One Last Dance (Oak Grove, #2)

When The Only Girl Joey Bennett Ever Loved Stole His Heart And Sped Off To The City Lights, He Swore He D Never Again Surrender His Heart Or Be Measured By Someone S Big City Ideals Love Is For Chumps Trust Is Only Given To Family And Locals Who Care About Him For Who He Is, And What He Isn T But When A Beautiful Stranger Dances Into His Bar, He Takes Up The Challenge To Prove That His Hometown Is Different.Brittany Carlson Hates Small Towns After Growing Up Where The Old Boy S Network Turned A Blind Eye To Her Father S Abuse, Destroying Her Mother S Life And Her Own She Left That Hell In The Rear View Mirror The Minute She Turned Eighteen New York City Is Her New Hometown Where Her Neighbors Are Friends And Everyone Looks Out For Each Other They Keep Her Safe But A Weekend Visit To Oak Grove And One Dance With A Sexy Local Threatens To Change Everything.Joey Is Not Like Any Guy She S Ever Met And She Likes That Long Nights Stoke Joey And Brittany S Desire To Stay Together, But Reality Is Different When Exposed To The Harsh Light Of Day If Brittany Goes Back To New York, She Ll Be Heartbroken But She Promised Herself Long Ago That She Wouldn T Ever Again Live Her Life Looking Over Her Shoulder, Wondering What Secrets People Are Hiding And What Ugliness Lurks In The Shadows With No One There To Help.Can She Take The Small Town Out Of Joey, Or Can The Love Of A Good Man Become Her New HomeOne Last Dance (Oak Grove, #2)

Thanks for visiting my profile I m a new Contemporary Romance author and I m so excited about the possibilities I ve been falling in love with characters in books for a long time, and even so now that they are speaking through me for other readers.I ve been remiss in updating my shelves but I ll be doing that soon, so check out some of my favorite reads, including some that I ve read over a

[Ebook] One Last Dance (Oak Grove, #2)  By Nancy Stopper –
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  • 263 pages
  • One Last Dance (Oak Grove, #2)
  • Nancy Stopper
  • English
  • 22 August 2017

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    Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book Sometimes the place you belong is where you least expect it.Joey loves life in his small town and his thriving business is proof that you don t have to venture to the big city to make a good living He has everything he needs right where he is Well, almost everything He s growing tired of one night stands and is starting to wonder if being single is better than the empty nights with meaningless women.Brittany has found her perfect life in the city Sure, she doesn t really love her job and the small town she s visiting is starting to grow on her However, she spent her childhood waiting to escape her town and swore she d never go back to one But Oak Grove isn t like her hometown and there are things here that she can t find in her new city Like a certain handsome bar ownerFlirtations turn into a lust filled fling as Joey and Brittany decide to have a little fun for the weekend But neither is ready to let go of the other just yet A few days turns into a week and soon Brittany is starting to question the reasons she s hiding in...

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    I received this ARC and am voluntarily providing my review I loved One Last Risk and couldn t wait for this next in the series I was a little worried about the situation with the Bennett men and how they were handling a dicey issue with their sister but we get a lit back ground and a lot detail into what is going on with her through out this book which focuses on Joey Bennett and Brittney Carlson.Joey isn t interested in any kind of relationship after Shelby shattered his heart 6 years ago She couldn t handle staying in their small town so she left it and him for the big city Until now occasional hook ups have worked just fine When he sees a beautiful brunette in his bar and grill hanging out and dancing with her friends all other thoughts seem to evade him When a hard knock on his door after closing time finds that same woman looking for her purse he s than pleasantly surprised.Brittney has worked hard to put herself through college and she s proud of the degree she earned as an architect New York is everything she has ever wanted Coming to Oak Grove to visit her friend is great but small town living is not now, nor will it ever be something in her future She grew up in a similar small town, one where she couldn t escape the nightmares there fast enough But a late evening chatting with the owner and then one dance before she leaves has both Brittney and Joey th...

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    Another great read I m loving this series Bring on the next book

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    A heartwarming story and a great second chance romance A struggle between big city lights and starry country nights and which one wins out This is the romantic story of Brittany and Joey who learn to love again and in turn learn so much a...

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    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest opinions I grew up in a small community theres nothing like it, yes unfortunately some people do turn a blind eye but not all Well written plot, combining family, love and romance, with doubt and vulner...

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    A heartfelt and delightful story about finding your destiny, finding your place in the world, about love and living, friends and family, life in the small town where people genuinely care for each other and look out for each other.I am loving the Bennett family, the tight knit solidarity they have, the unit the brothers form to protect their family and loved ones when needed The stories do entwine yet they are easily read as stand alone books The ongoing problems their sister Rachel is having in her relationship gets insights in One Last Dance, and the abuse she faces might be a trigger to some The tragic, terrifying situation Rachel lives with is painted with realistic and vivid, heartbreaking images, I have to say I am anxiously looking forward to her story coming up next month But One Last Dance is about Joey Bennett and Brittany Carlson Joye, the former happy go lucky from fling to fling guy is looking at the happiness his brother has found and is longing for something to his life as well His business is going well, he volunteers his time to a great cause, and his dedication to he...

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    I loved returning to Oak Grove to visit with characters from the prequel and book 1 The series focuses on the adult children of the Bennett family as they finding their HEAs This is the love story of Joey Bennett, the youngest of the three Bennett boys We met Joey in previous books as the owner of the newest establishment in Oak Grove, the neighborhood bar and grille He s the town playboy after having been left by his high school sweetheart who decided she s rather move to NYC than marry Joey and stay in small town Oak Grove When he meets Brittany, visiting from the city, he has her pegged as another city girl But Brittany is running from another small town in Montana, where she witnessed and endured years of abuse She believes all small towns keep the secrets of their residents and loves the freedom of the cityor does she Visiting Oak Grove and spending time with Joey, reminds her of everything she misses about small town living Plus, she is increasingly draw to him and wants to help him with a family situation involving the youngest Bennett, Rachel This was a beautifully told story about finding your path and learning to trust again Joey and Brittany helped each other heal their past hurts as they learned to let go of the preconceived ideas about city life vs small town living Warning readers sensitive to domestic abuse may want to know there is both childhood ...

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    One Last Dance is a sweet, entertaining and delightful love story The story is an inspiring story full of romance, passion and emotion Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people but the trials and pains can create a stronger person within With a man that is not willing to give up while going all out to show you what you can have, what hope does Brittany have Joey is every women s dream He is passionate, emotional and would do anything for you The characters are entertaining and well developed The story line is fresh and moves along at a good pace This is a sweet and delightful story that will captivate you and keep your attention from the beginning to the end This story hooked me from the very start and I could not put it down So many emotions put together in one book that causes an emotional overload You will finish this book with faith and hope in love no matter what pain and loss yo...

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    Funny how sometimes the path people think they want to take turns out to be the wrong one for them Or when they re thinking there s no way I would do and then it turns out you WILL do that Essentially, that s the underlying theme of One Last Dance.Joey Bennett, owner of J.J s, a bar and grill in the small town of Oak Grove, has sworn off girls who want big city lights while Brittany Carlson, on vacation from her home in New York City, hates small towns after seeing the way an old boy s network turned a blind eye to her father s abuse of her mother, sister and herself Brittany is just visiting the town with her friend Karen, who grew up in Oak Grove Then she meets JoeyThis was another wonderful story from Nancy Stopper s Oak Grove series The characters have a depth to them that makes you feel like you know them and know them well enough to identify with why they each feel the way they do and why they want...

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    One Last Dance is a wonderfully emotional addition to Nancy Stopper s Oak Grove series Wow, that was quite the mouthful, but let s go with it I loved this book From the characters to their romance to Nancy s writing style, everything was top notch Rather than focusing on what I loved about One Last Dance, I m going to talk about an element of the first book that left me with some unease and give a bit of an update Without spoilers, of course.Like I said, there was an element in the first book that left me with some uneasiness While I had a feeling that it would continue to unfold in the next book s , I felt that some of the characters actions or lack of seemed uncharacteristic I have to say, One Last Dance made me feel so much better about the situation surrounding one particular character I love how this story line is naturally progressing because when you think about it, this sort of thing doesn t magically disappear and I m actually glad that it wasn t resolved suddenly at the end...

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