Days of Desire (Pirates Prize #2)

In A Pirate S Lair, Nothing Is As It Seems.Shipwrecked When Royce Hastings Is Found Washed Up On The Shore Of A Verdant Tropical Island, He Tells The Natives He Is A Merchant Headed For Mozambique The Truth, However, Is Far Mercenary Noble By Birth, The Once Favored Royce Has Lost His Fortune And Family Now He Is A Hired Henchman On The Trail Of An Elusive Pirate His Shipwreck Was A Fake He Ll Stop At Nothing To Infiltrate The Island And Capture His Prey His Mother And Sisters Lives Depend On It.The Last Thing Royce Expects Is To Be Captured Himself But The Lovely Young Woman Who Tends To His Wounds In The Tropics Quickly Takes Hold Of His Heart Simone Is The Island S Healer, And Her Skilled Ministrations Not Only Awaken His Soul But Disturb His Conscience His Path Has Been Predetermined His Identity Must Remain Concealed At All Costs Yet The Passion He Feels In Simone S Sultry, Loving Arms Cannot Be Denied With His Loyalties Torn, Royce Must Make An Agonizing, Unthinkable ChoiceDays of Desire (Pirates Prize #2)

I m an and international bestselling novelist who writes passionate romance for every taste heat with heart for traditional publishers and indie Booklist, Publisher s Weekly, Romantic Times, and numerous online sites have praised my work I ve won Readers Choice Awards, was named a finalist in the EPIC competition, received a Book of the Year Award, The Golden Nib Award, awards of m

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  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • Days of Desire (Pirates Prize #2)
  • Tina Donahue
  • English
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9781516100668

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    A tropical island, friendly natives, free love and pirates DAYS OF DESIRE by Tina Donahue is the story of one man, blackmailed by love who must betray his saviors when he washed up on their hidden island paradise Royce Hastings is a man on a mission, forced to become a hired thug to save his family by returning an escaped woman and his former pirate lover for a fate worse than death.What Royce hides is the beauty of a woman s love and trust, even he must live a lie for his own gain There is treasure to be found on the high seas, but Royce never thought he would find love and passion in the arms of the island s healer as she heals than his physical being Can Royce convince the inhabitants of this island oasis that he cannot go through with his plan or is it too late to stop evil from polluting the pristine shores You think the tropics can be hot and steamy Grab a fan and some ice water as the passion is unleashed, unfetter...

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    Days of Desire by Tina Donahue is Book Two in the Pirate s Prize series This is the story of Royce and Simone I have read the previous book but feel this can be a standalone bookbut it does have the villain Benedict Bishop in this book Bishop has been blackmailing the Noble Royce to do his bidding else he will hurt Royce s sister and mother Royce seems to have not choice but to do as Bishop asked Bishop has asked that Royce bring back Diana Fletcher and Tristan Kent whom we meet in the first book as the main characters.also he wants Peter Diana s brother Royce pretends to have shipwrecked on the Island that Bishop believes they can be found on But Royce didn t take into the fact that he would meet Simone the Island Healer nor that he would grow such strong feelings for her In addition, he finds that he likes Tristan and Dianabut he has to fulfill the blackmail request If he doesn t his family will be in certain danger that they won t be able...

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    Royce Hastings came from an Aristocrat household He shouldn t have had to make a deal with the devil But, his father had left his family destitute, and Royce needed money to free his mother and sisters who were now indentured slaves Bishop was a greedy, evil man and Royce should have known better than to have anything to do with him But he didn t, and now Bishop was blackmailing him Royce was charged with finding the Island where Tristan, a famous pirate, and his wife, Diane, were hiding Royce knew that Bishop planned on killing Tristan, making slaves of the Islanders, and taking Diane for himself And if Royce didn t deliver, Bishop would send his mother and sisters to a place far worse than they were in, now.As if Royce s life wasn t complicated enough, he had to go and fall in love with the Island s healer, Simone, make friends with Tristan, his wife, and many Islanders How could he bring Bishop s evil ...

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    Days of Desire is the story of Royce a man willing to do anything to save his mother and sisters However, it all changes when he arrives at the island and meets Simone He wasn t counting with the exotic woman to change his plans and rock his world.In this second installment of Tina s pirates, we meet Royce, a strong and handsome man He his captive by Simone s beauty and good heart Their relationship is simple at first but the tension keeps growing and growing They tried to deny it but it is too strong The story has some strong sexy scenes with a passion that burns the pages.If you have read the first book you will see some of the previous characters, they all play major roles in the story There is intrigue, danger ...

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    Royce Hastings has had to make a life that is totally opposite of what he should have Born as a noble, but now working for a brutal employer as an accomplice, Royce is forced to go to a beautiful island to capture a pirate and his wife Royce makes it to the island and finds than his prey He meets the beautiful Simone who is assigned to take care of his wounds and his well being Royce falls under Simone s spell and must decide if he can stay on to complete his task or let his emotions win This was a different setting with solid characters that combined to make a...

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    After reading, First Comes Desire Pirate s Prize 1 , Book 2 interested me immediately Days of Desire works great as a standalone novel, but I recommend both books Days of Desire developed the riches to rags story and mixes it with villains we already know to create a suspenseful and action filled romance I loved the characters, the story, and the writing as much as I did in 1.I rate Days of Desire, by Tina Donahue, with an easy 3 Boundless Star Rating.http www.boundle...

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    I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review The story contains pirates, kidnapping, betrayal and love Royce is forced to save his family at the expense of an ex pirate and his now wife As Royce comes to know Tristan, Diane and the other islanders he admits to his betrayal and a plan is devised to save...

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    The adventure part of this story is very well written, with well developed characters, plenty of action, suspense, and a breath taking ending The explicit sex scenes are an important part of the story, but seemed to be a page filler early on For those who love drawn ou...

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    This is a fast paced read with lots of suspense and drama It is the second in the series but can be read as a stand alone Royce is being black mailed into doing another s bidding He pretends to get shipwrecked to find the people he is looking for and falls for the woman helping him heal...

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    3 Stars..Royce finds himself forced to work for the awful Bishop His task, bring Diana back to him from the island she is in hiding with Tristan Not an easy task Faking a shipwreck, he is found and gets cared for by the island heal...

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