Even Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion

Even Vegans Die Empowers Vegans And Their Loved Ones To Make The Best Decisions Regarding Their Own Health, Their Advocacy For Animals, And Their Legacy By Addressing Issues Of Disease Shaming And Body Shaming, The Authors Present A Manifesto For Building A Compassionate, Diverse, And Effective Vegan Community Even Vegans Die Celebrates The Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet While Acknowledging That Even Vegans Can Get Sick You Will Learn How To Make The Health Care Decisions That Are Right For You, How To Ensure Your Efforts To Help Animals Will Not End After You Die, And How To Provide Compassionate Care For Yourself And For Others In The Face Of Serious Illness The Book Offers Practical, Thoughtful, And Sensitive Advice On Creating A Will, Mourning, And Caregiving Without Shying Away From The Reality Of Death, Even Vegans Die Offers A Message That Remains Uplifting And Hopeful For All Animal Advocates, And All Those Who Care About Them.Even People Who Eat A Healthy, Plant Based Diet, Can Get Seriously Ill That S Why This Book Is Needed Carol, Patti, And Ginny Teach Us To Live Wisely While We Are Still Here, Not Only By Eating Well, But Also By Caring For Ourselves And Each Other I Want To Live Well And, If Necessary, I Want To Die Well, Too If You Do Also, Then Start Reading From The Foreword By Michael Greger, MDEven Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion

Carol J Adams is a feminist vegetarian theorist and author of books on eco feminism and the links between species oppression and gender oppression.

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Even Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion
  • Carol J. Adams
  • 26 October 2018
  • 9781590565537

10 thoughts on “Even Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion

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    Full disclosure One of the authors, an online friend since 2007 at Goodreads and elsewhere too, gave me a copy of the book Also, I was interviewed as a participant for the book as it was being written.I recommend this book for all vegans, especially those who have shamed others or been shamed for anything other than optimal health, all those who believe in end of life planning, all feminists, all disability activists, all caregivers and those who need the help of caregivers, all those who fear illness or death or want some guidance about how to deal with them regarding themselves or others In other words, most people, though I ll be actively recommending it mostly to vegans who either feel a vegan diet is a cure all or feel uncomfortable when they discover it isn t and also to those who want a book that gives some useful tips on steps to take during end of life planning I consider it a must read book for all vegans I will admit that I came to this book with feelings of excitement and high expectations, but it didn t disappoint at all It s a superb book It s broader in scope topic s than I d anticipated and that makes the book even stronger than I thought it would be It s an excellent addition to the genre, and for me maybe the best vegan book I ve ...

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    Overall, a fantastic and first of its kind to address the many myths and false promises of a vegan diet but from pro vegan authors who are well known in their fields They call out the ableism, illness shaming, the fat shaming, and denial of death that thousands of vegans proselytize.I love how they write things that address how of course Christine Brinkley look good but it is not because of a vegan diet They note that it is because she is wealthy as hell and can afford the money it takes to look that way Fitness instructor, personal chefs, etcThey also lay out how to treat vegans who are ill or even dying They suggest supporting them and to not shame them They ask readers to make sure they face death their own and get their legal affairs in check before they die Also, great to tell the reader that when or if someone says they are ill, not to respond with, Well have you tried type in vegan based remedy This is the best way to sound non supportive and judgmental to someone who is already suffering and overwhelmed due to illness or injury.I would have appreciated critical reflections on race , whiteness and the issues brought to light and how the authors own racial and class privileges affect their engagement with the myths of veganism I also wanted to know who the assumed audience of vegans are but authors can ...

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    I m the publisher of this book, and I thought I d make a few observations This book is something of a personal project for me, given the deaths of a couple of vegan acquaintances in the last few years who had not prepared psychologically or legally for their passing, with the result that their final legacy was compromised Carol, Ginny, and Patti did a fantastic job not only in making sure that we vegans who may think our diet provides us with immortality know how to get our estates in order but a...

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    Important book that all vegans should read Most vegans think about death when we talk about animals who are killed for human desires But most of us don t want to think about our own inevitable death Sometimes we create this illusion that plant based di...

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    Super quick and interesting read I think it s a valuable source for all vegans and even non vegans It makes you think about health and health and body shaming Not every vegan is an example of health, and even if you are it can be just temporary We can all get sick and we should all take this into consideration.The book also talks about an ethic of care, which is so important, even in everyday life.The part about death, will, etc i...

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    A catchy main title, a perfectly descriptive subtitle and a small book full of good advice As other reviewers have noted, this book can serve as a guide to anyone, not just vegans It does elaborate on vegan specific topics, but ...

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    Recommended as a primer to knowing what to do about making difficult decisions about life and death.

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    Uncomfortable but I m glad to have read it Although it s brief and businesslike, still the talk about companion animals mourning made me tear up This will be a great resource to have on hand on that hopefully distant day when I or my partner need to confront serious illness or death.

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    This book accomplishes so much in a very approachable manner It combats the idea that being vegan is equivalent to good health, as well as healthism itself and reminds the reader that veganism is a commitment to ethics around our use of animals It talks about compassion and how to be supportive of someone struggling with ill...

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    I especially liked the first part of this book and puts vegan diets in perspective As a vegetarian, most of the time vegan, I especially appreciated the perspective of not having be perfect in your vegan living Embracing even partial vegan living as honoring life ...

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