In A World Where Marriage Doesn T Exist Only Seven Year Contracts You Don T Marry, You Sign You Don T Divorce, You Breach And Sometimes, You Just Expire.In This Hilarious Conclusion To Erin Lyon S I Love You Subject To The Following Terms And Conditions, Kate Has Accepted A Job Practicing Signing Law, The One Type Of Law She Swore She D Never Do Especially Since What She Thought Was Her Very Own Happily Ever After Turned Into Just Another Expired Contract But Between Kate S Embarrassing Penchant For Running Into Exes In Court, Clients Determined To Use Her As Their Very Own Therapist, And A Couple Having A Knock Down, Drag Out Over The Custody Of The Family Guinea Pig, At Least The Job S Never Boring.But While Kate Finally Has A Handle On Her Career, Her Love Life Is Still, Well, Complicated The Former Love Of Her Life, Jonathan, Wants Her Back Her Current Main Squeeze, Dave, Wants To Take Things To The Next Level, But She Still Can T Shake Her Wolf In Sheep S Clothing Vibe About Him And Then There S Adam, Her Mad Crush Who Really Wants To Be Her Friend So, To Sum Up, One Questionable Ex, One Player With A Capital P, And One Guy Who S Kind Of Stolen Her Heart Even Though She S In The Friend Zone This Should Be A Piece Of Cake Unconditionally Is Both A Sweet And Sexy Romantic Comedy And A Hilariously Relatable Look At Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It.Unconditionally

Erin Lyon graduated with a Bachelor s degree in English and then worked in broadcast television for ten years before going to law school She is now a practicing attorney and blames all of the people in her life for not trying to talk her out of the whole becoming a lawyer thing except for her brother who, to be fair, did say, Really.Erin s first two novels, I LOVE YOU SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOW

[Ebook] Unconditionally  By Erin Lyon – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Unconditionally
  • Erin Lyon
  • English
  • 22 February 2017
  • 9780765386120

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    UNCONDITIONALLY is the follow up to last year s I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions Read my review , which was one of my favorite reads of 2017 Erin Lyon s funny, romantic, and unique duet is a contemporary romance junkie s dream The two main leads communicate openly with each other and have a great friendship Kate says exactly what s on her mind I love the way Adam cares for her and how he shows it If you re a lover of romantic comedies like me, then these are the books for you.For the last 11 months, I ve been slowly dying inside because I haven t had this book in my hands You guys, I DEVOURED Unconditionally in a matter of hours I tore open the package upon arrival and didn t put the book down until I was finished This book picks up right where I Love You leaves off, so if you ve read it then you understand the weight of that statement Read it ends in a delicious cliffhanger In I Love You, I fell in a disgusting kind of love with Kate and Adam There is just something about them that makes me happy when they re together, even if it s just as friends sad face.In Unconditionally, we see Kate navigating her ne...

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    I was a bit frantic a couple of days ago when I finished the first book in this series and found out that the second had not been released yet it will be on January 9th I requested this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, even though I hadn t used Netgalley in 3 years Maybe I was than a little bit frantic I downloaded this, put aside the book I was reading, and jumped right in I just had to know what Kate was going to do next.This book was as much fun as the first Ms Lyon s dialogue is hilarious and clever I read so much of this book with a smile on my face I always find Kate s inner commentary to be a bit jarring at first but it doesn t take me long to settle in and appreciate all of her thoughts Kate is just as honest in this book as she was in the last, which is my favourite thing about her She doesn t play games and even though she s still juggling her feelings for 3 men, she never tells them anything but the truth and I freaking LOVE her for it.I did find myself wondering a few times if this story could not have been told in one book instead of two Some of it seemed repetitive and also, since I had just finished the first book, the recapping seemed unnecessary I may have felt differently had I read them a year apart, as they were released Now that I m finished, I was happy for that extra time with Kate, her men, her clients, and her friends The lawyer y stuff was immensely entert...

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    Eis que chega o segundo volume desta s rie super divertida e que far as alegrias de muitos leitores Tamb m sei que havia muitas pessoas ansiosas que este livro sa sse depois de terem lido o primeiro, onde nos apresentada Kate e toda a sua trupe de pretendentes e amigos.Neste livro embora tenhamos um grande foco nos casos que ela ia defender a tribunal, de clientes malucas, tenho j de avisar, temos tamb m a novidade de conhecermos um pouco melhor a m e de Adam Uma senhora muito elegante e amorosa...

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    Bem que desilus o Adorei o 1 mas achei este uma seca Focou se mais nos casos da Kate do que na vida dela A cena que os casos que ele defendia n o interessavam quase nada hist ria principal Pelo menos ficou com o par que queria e gostei do final Gostei que a melhor amiga da Kate continuasse a aparecer e tamb m tivesse o seu final feliz, assim como a Mags Agora definitivamente o que me fez desgostar deste livro foram os casos que a Kate ia aceitando como advogada e que ocuparam o livro todo As clientes pareciam todas malucas e precisavam mais de ajuda mental do que uma advogada N o gostei que os casos tivessem tanto destaque no livro, porque s serviam para enaltecer a vida profissional da Kate que embora tamb m fosse um ponto importante no livro, n o tinha interesse directo com a sua vida amorosa que o assunto do livro Portanto estas partes dos casos em tribunal come aram por aborrecer me e houve partes que li na diagonal porque n o interessavam mesmo nada...

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    Last year I couldn t wait to get my hands on this sequel right after the cliffhanger ending in I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions It was one of those situations where I wanted to scream and run around because that s how much I cared about the characters.Unconditionally was such a breeze to read The easy humour, absurd situations and amusing dialogues made it impossible not to laugh while reading My only slight disappointment was with the romance There was a shift in focus from the spotlight on Kate s love life to all sorts of other dysfunctional relationships in the world They were entertaining to read about but I really wanted Adam and Kate moments The few that we got didn t quite satisfy my need.Kate is the loveliest of characters I loved everything about her Her frustration, her confusion, her hesitations and even her inner snarky tone were real and relatable She made the best with whatever life threw at her Even during the tough times and emotional moments she held true to herself and was fair to others.Becoming a signing lawyer had its ups and downs Despite her life long refusal, Kate was a star Her inner voice was sarcastic as heck but she kept them all to herself proving she was than capable to be mature about her new job Kate handled her cases professionally and treated her clients with respect and without prejudice I m a fan of the tv show Suits so I thoroughly e...

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    3.5 StarsThis was a fun and entertaining read The story picks up right where the first book ends There was a little rehashing of book one that was tolerable and maybe not needed The side characters were all there and their presence added to the humor and like ability of the story Even though I can t relate to Kate, I find her mesmerizing and I want to just hang around her This again makes this book a fast read.The flaw for me in this book was that in book one we spend our time with Kate s interaction with her three potential boyfriends In book two we spend very little time with these guys and with ...

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    The first book I Love You Subject To The Following Terms and Conditions, was one of my favourite reads of this year it came out in 2017.Unconditionally isn t quite as good but it was still enjoyable and didn t disappoint.Most of my love for this book comes from the characters who are grown ups It s surprising how refreshing it is to read about grown up with full time jobs and general guy and house problems There was a point that did feel like situations were being juggled work, text, court, guy pops over, w...

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    4.5 StarsI am sad my binge read of this series is over, however, I just COULD NOT seem to put it down until the very end I read both books basically in one day thank goodness for a husband who puts up with my need to read I agree, with most other readers that this book probably could have been condensed into one But honestly, I got so wrapped into Kate s world that I didn t mind at all I think if I had read the first book, I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions, before the second one was out though I would have been annoyed at the waiting game Since I didn t have to wait though due to my own diligent waiting to read book 1 I absolutely loved all the side lawyer stuff I was laughing so hard at the crazies Kate was dealing with Some possibly spoiler y thoughts My heart really did break for Jonathan for a lot of book 1 and 2 I totally got why Kate reacted the way she did and had that big change of feelings due to his failure to re up BUT man would that suck to be him He was a genuinely good guy who went through a mid life crisis and it ended up ruining something super great I felt torn ...

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    What is this stupid smile doing on my face at 6 30 in the morning I loved this conclusion to Kate s story And, the unicorn was perfect Gotta love contract killers I highly recommend this series if you want to have a goofy smile o...

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    I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.In the Contract Killers series, the world is much the same as today, but with one big difference there is no such thing as marriage, instead people sign with someone This is basically the same as marriage only, like most contracts there is an end date 7 years After 7 years is up you can either part ways or re up the contact for another 7 years.Unconditionally is the second maybe the last book in the Contract Killers series and starts just where we left off in the first book So, if you haven t read I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions you will need to pick that up first We dive straight back into Kate s world, where she is in the middle of a love square as well as keeping up with her crazy clients in her job as a signing attorney.There were elements of Unconditionally I really liked, such as her antics as an attorney in signing law and the hilarious scraps that her clients find themselves in I also thought Kate was a good heroine, she was smart and funny and seemed like just the kind of gal you would want as a friend But these aspects of the book were outweighed by what I didn t like.This book read like a list of events that had happened to Kate rather than as an interesting and engagi...

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