Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs (Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs #1)

Finding The Kingdom Of The Centaurs Finding The Kingdom Of The Centaurs 1 Kindle Epub Author Fr D Rick S Parker Oliver Hamilton, Jason Garrett, And Jessica Thomas Started Out As Your Average High School Students Well Sort Of Oliver Is A School Fanatic, Jessica Is Obsessed With The Universe And Jason S World Revolves Around Movies But Otherwise The Three Teenagers Live Pretty Normal Lives Then One Evening They Run Into A Strange Being From Another World After An Unforeseen Accident, Oliver Finds Himself Trapped In A Magical World Of Centaurs, Fauns, And Mermaids And It Is Up To His Friends To Help Him Escape Before It S Too Late.Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs (Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs #1)

Fr d rick S Parker was adopted at two and a half For the next twelve years he and his siblings were raised on a small farm in Central Missouri Apart from a few adult neighbors, they were virtually cut off from civilization With nothing but his imagination to keep him company, writing was inevitable But first he was an artist Noticing that her son had a talent, his mother introduced him to th

[PDF] ↠ Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs (Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs #1)  Author Frédérick S. Parker –
  • Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs (Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs #1)
  • Frédérick S. Parker
  • 20 July 2017

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    Thank you, Goodreads and the author for allowing me access to this title via a Giveaway POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADOKAY So I was not prepared for the wild variety of activity going on in this book The blurb was a little vague on the outer space aspect of this story and, after reading the story, it seemed to not really work or fit I feel the author was a bit like the MC, Oliver, who could not find a way to finish the stories that they jotted down so instead, the author tossed every idea they had for a YA book together and merged their stories The writing was, at times choppy and amateur at best I was also like Oliver and had a tough time concentrating on the storyline and the characters There was no real connection to any of them for me and I did not see how they really connected I was looking forward to action and adventure in a mystical place with roving hills and vast plains where the Centaurs roam in vast herds I am not sure that I ever really achieved an AH HA this tal...

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    I liked this book For anyone that likes fantasy adventure with a little sci fi thrown in it is worth reading I will be looking for the rest of the books in the future to find out what other adventures are in store for the characters Oliver , Jason , and J...

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    Three ordinary teens find themselves trapped in a world that includes great mythological beings to humans, and humans are legends to their world This story has a little Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe a little Harry Potter, and a little Sci Fi to appeal to a large audience.

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    I received this ebook free from goodreads giveaways.

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    A very fun read, delightful

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    Before I say a word, big thanks to Goodreads for this book.I don t know how to review this book without giving away the plot Let s just says it s far from all fantasy, and only touches on YAWhat seems non sequitur, is not Take that, Goodreads

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