Holeshot 2 (Holeshot, #2)

BOOKS Holeshot 2 Holeshot, 2 Author Lynn Michaels Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In The World Of Supercross, Taking The Holeshot Means One Racer Leaps Ahead Of The Crowd And Into First, Leaving The Rest Of The Pack Behind Supercross Racer, Tate Jordan, Wants To Take His Holeshot On And Off The Track, But No One Else Seems To Cooperate His Love Life Is In Turmoil And His Sponsors Don T Expect Him To Win Will Tate Find Someone New To Love And A Team That Believes In Him Pilot Mahan Is A Bodyguard And A Street Fighter Looking To Build A Future, But His Plans Get Derailed When A Supercross Racer Catches His Eye Can He Make A Go At A Life With Tate Jordan, On The Road Bryce Nickel Is New To Supercross And Adulthood He S Young And Fun, But Super Serious About What He Wants And What He Wants Is To Win Races And Tate Jordan Will He Be Able To Take His Holeshot Or Will The Big Apex Bodyguard Get In The Way Or Perhaps, The Three Can Make A Compromise A Super Sexy MMM Romance Set In The Supercross Industry 18 PleaseHoleshot 2 (Holeshot, #2)

Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold When she s not writing she s kayaking, hanging with her husband, or reading by the pool Lynn writes Male Male romance because she believes everyone deserves a happy ending and the dynamics of male characters can be intriguing, vulnerable, and exciting She has both contemporary and paranormal titles and

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 262 pages
  • Holeshot 2 (Holeshot, #2)
  • Lynn Michaels
  • 10 January 2017

10 thoughts on “Holeshot 2 (Holeshot, #2)

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    3.75 Stars What I Loved I enjoyed Tate and Pilot and I loved their interactions with one another as well as their banter Tate and Pilot hooked me from the very beginning of the book Funnily enough, Tate had me wanting to shake him sometimes and hug him at others But the two of them together was fun, sweet, sexy and a whole list of adjectives The writing is very well done and Lynn Michaels is a great writer The story flowed well and I was able to picture it vividly in my mind as I read the story While I didn t always care for the content, it didn t take away from the writing itself I also found myself falling in love with Johnny and am looking forward to what is in store for him What I Liked I liked Bryce I wasn t in love with him like with Pilot and Tate but he grew on me as the story progressed What I Didn t Like I have to be honest and say that I had a big problem with Bryce s age When we first meet him he isn t quite 18 years old Reading that had my stomach dropping and I started to pull away from the story He s too young to me and it made me uncomfortable when I thought about his age I would have preferred to have us readers meeting him when he was 20 Tate himself was only 21 which didn t bother me as much but the fact that I never got a clear idea of how old Pilot is made it a bit awkward for me I don t mind age gap but I don t particularly like it when one of the characters is just barely of age Maybe I m getting older ...

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    I loved the first book and I was looking forward to this one, but unlike the dedication between the two MC s in the first book where although they had problems, they worked them out together This one seemed a little thrown together with Tate just getting out of a relationship, meeting Pilot and I was a little sketchy about his age but he seemed m...

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    There was good backstory in the beginning Then when the first couple get together, it s I m in instalove and we re moving in together Bryce is supposedly so mature for his age yet he keeps acting younger than his age Choose which one is correct and write that Don t contradict yourself PLEASE Then the trio is in instalove, too It has moments that it s good Better than...

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    Lynn Michael s Holeshot 2 took me a little longer to get into, but I m glad I kept going This one has Tate, Pilot and Bryce Personally, I m a huge fan of menage romances, so this one is definitely enjoyable for me I en...

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    Awwwww Bryce This was everything I wanted it to be and well worth the wait..Super cute Bryce,beautiful Tate and sexy Pilot come together after years of loneliness but not without so trouble along the way stalkers,injury and heart ache make this a page turner till the end..

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    this was really interesting i dont know much on this topic so it interests me to read about. i enjoy these characters and the bantar and love and friendship it is fun and i enjoyed reading it.

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    It s okI somewhat struggled with this book It was actually pretty good until the MCs became a thruple It just didn t mesh well for me It seemed rushed But, that s just my opinion I m very picky when stories have multiple MCs in a relationship.

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