Cal but for Jesse and Dan as well who continue to play large roles in the story.I really love all of these guys.And then there was the ending Ah, the ending view spoiler Which does NOT deserve that name because major f CLIFFHANGER I f hate that If I know a book has a cliffhanger, I don t touch the series until all books are published In this case, I unfortunately didn...

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    Cliff hanger endings make me screamThis one lost a star for ending with a cliff hanger, there s nothing annoying when you re reading a series, to not be warned the plot will run through multiple books.This is especially true when book one in the series wrapped up its plot with the villain stopped and the investigation given a conclusion.So, for this one, it would have rated higher as the tension has ramped up, there s tighter dialogue and the formatting has improved to make different scenes and conversations easier to identify.Cal and Josh are still coming to grips with how to be boyfriends and there s plenty of emotional encounters and sexy times to demonstrate they re over the moon in love.The spy element this time is internal betrayal and it is gripping, people s loved ones are being killed or attempts made on their lives, including Cal ...

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    I enjoyed this a lot than book 1.The plot was better constructed and gripping, and it was a pleasure to watch how the relationship between Cal and Josh develops Yes, we were left on a cliffhanger, but it didn t hurt too bad.Looking forward to book 3

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    Would have been 5 stars,But I hate cliffhangers What I liked classic spy novel, everyone keeping secrets, everyone hiding something What I didn t like everyone keeping secrets, everyone hiding something Having to wait until Autumn for book 3.

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    I really enjoyed this one though I was a bit disappointed that the story finished with a cliff hanger concerning the suspense part of the story Unlike the previous one, this one was mainly told from Cal s POV which was GREAT I felt I needed to get to know him better since in the previous one he felt quite mysterious There is still A LOT for us to discover about his past but I actually really liked how we got to know both Cal and Josh a little at a time as their relationship builds up around the suspense If you haven t read the first one please don t continue reading this review to prevent reading of spoilers or rather, go ahead and grab the first one it s AMAZING We start this story with Cal aka Charlie aka Callum David Ross POV which remains for most of the book, His love for his Angel aka Josh Cooper makes him realize there is only one solution to his and Josh s situation and it s for him to pack his bags and go to Josh before it s too late It s one thing to accept they can t work together at CDR, but it s surely ...

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    In the second installment of Angel Enterprises, there s someone who infiltrated the agency and started killing those related to it Cal, Josh and the gang would have to move smart and fast in order to capture the culprit We also see Josh and Cal work around their relationship interweaving with their respective careers.Cal is very much present in this story which i m very happy about because it was mostly Josh that we ve got to know in the first book The downside is, I kind of missed the Josh I fell in love with in Morning My Angel Don t get me wrong tho, it s still a wonderful read but somehow, It felt like it focuses on the mystery and the romance aspect became a side story.I thought the mystery of the killer and the mole within the agency was cleverly narrated hidden until the last chapter but I wished there was less casualty because there were som...

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    4.5 Stars I finished this book last night and but, but, but, but, but BUT Now, book one was not a cliffhanger, and it really threw me that this one ends with things unresolved This book is tagged as a sequel to Morning My Angel, but I guess somewhere along the way it became a series or a trilogy Oh Okay Really, I need to quit whining because I loved this book like I loved the first book, and I look forward to the obvious next book I just REALLY need Sue Brown to publish it with a quicker window between stories this time Haha Brown s writing has a certain quirky sense of humor and her characters are generally flawed but inherently intriguing Her foray into the world of espionage and intrigue is spot on and a pleasure to read, just as her romances are It does seem sometimes that Brown gets lost in the detective storyline and then throws a bone to us romantics who want to see Josh and Cal succeed as a couple It also smacks of James Bond a time or two, but since I happen to love James Bond, I found the references amusing and they made me smile She looked up as he walked in At least she didn t do the power bullshit by pretending to ign...

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    Originally posted at ScatteredThoughtsAndRogueWords.com3 out of 5 starsAAUGHHH CLIFFHANGER OK, I always know that s a possibility when reading a series, but really Ms Brown, did you really hold out on the bad guy reveal at THE VERY LAST MOMENT OK, rant over It has been 6 months since I read book one, Morning My Angel, and since I was so careful in my review of that book not to give any spoilers, I had to go back and reread it instead of just reading the blurb or my review Why Because this book jumped right into the problems between Josh Cooper now working for the Agency instead of CDR and Callum Ross now working for CDR instead of the Agency Eh, all these spooks and their bosses were running together in my mind anyway, so I just let that one go In this series, it really seems to be a very incestuous group I thought at the end of book one that Josh and Callum were together, but apparently I was a bit premature they kept their relationship mainly in the cyber arena for 6 months between books one and two, and in this one they are almost starting over.OK, so I really didn t get the purpose of that, but maybe I ll figure out why that was important in the next book Really, the entire first chapter was a bit of a question mark for me, I am still not sure how it related to the overall plot, but I have a feeling the relevance of that bit of story will become clear in the next book.Anyway, this time Callum has decided that he is absolutely g...

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    Warning this review may contain expletives.

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