Courting the Scot (Scot to the Heart #1 ~ Grant and MacGregor Novel)

Courting The Scot Scot To The Heart 1 Grant And MacGregor Novel Pdf Author Jane Charles When A Rake S Silver Tongue Fail To Charm Ian Grant Has Wanted To Court A Certain Lass For Quite Some Time, But When His Usual Charm Has No Effect On Davina MacGregor, He Stops Talking And Kisses Her Instead And What A Wonderful Kiss It Is Too Unfortunately, His Rakish Reputation Precedes Him And Ian Somehow Finds His Honor In Question And A Challenge Issued Can He Go To London For A Season Without Kissing Anyone Else A Lass Finds The Tables Turned On Her Davina MacGregor Only Means To Protect Her Foolish Family From Being Sent To The Gallows Should Anyone Discover What They D Done She Didn T Want To Make Ian Court Her In Secret, She Just Didn T Have Another Choice But When He Tires Of Her Games And Issues A Challenge Of His Own Will The Lass Truly Court The ScotCourting the Scot (Scot to the Heart #1 ~ Grant and MacGregor Novel)

Jane Charles has lived in the Midwest her entire life In fact, she lived in the same house until the day she married As a child she would likely be found outside with a baseball than a book in her hand In fact, Jane hated reading until she was sixteen Out of boredom on a long road trip she borrowed her older sister s historical romance and fell in love with reading She long ago lost coun

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  • Courting the Scot (Scot to the Heart #1 ~ Grant and MacGregor Novel)
  • Jane Charles
  • 03 January 2018

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    This is a fun Regency story set in Scotland with quite a few twists on the usual courtship tale Ian Grant and Davina MacGregor have been secretly attracted to each other for a while now, but neither one wanted to say or do anything for fear the other didn t feel the same So when Ian kisses Davina, it s a pleasant surprise Davina would love to be courted by Ian, but she s worried that the kiss doesn t mean much to him, since he s got a reputation as a lady s man She also doesn t think she ll be able to marry and leave her uncle s house, since he s widowed and has two young children to care for She s been acting as the lady of the house for some time, and she doesn t think her family could manage without her So to buy time and to make Ian prove himself, she challenges him to go through the London season without kissing another girl Then, she ll allow him to court her.Ian is stunned that his charm and his kiss don t immediately win over Davina, but he is determined to prove he can stay true to her He s made up his mind that she is the only girl for him He wants to speak to her uncle and begin a formal courtship as soon as possible, bu...

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    I love everything from Jane Charles An exceptional and enjoyable story.5

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    Ian Grant younger brother of the Marquis of Brachton, has wanted to court Davina MacGregor for quite some time, but when his usual charm has no effect on her, he stops talking and kisses her instead And what a wonderful kiss it is too Unfortunately, his rakish reputation precedes him and Ian somehow finds his honour in question and a challenge issued by Davina Can he go to London for a Season without kissing or dancing with anyone else Then Uncle Aidan becomes embroiled in kidnapping The Dowager Countess of Bentley Davina only wants to protect her foolish family from being sent to the gallows should anyone discover what they d done She didn t want to make Ian court her in secret, she just didn t have another choice Oh this book is so entertaining the shenanigans the Macgregors get up to, to keep Rose s kidnapping from the Grants has you laughing, it s a riverting read the pace never lets up this is the first in a new series but it s time frame runs alongside the final Trent novel A Lady Admired We meet old friends from previous series, The Trents Valentines which...

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    I ll be the first to admit that I am a big Jane Charles fan It s been a long time since I ve read a Historical Romance by Jane and this one certainly didn t disappoint This book was filled with beloved characters from other books but it totally is able to stand alone without any knowledge of the characters back stories.There is something magical about a Scottish romance even when no kilts are involved Scottish women are feisty and independent and Davina MacGregor is no exception to this rule Her childhood friendship with...

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