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Take A Chance PDF Epub Author Megs Pritchard Chardonneret.eu Tom Carter Kicked Out At Fifteen For Being Gay, Tom Survived By Selling His Body On The Streets Four Years Later, Tom, Now Nineteen, Doesn T Know How Long He Can Continue Living This Life One Night While Out Working, Tom Sees A Face From His Past, One He Had Long Forgotten One He Had Used To Fantasise About Seb Banks Afraid Of The Reaction He Will Receive, Tom Runs Away Hoping Never To See Him Again But Seb Had Other Ideas Sebastian Banks At Twenty Five, Seb S Life Is Going Exactly The Way He Had Wanted Having Worked Hard At University, Seb Has Been Offered A Permanent Contract At A Local Solicitor While Driving To A Friend S House To Celebrate, Seb Is Shocked To Find Tom, Someone He Hasn T Seen In Years, On The Streets, Selling Himself Feeling An Overwhelming Need To Help Tom, Seb Tracks Him Down And Offers Him A Way Out Is Tom Willing To Take A Chance On Seb And Accept His Offer, Or Will His Distrust Of Everyone From His Past Cause Him To Push Seb Away Includes A Sneak Peek Of Book Two, New Beginnings, Ben And Geoff S Story.Take a Chance

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Take a Chance book, this is one of the most wanted Megs Pritchard author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 198 pages
  • Take a Chance
  • Megs Pritchard
  • English
  • 26 April 2017

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    Title Take A Chance Author Megs Pritchard 4 unexpected stars The first book i read by Megs Pritchard was beautifully written It was real, sorrowful and so wrong in how two men who started their friendship on the worst of terms and then finally letting their feelings come through to make things right again It s the kind of story that touched me, so when i heard that she was coming out with a new novel, Take A Chance, i knew i really wanted to find out what she d do with her characters Let s face it, that cover is beautiful which was another reason why i had to get my hands on it, lol I don t know how many times my heart broke when i read Tom and Seb s story So completely different from what i would have expected, Take A Chance is exactly that the opportunity for Tom to make his life better after Seb finds him on the street and tracks him down to offer something better than what he s known for the last four years 4 breath taking dreams Just like the first novel i read by Megs Pritchard, it was a beautiful story of secon...

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    3.5 StarsAfter being forced to come out to his parents at the age of 15, Tom is thrown out and disowned He s spent the last few years working the streets to try to survive and he s barely managing Living in an abandoned house with no electricity along with four other rentboys isn t easy, but they do what they have to to get by Out one night, he runs into someone from his past, his ex best friend s older brother, Seb When he sees Seb, he takes off Seb is bi, but in the closet where his family is concerned After he runs into Tom on the street, he can t get him out of his head He always had a bit of a crush on Tom when they were younger, but assumed he was straight Will they get a second chance or is it too late and is Tom too damaged I love second chance romances Anyone who reads my reviews probably knows this is one of my favorite tropes This was a pleasurable read It had some mystery and suspense to go along with the sweetness and romance Tom and Seb were both likable characters and they were hot together, but they were missing the...

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    I just couldn t put it down Tom and Seb are simply perfect and the story grabbed me from the first page to the last congratulations on an amazing read

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    The premise of the book was interesting, most of the characters touching, and the writer shows qualities of pacing, but boy does the writing disappoint Far from me, as a non native speaker, to be a grammar Nazi, yet the abuse done to punctuation, the cases of nursery syntax, and especially the level of verbal repetition and iterations of names or personal pronouns, is staggering Not only does the author lack flair for sentence building her shaky grasp of basic psychology as seen most egregiously in the many contradictions between one set of behavior given to a character and the other, often within two closely connected sentences makes the whole book look scatter brained Let me quote a typical passage Traffic wasn t too heavy, so it was only twenty minutes later before he pulled onto the driveway of his HOUSE and he sighed deeply Looking at his HOUSE, he smiled He d been able to use his inheritance MONEY and some MONEY his parents had given him to buy IT IT needed a lot of work doing to IT, which was why he d been able to get IT so cheap He would never have been able to afford a HOUSE in this area if the HOUSE had been in good condition But, he was willing to put in the time and effort needed to get the HOUSE back to a family home The portrayal of the characters and the dialogue are mostly poor Matt and Luke HAD contrasting looks Matt HAD spiky brown HAIR with hazel eyes while Luke was blond...

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    I was disappointed with this story I was expecting so much Firstly I have to say that I like dark MC with a turbulent past When I read the plot I thought this would be a good read and much if the two MC knew each other from the past But I actually got a very childish story I didn t believe Tom and much less Seb I think that the author needed an excuse for Tom being a prostitute I understand that it still exis...

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    This is the first book I ve read by this author and shame on me, it s been on my Kindle for a while.A beautiful story of how no matter what life throws at you and how low you think you ve fallen, there I always a way out of it, you just have to search for the faintest glimmer of hope, grab it with both hands and never let go.Tom has a tough life, selling his body night after night to keep himself fed and safe Despite the terrible life he s forced to live, and things he s endured in his short life, he doesn t have the one thing this character could so easily have had, hate He refuses to let that emotion have any control over him, and it really did endear him to me The one thing Tom keeps is his dignity and doesn t want to have everything handed to him on a plate.Seb goes out on a limb to save the best friend of his younger brother, Tom But what he found was than someone who he felt he had to save, he found love in the most unusual of places It would ve been easy to do the who rags to riches with Tom, but he didn t Instead he showed him patience, love and understanding.Nothing in this book felt forced, or written for effect, each scenario was well thought out and placed per...

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    This is the first book by this author I ve rad and I have to say what a wonderful but also sad story it was.In this we meet Tom who s been homeless since the age of 15 basically because his parents are homophobic ignorant idiot I could think of stronger words but He s had to do whatever he could to survive and luckily if you can call being homeless lucky has been OK so far.Then we meet Seb, who has known Tom for years as Tom and Seb s brother were best friends.Unlike Tom, Seb isn t homeless, he s got a good job, supportive family, nice home etc etcWhat follows isn t an easy read, Tom s a VERY stubborn character and rightly so, but unfortunately for him Seb isn t easily deterred Now, I ve read a fair few books where characters have been made homeless for being gay but I think what made this...

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    Thoughts to come Borrowed from Kindle Unlimited I will always state when I borrowed something from Kindle Unlimited and whether I purchased it afterward or not Why Well, if I ve borrowed something from KU, it by default means I am very unsure of either the author if that author is new to me or that specific book in general I ADORE purchasing and owning my books, BUT for books or authors I m unsure of, KU is a phenomenal way to tr...

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    The writting is. Not for me The book is extremely repetitive. The same sentences, same feeling are told again and again The book is all over the place too So much contradiction, like Tom saying that what he do doesn t matter to Seb Seb saying it s okey, he s not jugding Tom but in every argument they have, Seb throw it in this face It matter to Seb, he can t stop thinking about it The why would you do that You are better than that Or how do I...

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    Take a ChanceThis book had all the potential to be absolutely amazing but left me feeling frustrated The characters lacked any depth to them and the story was so terribly written it ended up making me angry I ve read other books from Megs so was expecting another great read but l couldn t connect to any of these characters at all They were all whingy whiny with no depth at all and the editing was terrible Considering the subject matter and 4 years of hell for T...

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