Rust Belt Chicago

EPUB Rust Belt Chicago Martha Bayne Contra Chicago Is Built On A Foundation Of Meat And Railroads And Steel, On Opportunity And Exploitation But Its Identity Long Ago Stretched Past Manufacturing Today, The City Continues To Lure New Residents From Around The World, And From Across A Region Rocked By Recession And Deindustrialization But The Problems That Plague The Region Don T Disappear Once You Pass The Indiana Border In Fact, They Re Often Amplified A City Defined By Movement That S The Anchor Of The Midwest, Bound To Its Neighbors By A Shared Ecosystem And Economy, Chicago S Complicated Both Of The Rust Belt And Beyond It Rust Belt Chicago Collects Essays, Journalism, Fiction, And Poetry From Than Fifty Writers Who Speak Both Directly And Elliptically To The Concerns The City Shares With The Region At Large, And The Elements That Set It Apart With Affection And Curiosity, Frustration, Anger, And Joy, The Writers Sing To Each Other Like The Bird On The Cover At Times The Song Sings In Harmony And At Others Sounds In Notes Of Strategic Dissonance But Taken As A Whole, This Book Sings One Song, Responding To One Cacophonous City.Rust Belt Chicago

Martha Bayne is a writer and editor based in Chicago Founder of the Soup Bread series of hunger relief fundraisers, she is the author of Soup Bread Cookbook Building Community One Pot at a Time Agate Surrey, 2011 , and her features and essays have appeared in Time Out Chicago, Bookforum, the Baffler, the Christian Century, and the Chicago Reader, where she was on staff for ten years

[PDF] ↠ Rust Belt Chicago  Author Martha Bayne –
  • Paperback
  • 230 pages
  • Rust Belt Chicago
  • Martha Bayne
  • 25 December 2019
  • 9780997774375

10 thoughts on “Rust Belt Chicago

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    I m proud to be a part of this collection My nonfiction piece The Pantry is included Reading it from a distance in my new home in Nashville makes me miss the city on a variety of levels Shouts out to my friends Kathleen Rooney a...

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    Reading this book helped understand some important features of Chicago I was unfamiliar with before moving here This work is a collection of short stories, poetry and creative nonfiction The fiction is enjoyable and the poetry fascinating enough but the nonfiction is just unbearable for a newcomer, due to the endless lists of streets a non local is unfamiliar wi...

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    Solid anthology of essays, poems and fiction about my favorite city, from the familiar areas to far from the beaten path.

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    I love Belt and am trying to learn about Chicago, and this was a great way to do it It s got dozens of stories mostly non fiction prose, but some poetry and fiction about the city The only thing keeping this from being a 5 out of 5 is that the stories aren t very geographically broad They mostly take place off of Milwaukee Avenue, with some of the same bars and bookstores making multiple appearances.On one hand, that s predictable the book weighs towards white Chicagoans who were at their coolest in the 1990s, when Wicker Park was at its coolest And to be fair, the Anthology does a great job balancing voices of different genders and people of color But it would be interesting to have gotten than Wicker, a sprinkling of Pilsen and a bit of the southside I absolutely loved the stories from Hammond and The Region, I would have loved to have gotten of that albeit from Bridgeport, Belmont Cra...

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    There are some excellent contributions in this anthology Several others fall flat I found many of the personal stories compelling, whereas the grand narratives about Chicago were a stretch For what this anthology attempts to do, however paint Chicago as a place of intrigue, disappointment, love, etc , then I would say it does a good job As anthologies go, some narrative voices are stronger than others, and additional editorial revision would have gone a long way in tidying up moments of literary obfuscation But I enjoyed this collection very much, and found myself either nodding in agreement, questioning my own experiences as a Chicagoan, or rolling my eyes occasionally for those far fetched, albeit authentic, personal insights I think the writers and editor of this anthology did a good job of capitalizing on refle...

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    An uneven collection of essays, fiction, and poetry There s a rather Gen X bent that makes me feel at home, and the better essays remind me of reading Punk Planet But the coverage is pretty narrow at least three essays either about country music or by people kn...

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    A nice smattering of stories about the city from a variety of perspectives I started out just reading this one cover to cover, but the pieces are very short 2 4 pages mostly and they started to run together So I ve been parceling them out as bedtime reading for the past couple of months.

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    Really a fun anthology of stories and poems about old and contemporary Chicago Not the rust belt snooze alert that some may think before diving into it Very easy to pick up and put down, but capturing your attention I really liked it.

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    A collection of essays, short stories and poems centered around Chicago Chicagoland Read this for book club Nothing really stood out.

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