The Reluctant Wife (Children of Empire Book 2)

Read The Reluctant Wife Children Of Empire Book 2 Author Caroline Warfield When All Else Fails, Love Succeeds Captain Fred Wheatly S Comfortable Life On The Fringes Of Bengal Comes Crashing Down Around Him When His Mistress Dies, Leaving Him With Two Children He Never Expected To Have To Raise After He Chooses Justice Over Army Regulations, He S Forced To Resign His Position, Leaving Him No Way To Support His Unexpected Family He S Already Had Enough Failures In His Life The Last Thing He Needs Is An Attractive, Interfering Woman Bedeviling His Steps, Reminding Him Of His Duties.All Widowed Clare Armbruster Needs Is Her Brother S Signature On A Legal Document To Be Free Of Her Past After A Failed Marriage, And Still Mourning The Loss Of A Child, She S Had It Up To Her Ears With The Assumptions She Doesn T Know How To Take Care Of Herself, That What She Needs Is A Husband, And With A Great Lout Of A Captain Who Can T Figure Out What To Do With His Daughters If Only The Frightened Little Girls Didn T Need Her Help So Badly.Clare Has Made Mistakes In The Past Can She Trust Fred Now Can She Trust Herself Captain Wheatly Isn T Ashamed Of His Aristocratic Heritage, But He Doesn T Need His Family And They Ve Certainly Never Needed Him But With No Military Career And Two Half Caste Daughters To Support, Fred Must Turn Once As A Failure To The Family He Failed So Often In The Past Can Two Hearts Rise Above Past Failures To Forge A Future TogetherThe Reluctant Wife (Children of Empire Book 2)

Caroline Warfield is the pseudonym of a writer who wishes she had walked through fascinating times in the shoes of one of her characters but which one Caro has at various times been an army brat, a librarian, a poet, a raiser of children, a nun, a bird watcher, an Internet and Web services manager, a conference speaker, an indexer, a tech writer, a genealogist, and, of course, a romantic She has

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    Fascinating historical fiction 1835 India and England This is the first book I read by Caroline Warfield It won t be the last I love the characters and the historical background against which they move Really well done piece of fiction I am off to buy the sequel.

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    Originally posted on my blog lampshadereader.comI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book The Reluctant Wife by Caroline Warfield brings a taste of India and England together in this tale of sadness, unfairness, redemption, and romance I was immediately drawn to the story with the avid descriptions of the Indian landscape and culture I could almost smell the spices and feel the heat.The two main characters lent an amusing experience with their dialogue and resistance of their attraction to each other.Fred is a character that grows on you At first, I really didn t know what to think of him He had a somewhat nonchalance to the death of his mistress and housekeeper an Indian woman and his barely there acknowledgement of his children Yes, he grieved but he was so out of his element that he did not really know his own household However, I did get the sense of honor for his work as a soldier So, at least there is that His fairness in judgement and his strategic plans however, does not do him any good It seemed that corruption was rampant and he was set up to fail by his peers I seethed over the incompetence of his superiors and felt sad for him.Do two failures make a right Clare, also...

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    Series Children Of Empire Book 2Publication Date April 26, 2017This book is a delightful find and my very first by Caroline Warfield Ms Warfield paints such a compelling picture of the sights, smells, sounds and life in India that you feel you are there Then, you add in a camel ride through a desert and a boat ride down the Nile and you are totally hooked Can you believe a Historical Romance novel where neither the hero nor heroine are part of the ton Well, we have it here and it is a wonderful change Yes, there are dukes and earls, but they aren t the main characters in the book Our hero is a military man stationed in India and our heroine is a widow with a past We also get a glimpse of English society in colonial India and I think it is probably even restrictive than it was in London among the ton.I can only think that Captain Fred Wheatly has a split personality because of the two totally different ways he reacts to situations He always does the exact right thing for the exact right reason and yet he always ends up in trouble He is totally honorable and the people in the village where he is stationed respect him totally Yet he doesn t get promoted why Well, the reason is that he treats people with respect rather than the brutality his superiors demand Now the other side of that split He lives with his mistress and their two daughters in the village where he is stationed, yet he doesn t even know his children s names I just can t merge th...

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    I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in about day It was the setting that stole my heart first Warfield takes us on the trip of a lifetime from India to England, allowing us to peer behind the curtains so to speak to the rich, vibrant history many others only hint at Her descriptions of India and everywhere in between were absolutely magnificent, and very much left a lasting impression The characters are not what you would expect Fred is a terrific hero, well meaning but realistically flawed It takes him some time to figure out how to be a good father to his adorable, scene stealing children, and I thought this process as well as his dynamic with his extended family felt very real He s far from perfect, but you love him anyway Clare was an interesting heroine She s very down to earth, but she s suffered great tragedy in her past and she s understandably reluctant to jump into anything new Both characters are very develope...

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    I happened upon this book quite by accident and had never read Warfield It intrigued me because of the setting India I loved the book Warfield is a wonderful writer and I especially loved and related to the characters Not least of whom is a secondary character, a child, the hero s half Indian, out of wedlock daughter The hero himself is wonderful he keeps stepping in to help others and do the right thing for the underdog, and alwa...

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    A soft 4 The hero was dumb as rocks Right in the beginning of the book his mistress dies and he looks at his two daughters who both seem to be over 5 years old and live with him and has no idea what their names are What an ass But the book had it s moments and it s a follow up bo...

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    The Reluctant Wife Children of Empire Book 2 The love story of Fred and Clare Fred is a captain in the British army station in India, after posting his mistress to a snake bite, he is left with two daughters and he has no idea what to do with them Clare come to his home a tell him he must take respo...

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    4.5 5.0Read full review in the

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    Captain Fred Wheatly s comfortable life on the fringes of Bengal comes crashing down around him when his mistress dies, leaving him with two children he never expected to have to raise When he chooses justice over army regulations, he s forced to resign his position, leaving him with no way to support his unexpected family He s already had enough failures in his life The last thing he needs is an attractive, interfering woman bedeviling his steps, reminding him of his duties.All widowed Clare Armbruster needs is her brother s signature on a legal document to be free of her past After a failed marriage, and still mourning the loss of a child, she s had it up to her ears with the great lout of a captain who can t figure out what to do with his daughters and the assumptions she doesn t know how to take care of herself and what she needs is a husband If only the frightened little girls didn t need her help so badly.I really enjoy the author s books her strength of bringing places to life is amazing Her descriptions of places that were visited were so vivid that I felt I was there The characters are very well portrayed too I was so pleased ...

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    Thank goodness, I have been in a reading rut, the last five books I read only rated two stars, so finally one I can say I liked.This has a good story, with a series of events unfolding that bring Fred and Clare the main characters closer together.The story begins in India, I liked the way the historical context was worked into the story.It was easy to like the characters, and they were well defined Clare is a strong woman, she has been hurt by a military man her late husband and is reluctant to trust a soldier again She has a strong sense of what is right, and has a kind heart.Fred is competent as a soldier, he is a natural leader, and chooses to stick with what he believes is right rather than take the easy way out When his moral fibre leads to him being forced to resign from the army he struggles to envision his future outside of being a soldier.The story has good pace, it kept my...

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