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❮Reading❯ ➺ Growing His Dream Author Andrew Grey – Love can grow in even the harshest conditionsLife has been a struggle for Lachlan Buttar ever since his mother passed away and left him unprepared to take care of himself He’s gone from homeless to Love can grow in even the harshest conditionsLife has been a struggle for Lachlan Buttar ever since his mother passed away and left him unprepared to take care of himself He’s gone from homeless to staying with a local minister but it soon becomes clear he will be better off and safer on his own Fortunately Foster and Javi agree to take Lachlan in and offer him a real home on their dairy farmIt’s Growing His PDF/EPUB or there that Lachlan meets another of the workers local farmer Abe Armitage Though the attraction between them is instant Abe refuses to act on it until Lachlan returns his interest By then strong feelings have taken root and a passionate romance uickly blossoms But both men carry baggage that could crush any chance of happiness together particularly since Lachlan witnessed a crime and there are those who will do anything to make sure he cannot reveal what he’s seen.Growing His Dream

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Growing His Dream eBook ¿ Growing His  PDF/EPUB or
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  • 192 pages
  • Growing His Dream
  • Andrew Grey
  • English
  • 12 May 2016
  • 9781635338133

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    The story that started in ‘Planting His Dream’ with Foster and Javi finding love continues in ‘Growing His Dream’ – but this time it is their friend local farmer and farm hand Abe and a homeless young man named Lachlan who struggle with their dreams and feelings for each other As the blurb says the conditions they face are harsh but love will find a way – especially in an Andrew Grey novel Honestly with these two? I needed to remind myself freuently who the author is or else I might have given up hope As interesting and emotional as the first book in this series this second relationship adventure was just as emotionally satisfying with the added bonus of seeing that Foster and Javi are still doing okayLachlan broke my heart He is going to turn eighteen in two weeks when the story starts but life has already pretty much beaten him down His mother died he ended up homeless the local minister did anything but help he has witnessed a crime that some nasty characters don’t want him to talk about and yet Lachlan is not one to whine or give up His stubborn strength and determination are admirable and he needs every ounce of courage to recover from the blows Fate dealt him and make something of his lifeAbe isn’t that much older than Lachlan and he is also a “refugee” of sorts – his bible thumping father doesn’t respect him or treat him decently so Abe has been working as Foster and Javi’s hand for the past year He’s the one who knows a little about how badly Lachlan has been treated by the fire and brimstone minister and he feels for the young man But his feelings soon go a lot deeper than Abe feels they should and even once Lachlan turns eighteen Abe is very reluctant to admit to himself never mind Lachlan how much he likes him Unless Abe can get over some of his emotional barriers he will never be able to be the partner for Lachlan that he wants to beLachlan and Abe feel a mutual attraction almost from the start but both have their reasons for holding back Abe needs to learn how to trust his feelings Lachlan has to gain some self confidence and both have to deal with their pasts that have told them being gay is not okay Their journey is not easy but very touching and I loved the sense of hope that slowly begins to bloom as they get closer Very nicely doneIf you like stories about characters who have a lot to overcome if men with a seemingly endless supply of courage in the face of adversity are your thing and if you’re looking for a read with a small town setting where life on a farm is a daily struggle and where family and love is like we all dream it should be then you will probably like this novel as much as I do It’s a great seuel in the tradition of the first book yet it manages to be completely its own storyNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    Growing His Dream is as lovely as it sounds I should preface this review by saying it's book two in Andrew Grey's Planting Dreams Series I didn't read book one and can say this is a standalone I imagine the first book was Javi and Foster so I will go back and read it because of those two secondary characters in this were wonderfulWhen this book opens we know Lachlan one of the MC's is very much down on his luck His feet are sore and bleeding it's pouring rain he's starving and homeless My heart ached as bad as his feet Until the people you come to love easily rescue him They feed him listen to him make him feel safe and most importantly give him hope Abe is the other MC and I am sure he was in the first book as he is known by the family well He's a hand on the farm and has home issues But he is drawn to Lachlan He finds him sweet innocent beautiful and way too young Lachlan is seventeen when the book opens but shortly in he turns eighteen Making this book a New Adult Life isn't new to Lachlan or Abe but love is and that's what these two find in each other Of course there's secrets and mysteries and justice that needs to be made So following Lachlan Abe Foster Javi Harriet and Grandma Katie we see that strength isn't just in numbers it's in loyalty love and trust This book is like a hug to your soul There is some nail biting and frustration with situations but it always comes back to home Yes home When Lachlan is Abe's home and vice versa But when you put this ensemble together it's just perfection Fabulous story

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    after reading Foster and Javi's story in Planting his dream I was looking forward to the second part This time we got to know Lachlan who was out of money and on his way to the city to look for work when he found shelter from a thunderstorm on Foster's ranch When learning that his mom had died and he had nowhere to go they offered him a place to stay and especially Abe one of the farm hands was immediately interested in Lachlan Unfortunately I found this very close to the first part it seemed like a blueprint with different names and just slightly different backgrounds Especially the beginning was rather dull and I often had to convince myself to carry on Towards the end I definitely enjoyed it and there were some nice and emotional moments Overall it was a nice read but I would rather recommend the first part this one was a 3 star story for me

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    I loved the first book in this series Planting His Dream which was Foster and Javi’s story I mean I really loved it So I was prepared to love the seuel as much or and Andrew Grey did not disappoint one bitThe story begins with the desperation of a homeless teenager Lachlan plus a pair of shoes that don’t fit and a rainstorm There is a backstory of this poor kid that is slowly revealed including the death of his mother and the appalling treatment of him at the hands of a family he should have been able to trust Lachlan is fortunate beyond words to stumble literally thanks to the ill fitting shoes into the arms of Grandma Katie and Harriet who are waiting for Foster Javi and their hired hand Abe to come home for dinner Lachlan is not only in a desperate situation he is also in dangerAbe’s story is about as pitiful as Lachlan’s except he has a place to live – a nearby farm with his father and his brother Randy Abe’s father has promised his farm will be inherited by Randy leaving Abe with nothing and since all he knows is farming he hires out at Foster and Javi’s farm where he is helping them rebuild the dairy from near financial ruin Abe is attracted to Lachlan but doesn’t act on it until after Lachlan’s eighteenth birthday which comes soon after his arrival at the farm Abe realizes that something is scaring Lachlan something he won’t talk about As time passes they begin dating and then a relationship builds while Lachlan continues to be skittish and always on the verge of disappearing What could be frightening Lachlan so badly? Can Abe with the help of Foster and Javi solve the mystery in time? One of my favorite characters is Grandma Katie who though technically a secondary character holds a critical position in the cast of characters of this story Andrew Grey tends to write characters who burrow their way into your heart and such is definitely the case with KatieThis is a terrific follow up to the first book of the series but can certainly be read as a stand alone novel Mr Grey allows the reader to find the missing pieces of the past and enjoy a beautiful and entertaining romance He even gives a redeeming finish to a character whose role initially is not particularly sympathetic to the story I love when that happens Growing His Dream joins Planting His Dream as books to love and read again and again

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    This is the second book in the Planting Dreams series but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone The story begins in dramatic fashion – we meet Lachlan as he’s walking in the rain downtrodden and definitely out of options when he falls into a ditch while trying to reach the closest farm to get himself out of the weather As luck would have it he found the right house – Foster and Javi’s safe haven farm After spending the night warm with food in his belly his tough life gets even brighter when he makes a connection with Abe – a farmhand From there this story unravels – and Lachlan finally gets the chance at life that he deserves and at the same time helps Abe live his best life tooSo one thing to mention about this book right off the bat Lach is YOUNG as in last year in high school young That is usually a big NO for me but I am an Andrew Grey fan so I stuck in there I can see why it was necessary for the plot but just no thank you His age helps shape the tragedy he’s suffered to date and his naivete but it does make it a bit awkward in my opinion That being said it was handled decently by AbeIn typical Grey fashion the characters were well developed and deep – lots of nuances and differences between the characters which drives this book There aren’t many plot twists and turns instead it’s focused on the building relationship and inner struggles both characters have to come to terms with to come together While Lach was the central focus of the story Abe had a lot of baggage to deal with as well – although it was revealed slowly and later in the book until all of a sudden things seemed to turn out ok That part felt rushed and unrealistic but it was nice closureThis book is a good read for anyone who loves Grey’s books enjoys a younger main character pairing; likes character development central to the story; and seeing families coming together to overcome circumstancesReview Copy of Growing His Dream provided by Dreamspinner Press for an honest reviewReviewed by Mel from Alpha Book Club

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    So far Andrew Grey's books have been pretty ho hum for him They are uick reads and they are always alright They lack a certain luster I tend to like everyone in the books and the details here are there but they aren't emotionally compelling for me and the prose is a bit flat But they are pleasant enough reads I like both the heroes Though Lachlan is really young but Abe really isn't much olderThe farm details are nice and the mystery takes on a much needed subject I also like how Abe and Lachlan find compromise interdependance and build a life with a community

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    I really liked this saga I hope the author continues itThis one is a bit slower than the first one that makes me to lost a bit the interest in some parts I´m not speaking about the relationship I LOVE slow burns here the two of them are pretty into the other one uite soon but the PLOT is really slowAnyways the characters are super cute and gentle so that is always a win for me

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    Pass the cheeseMore adventures at the farm Cows are being milked crops are growing the garden is alive and here comes a new kid entering the family Eggs are laid the cream is iced and the hearts are tugged Throw in a bad boy from the good side of town and unleash the drama 325 for education

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    At just seventeen years old Lachlan Buttar has experienced grief and tragedy than most grown men Raised by a single mother that recently died of cancer He was evicted from their home with nothing but the clothes on his back The local minister and his family take Lachlan in but the minister's perfect angel son's halo is held up by his horns Broken exhausted and at the end of his rope Lachlan winds up at a local Dairy farm run by an openly gay couple Foster and Javi from book 1 and is than skeptical when everyone offers him a helping hand Abe Armitage can relate with Lachlan in ways than one He too lost his mother and he too is looked at like he's wrong because he's gay by his own father There's only a few years between them Abe is 22 and Lachlan is literally weeks away from being 18 but the two men bond uickly More than anything else Abe just wants Lachlan to feel safe enjoy and embrace the opportunities he's being offered by Foster and his family and he wants to love him Unfortunately someone is hiding just out of sight waiting and willing to do whatever it takes to silence Lachlan This was such a great book I was captivated by Lachlan from the first page and loved the way Grey slowly unfolded his story instead of hitting the reader with everything in the beginning Much like the steady explanation of what brought Lachlan to this particular place and time the romance between him and Abe is slow steady and beautiful as well If you've read book 1 you'll already be familiar with the majority of the secondary characters in this book I can't even tell you how much I love Grandma Katie that women is a hot mess but God love her The threat in this story is relatable and believable as well something many people have to deal with in their life unfortunately My heart broke for Lachlan to be so young and so lost Abe was a lighthouse in the storm for him strong and steady Definitely a must read If you haven't read book 1 no worries this book does stand alone very well You will have a better appreciation of the world surrounding Lachlan and Abe if you've read that book though

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    Note This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review I always enjoy an Andrew Grey romance that takes me back to the simple life I led in my early years Don’t get me wrong—this is not a historical—it’s just that these characters lead the simple uncomplicated life of young men living in the country pursuing agricultural careers and facing ordinary problems The author also usually adds in a minor issue sometimes homophobia bullying date rape drugs robbery etc In this case we have a teen whose mom passes away just before he turns eighteen and graduates from high school He’s faced with homelessness and a bully who carries a lot of weight due to his father’s position in the churchWhile living with the pastor’s family he witnesses the preacher’s son who is the town bully accosting a girl and the next day he’s sent on his way He stumbles into a ditch in front of Grandma Kate Planting His Dream and the next thing he knows he has a new family Kate and her daughter in law Hannah as well as Foster and his partner Javi all understand his plight and open their home for him Shocked by their kindness it takes him awhile to acclimate And when he meets their farmhand Abe he realizes he might have another reason to stayThe story is about a family’s love for their fellow man a young man’s life and his dreams nurtured and allowed to grow and the strength one can find within when courage to do the right thing is called for It’s also a sweet YA love story and a delightful reunion with past charactersAndrew Grey works his magic to bring a smile to my face and a warm and fuzzy feeling to my heart If this might be something that you hope for then this story and the previous one would be great to pick up BTW this can be read as a standalone but readers will get much from it if Planting His Dream is read first

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