Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!

Epub Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes Author Amanda Driscoll Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Join A Hungry Seal As He Attempts The Impossible Task Of Waiting Until His Sister S Party To Eat A Delicious Birthday Cupcake In This Hilarious Picture Book That S Perfect For Fans Of The Bear Ate Your Sandwich.What S The One Thing You Could Say To Make Birthday Cupcakes Even Delicious To Klondike Tell Klondike Not To Eat Them Klondike S Sister Is Having A Birthday Party, And Everything Is Ready The Only Thing That S Left To Do Is Wait Until It S Time To Eat The Birthday Cupcakes.But Klondike REALLY Loves Cupcakes And Waiting Is SO Hard The Narrator Tries Everything To Keep Him From Eating The Treats, From Distracting Him With A Magician To Visualizing Tubeworm Tacos Instead Of Cupcakes Unfortunately, Seals Like Klondike Are Big Fans Of Tubeworm Tacos.Alas, These Tactics Are No Match For Klondike S Love Of Cupcakes It Isn T Long Before He Caves To His Cravings, And It Looks Like The Party Will Be Cupcakeless Will He Be Able To Whip Up A New Batch In Time A Picture Book Treat Kirkus ReviewsKlondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes! book, this is one of the most wanted Amanda Driscoll author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!
  • Amanda Driscoll
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9781524713164

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    Author illustrator Amanda Driscoll s latest charming picture book explores how very, very, very hard it is for little people well, all of us really to wait And how important it is to make amends w...

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    I bet Klondike wouldn t have eaten those cupcakes if this entire book hadn t been written in a weird, second person view.

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    Klondike needs to learn some boundaries Boy, you are going to be in a world of trouble if you cannot learn to listen and obey I don t care if you can go and make another batch of cupcakes at the very end of the bookI am talking obesity I am talking diabetes I am talking ISSUES Srsly, this is Merica We got stuff going on here in this book People got control issues People can t say no to themselves People think they are entitled People be takin o...

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    Starting with the cover, it is already extremely cute illustrations and has very bright and joyful colors Then, on the inside cover, it shows little pictures of Klondike getting ready for a party with other seals that seem to be her family There is an invitation to a birthday party that clues you into what the plot of the book could be These context clues can be used by students to predict what the story could be about The narrator of the story is in direct communication with Klondike, but doesn t seem to be a character of the story Perhaps it is his conscious or something Either way, it is very fun and immediately draws you into the story There are never any speech or thought bubbles from Klondike, himself, however, the responses of the narrator cue you into what he is thinking or saying This could be used to create a cool writing assignment where the students have to write what they think Klondike is thinking or saying for each page Throughout the book, Klondike is trying to wait until his sisters birthday party in order to eat those cupcakes he tries to keep himself distracted until he just can t any and ends up eating them all Then, after realizing how upset it made his sister, he makes himself out of love for ...

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    Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes by Amanda Driscoll is a really enjoyable and fun way to teach children the valuable lesson of waiting and being patient, even if it seems impossible In this story, Klondike is faced with the struggle of having to resist eating the cupcakes that were for his sisters birthday party He is offered with several solutions on how to resist this temptation, but eventually, he gives in and eats them all Klondike realizes his mistake and how disappointed his sister would be if she did not have cupcakes for her party, so he makes her some cupcakes The illustrations added to the words with lots of punctuation and bolded letters make this story a really fun and interesting read, especially for younger students The bright colors and great illustrations just add to the story that is already very exciting Although I thought reading this story was very enjoyable and that kids would love it, I thought it was missing something very important I think that this story had a great opportunity to really teach the lesson of patience, but instead, Klondike was impatient and never really received any punishment for eating the cupcakes I think it may have been beneficial to add a section of this story explaining to Klondike why he should have waited In the end, he does the right thing and makes cupcakes for his sister but I think could have been added to really get ...

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    Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes is an adorable story about a little seal who struggles to stop himself from eating all the cupcakes for his little sister s birthday party When his self control fails, he has to face the consequences of his little sister s broken heart and the lack of treats for the party guests that are due to arrive soon In the end, Klondike must find a way to make it up to his sister and save the party.I love stories like these, particularly when read to itty bitties Children around five and older may be able to grasp the message a little directly but they are past the age where it usually has the most impact No, these kinds of books are perfect for babies and kids that are still getting ready to start school because it teaches them that actions have consequences The consequences are not always you will get in trouble , but may be some...

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    Klondike is trying very hard to avoid eating the delicious looking cupcakes that are for his sister s birthday This is told in second person narration So the narrator is talking directly to Klondike about how hard waiting can be, But you heard your mother NO cupcakes until your sister s birthday party The narrator tries to give helpful ideas to Klondike such as pretending the cupcakes are squid sandwiches, tube worm tacos, or maybe even curried crab But that won t work since seals love those things The narrator then says, My highly trained guard dog, Bruiser, will protect these cupcakes Unfortunately, he s no help So the narrator tells Klondike that a magician will help Again, it doesn t help So what does Klondike do, but gobble up the pink frosted cupcakes Now what Blame the dog Blame the magician Will his sister s birthday celebration have to be canceled Cons I was slightly disappointed that Klondike never apologized and ...

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    Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes is a cute story about a seal, named Klondike, having to wait to eat cupcakes for his sister s birthday party The story is written in second person, which allows for some funny interactions between Klondike and the narrator In this story the narrator tries to distract Klondike from eating the cupcakes in various ways Unfortunately, the narrator cannot stop Klondike While I really enjoyed the story, I think it could have had a better message Klondike ends up eating the cupcakes, after being told not to several times, but he does not seem to face any consequences Klondike does make it up in the end by making a new batch of cupcakes for his sister s birthday party But I think this teaches that its ok to not wait, just make up for it later I think the lesson should have been about being patient But at least it d...

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    I love the color pink and the front and back covers and inside pages are so bright I really enjoy the illustrations because they look so perfect for kids They are imperfectly perfect to describe this children s book to kids The illustrations are so accurate and help the reader follow along with the storyline perfectly This book is so humorous for children, but the images make it so much interesting and enjoyable to read I love how he is comparing cupcakes to things Klondike would not like because I think as a child and I was reading this, I would be thinking of similar foods as well to distract from the delicious looking cupcakes I love how the author brought in different characters that would spice up the story than just talking about Klondike the whole book I also really enjoy how Klondike gets bigger and bigger on some of the pages to emphasize how important those cupcakes are to him and his facial expressions determine that as well The ending was so joyous to read because it sh...

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    Amanda Driscoll s children s book is about a mischievous seal named Klondike that absolutely cannot wait for her sister s birthday to eat the yummy and tempting cupcakes sitting on the table As much as she tries to patiently refrain from digging into the delicious dessert, she just cannot help herself After getting herself stuck in this sticky situation, Klondike must save the day by making new cupcakes for her sister s birthday party Overall, I really liked Driscoll s book I found that the images on every page did an excellent job of illustrating exactly what Driscoll was saying, which will make it easier for younger students to follow along That being said, I think this simple and sweet story targets mostly kindergarten and first graders, as there are few words on each page and the text is straightforward and easy to follow However, the repetitiveness in the words used and the p...

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