Desperate Measures

The Commonwealth Of Stars, COS, Has Been Invaded By The Issog, A Bat Like Species Who Considers The Humans Not Only Animals, But Livestock Over The Past Several Years Of War They Have Encroached Farther Into COS Space, And The Consensus Is For The Issog To Defeat The Commonwealth Within The Next Five Years To Make Matters Worse, The Arrith Nation, A Lizard Like Species, Is Building Up Its Fleets To Take On The Winner The Bats Or The Monkeys As They Refer To Them Since The Winner Will Have All But Exhausted Its Navy The Commonwealth S Only Hope Is That A Newly Developed Technology Can Help Them Defeat The Issog And Retain Sufficient Resources Afterward To Force The Arrith To Continue Their Twenty Year Nonaggression Treaty But The Technology Is Unproven And Possibly Beyond The Humans Ability To Adapt.Desperate Measures

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and joined the military right out of high school I served twenty two years in the United States Air Force as a certified internal auditor While in the military service, I lived in seven states and two foreign countries, and obtained two degrees a BS in mathematics and an MS in computer science After I retired from the Air Force, I secured a position

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚣ Desperate Measures  Author C.R. Daems –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 363 pages
  • Desperate Measures
  • C.R. Daems
  • 24 July 2018

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    Overly complicatedIt was an interesting idea, the concept of a battleship monitored by implant Truly.But..No military can function like depicted There was no mention of military intelligence, no mention of the crews The admirality seems to spend its time in their own rooms, drinking When the Odin was destroyed and Zoe relocated to the Thor, the crew of the Thor was mentioned yet later on we have first and second bridge crew commanders of the Odin are responding When did they get aboard What happened to the original comman...

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    Good read.Having read the collection of books based on the RISE the sixth book ended with a link to this book I was expecting of the RISE storyline to continue but was initially dissapointed when there was no menti...

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    Simple beyond belief.Maybe there are other books in the series that I have missed, but this was simple beyond belief No plot twist, no unexpected subterfuge and not really much in the way of a plot It had great potential and c...

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    In some ways I quite enjoyed this book, but it had some issues and I really wasn t sure what rating to give it view spoiler After the slow start to the book, while Zoe is being prepared to command the new ship, I was interested to see how the conflict would develop when the Odin was finally involved in a battle, but I began to notice some inconsistencies, for example after the initial fight the author writes The eight Issog cruisers were destroyed, while the Commonwealth lost only two.Then a few pages later while the admiral is taking to the Commonwealth crews Today, the Issog had a bad day and lost eight to our fiveMy problem with these inconsistencies is it makes me begin to question the story, so instead of just being able to go with the flow I am always checking does this make sense Once you start to question the story there are lots of things that don t make sense e.g The marines come out badly when fighting the Issog on the ground, so why doesn t the Commonwealth use armour, either personnel or even vehicles Why don t they use their air superiority to strafe and bomb them Also at one point Perkins says The Issog have no way to produce new cruisers, so when we destroy one, they have one less. How did they make them in the first place How can they keep the war going if they can t replace casualties Why isn t this explained There is a hint much later ...

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