The Church of the Holy Child (Cole and Callahan #1)

Reading The Church Of The Holy Child Cole And Callahan 1 Patricia Hale A Woman With A History Of Domestic Abuse Is Reported Missing And Her Husband Is Pulled In For Questioning A Relationship Of Too Little Too Late With The Local Police Prompts Her Sister To Contact A Private Investigator And The Team Of Griff Cole And Britt Callahan Take The Case When The Woman Is Later Found Dead, Her Husband Is Charged As The Likely Killer But With The Discovery Of A Second Body Exhibiting The Same Lethal Wounds And Ties To A Nearby Women S Shelter, Questions Arise And What Looked Like A Slam Dunk Becomes Anyone S Guess The Case Goes To John Stark, Head Of The Criminal Investigations Department, A Veteran Cop And A Close Friend Of Griff Cole While Bodies Continue To Surface, One Person Knows Where The Killer Is Father Francis, A Priest At The Church Of The Holy Child, Listens To The Killer S Disturbed Account Of Each Murder And Wrestles With The Vows That Bind Him To Secrecy When Cole S Ex Wife Goes Missing, The Case Takes An Unexpected And Personal Turn And A Connection To His Past And The Women S Shelter Points To The Killer.The Church of the Holy Child (Cole and Callahan #1)

Patricia Hale is the author of the stand alone mystery, In the Shadow of Revenge The first book in her new PI series, The Church of the Holy Child, will be released August 15th Watch for the giveaway coming soon Patricia lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two dogs.

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  • Paperback
  • 259 pages
  • The Church of the Holy Child (Cole and Callahan #1)
  • Patricia Hale
  • English
  • 09 March 2017
  • 9781940758596

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    Tagged as a mystery suspense story, this one lives up to the tags.A woman goes missing When her body is discovered, her husband is the prime suspect But then bodies are found and the killer could be anybody Private investigators, police and a priest all have their roles to play as the case becomes urgent.Imagine being in the position Father Francis is in A killer confesses their crimes, giving him all the gory details, and he is bound by the sanctity of the confessional, so he can t tell the police about it.There are several key characters involved in this case and each has a strong voice The writing is taut and compelling, drawing you in and keeping you focused as the suspense ramps up And when you finally find out who the killer is, it s one of those reveals that catches you by surprise.At just over 200 pages, this book reads fast and the author gets rig...

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    The Church of the Holy Child Patricia HaleA prologue that sets the tone for the horrific murders that are about to come when a killer relates how a parent was beaten mercilessly and how revenge would be taken on someone else In the present 23 years later Britt Callahan and Griff Cole are now partners in a PI firm and the phone call they get enlists their help to find a missing woman The person who called said her sister was leaving her husband and was supposed to let her know when she was safe by 7 30 but the call never came Beth Jones starts the series of events that will fill the pages of this book, bring chills to every reader through and through as we learn the fate of her sister Shirley Did her husband find her Did he take Shirley Trudeau Griff calls Britt and let s her know that Shirley is the woman he was sent to look at You next hear the words and cold chill from the killer talking to Father Francis on pages 5 6 ending with He knows best meaning the Lord He doesn t heart the children, Father I am their Savoir.Father Francis is numb and can hardly function after that he s been the priest at the Church of the Holy Child for ten year No number of Hail Mary s would erase the hollowness in his heart and the fear within it knowing he was helpless a...

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    I enjoyed this mystery The plot was well done Hale had me wondering who the murderer was right along with the detectives She did a good job of revealing information about the murderer without giving away the identity I like the characters of Cole and Callahan too I look forward to seeing how they interact in future mysteries.The novel deals with a tough issue I am not Catholic but I can imagine the weight a priest must bear when he hears a confession that involves a crime He has made a commitment to confidentiality, regardless of what he hears Experiencing the struggle of conscience right along with the priest was enlightening.I recommend this novel to tho...

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    I was really a bit meh about this one, and at 54% almost gave up.But I stuck with it, and although it was a bit predictable, I ended up enjoying it.

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    Review originally posted on Ctrl, Alt, Books The Church of the Holy Child was the first murder mystery I have read It isn t a genre that I normally read but I am trying to expand my horizon I am really glad I did too because The Church of the Holy Child was so enthralling, I couldn t put it down This book is a quick read but keeps your attention the entire time.The Church of the Holy Child gets straight to the point with solving the murder cases There aren t any unnecessary details and it wasn t the obvious culprit The book is written in both first and third person, which I thought was very interesting I don t believe I have read a book written in such a way so it was a nice change from other stories I ve read This is a great book and I m glad I read it It has opened my eyes to the genre that is mystery It was a good start and introduction to the genre but it would ...

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    To me, too many thrillers and suspense novels focus on plot and action to the detriment of character development That s not to say they can t be good some really are very entertaining and exciting In The Church of the Holy Child, Patricia Hale does a nice job of rounding out her story by having some very appealing and or interesting characters and still maintains a high level of tension The title alone was enough to gain my attention and I was not disappointed in reading this.Britt and Griff hit just the right note with me in their working and personal relationships although their first names struck me as tooI don t know, fashionable or something, so I m glad they re usually referred to as Callahan and Cole, respectively This pair is clearly in love, not quite ready to fully commit but Cole is comfortable in their current status while Callahan is slightly angsty They each bring another element to their work because she is a former family lawyer and he used to be a cop Because he has kept up his connections with the police force, they are frequently called upon to help out on certain cases.John, a cop friend trying to cope with some real baggage, is appealing in his neediness,...

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    Private investigators Britt Callahan and Griff Cole get a call from a woman saying that her sister was going to leave her abusive husband and has not been heard of When her body is discovered it seems like a cut and dry case with the husband as the killer But other bodies are being discovered The common denominator is they were all abused Could all of these boyfriends and husbands be killing their wives Individually, maybe, but when examined all together it is clear that a serial killer is stalking these women.As the police struggle to find the killer, you also meet Father Francis who is in confession with the serial killer as the killer walks him through every step of the murder He is torn between keeping the confession secret per the dictations of the church or telling the police and stopping further murders This is an amazing story A woman is killed and the signs point to her abusive husband Then another and another Each look individually to the husband or boyfriend but when compared to each other are similar All of the women a local women s abuse s...

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    The Church of the Holy Child is a story about revenge, plain and simple A woman is murdered, hit upside the head with a brick She had a history of being domestically abused by her husband She and her child left home and went to a shelter She had a way to escape her marriage and was going to come back for her child She was never seen alive again Another woman meets the same fate, and another, this one a prostitute How do all these women fit the profile of domestic abuse The case goes to John Stark, a veteran, and friend of Griff Cole Griff and his partner Britt Callahan investigate the case because a missing woman s sister hires them to find her sister We also have Father Francis, a priest at The Church of the Holy Child takes the confession of the actual killer Because Father Francis is obligated to keep what is told to him to himself as the church demands He becomes increasingly worried and scared that there will be women killed and has to find it within himself to do the right thing even though it goes against the Church.What did I think of the book I really enjoyed it The writing was...

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    This is a tale of domestic abuse and murder but not in the way you might think It s also a story that discusses the moral issues and obligations surrounding the relationship between a priest and his her confessor Does the relationship to God trump the sanctity of human life The author is able to keep this mystery alive and engrossing, with an interesting P.I team and a cast of supporting characters Her...

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    Domestic abuse, shelters, the religious question of what is right vs following the rules and people who try to set others on a journey to a better life all fit into this complex book There are various takes on divorce s consequences, dating younger men, blending a created family, and the difference between God s view as opposed to man s view The mystery involves t...

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