Taming Elijah (The Kincaids #1)

It Has Been Three Years Since The Honorable Sheridan Wentworth Left London S Polite Society For The Wild, Savage West She Is Harassed By Unwanted Suitors Desiring Both Her Body And Her Fortune Sheridan Turns To Elijah Kincaid For His Protection, Except He Is Determined To Run From Her Perceived Fragility, Instead Of Toward Her Willing Arms Determined To Show Him She Is The Right Woman With Whom To Build A Future Rich With Love And Family, She Boldly Sets Out To Court And Seduce A Man As Untamed And Savage As The Land Itself.Taming Elijah (The Kincaids #1)

I am an unapologetic romance lover I read it I write it Enough said Well..I also have a warrior way Never give up on my dreams I spend a copious amount of time drooling over Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, watching Japanese anime and playing video games with my love, Dusean.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 281 pages
  • Taming Elijah (The Kincaids #1)
  • Stacy Reid
  • English
  • 14 May 2017

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    Another solid HR by Stacy Reid that I enjoyed Typically, her historicals take place in England, but in this book, she moves out to the intimidating American West in its early settlement days.Sheridan is the neglected daughter of a titled gentleman in England her father remarried when she was a young girl, and she was subsequently shipped off to boarding schools by her stepmother who did not care to have her underfoot When she was given the chance to leave her lonely life at the young age of 18 when a charismatic man from Wyoming offered her everything she dreamed of, she jumped on it She always wanted her own home where she felt she belonged, and the ranch her new husband purchased with her dowry gave her what she had long missed Sheridan soon learned that her husband didn t really want HER he wanted her substantial dowry and the subsequent annuities bestowed on her by her wealthy father, so he shuts her completely out of his life Though she loved her new home and was involved in the management of the business and lands, Sheridan longed for the intimacy she has never known the love of a good man Elijah Kincaid does not consider himself to be a good man at least not any After losing his wife and child under mysterious but tragic circumstances which are disclosed about halfway through the book , he swore that if he ever did marry again emphasis on the IF , it would be to a hardy woman who could handle the uncertainty and trying times that are the on...

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    I am so excited for everyone to meet Elijah and Sheridan Happy reading

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    Book Review For Taming Elijah by Stacy Reid Taming Elijah by Stacy Reid is book One in the new series called The Kincaids This is the story of Sheridan Wentworth and Elijah Kincaid This book opens to drama that finds Sheridan being confronted by Mr Jericho Sullivan who is an evil man who thinks he is the King of the area Sullivan wants Sheridan and her money and he will stop at nothing to get it So he threatens Beth and her son if Sheridan doesn t go along with him Beth is Sheridan s sister inlaw and best friend Sheridan had been married to Beth s brother but he was killed and it is just them Sullivan says that he will be back the next day with the Preacher to marry them Sheridan knows there is only one person that can help herElijah Elijah and Sheridan had a brief affair before Elijah found out that Sheridan ...

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    Received ARC in return for an honest review, naughtiness 4 This is the first of I am positive will be of many books written by Stacy that Il be reading and reviewing because I think this book is a brilliant read, I would say definitely historical western than romance but definitely has a hero and heroine which the book is centred.I never give spoilers but I will say this, this book is at times elating, at times heartbreaking and joyful, its action packed as well as fluffy i...

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    Taming Elijah The Kincaids book 1By Stacy Reid Rating 5 starsHeat 4 sizzling Sheridan Wentworth has been unwanted since the time her mother passed away a lonely child in the way of her fathers new wife and family, she was sent to boarding school and from there her first season, where she was betrothed to a man who took her to the wilds of America Not wanted by her husband a marriage in name only Sheridan yearned for a family, her husband coveted her fortune not her his tastes were for men only When she meets Elijah Kincaid their attraction was all consuming Betrayal tore them apart and everything that Sheridan wanted slipped away A widow with a vast fortune have men harassing her for her fortune and body, Sheridan has no choice but to ask the man she has loved for his help but will he be willing to help her, will he forgive her I loved loved this new series by Stacy Reid it will keep you mesmerized, and glued to every single sentence, and you ll be holding your breath through out the story so take a breath in the beginning although some scenes will leave you panting, and enjoy the ride The complexity in Elijah and his anguish will have your heart bleeding for him his pain is an all consuming part of him, but he s so darn...

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    Too much angst for me but otherwise a great read My Rating 3.5 stars

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    It s goodThis was a good read, can t wait for Joshua s book But please please please let next book be Westfalls book.

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    It has been three years since Sheridan Wentworth married Thomas Galloway left London s polite society for the wild, savage west She s only been a widow for three months but already is harassed by unwanted suitors desiring both her body and her fortune Sheridan turns to Elijah Kincaid for his protection, except he is determined to run from her perceived fragility, instead of toward her willing arms.Wild west stories aren t my favourite genre but I love the authors other books I must say I m converted I couldn t put it down read it in an afternoon, albeit a long afternoon The story flowed so well I was engrossed, at times my heart was in my mouth the pages flew ...

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    This was an enjoyable western historical romance The attraction between Elijah and Sheridan is very intense and hot Their chemistry burns through the pages as the two struggle to deal with the pain hurt caused by past mistakes and the underhanded threats and drama caused by an unwanted suitor I really liked Sheridan She was strong and feisty I liked Elijah and I understood his anger, b...

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    WHEN IT S A STACY REID S BOOK, I KNOW THAT I CAN TRUST HER TO MAKE IT A GOOD STORY.THIS ONE WAS DEFINITELY ANGST FUELED AND IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE PAGE TURNER.MAY CONTAIN SPOILER depending on what you think a spoiler contains I admit I was feeling very conflicted while I was reading this story There are two kinds of angst for me the one that leaves you feeling good and the other emotionally messed up Halfway through the story I felt rather torn but I ventured on because I trust Ms.Reid to reward us a splendid ending at the end, and I m glad not to be disappointed.OUR HERO is the most stubborn man I have ever met This story opened up without a definite or descriptive introduction to who the characters are, you will only learn about them throughout each chapter It was a neat trick to make me as a reader devour the pages just to know WHO THE HELL IS ELIJAH..and after that WHAT THE HECK is this simmering tension between the twoWHAT HAPPENED IN THEIR PAST When I discovered their back story, it was absolutely wickedly delicious, and I was like DAMN, Totally didn t expected that I have read plenty of HR with similar plots like this but most authors certainly never placed their characters in such an adulterous scenario that it was simultaneously breathtaking and heart wrenching Adulte...

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