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Discover Best Of The Best Vegan Instant Pot Recipes That You Can Make In 30 Minutes And Turn Your Daily Vegan Pressure Cooking Into A Real Feast You No Longer Have To Feel Guilty About Spending All Your Precious Time In The Kitchen To Prepare Your Favorite Vegan Instant Pot Recipes The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook By Amanda Rice Is The Only Book You Are Ever Going To Need In Order To Seamlessly Blend The Magic Of Cooking With An Instant Pot Using Ingredients That Compliment Your Diet And Your Healthy Lifestyle This Is Pretty Much A Step By Step Guide That Covers All The Basics Of An Instant Pot To Help You Cook Healthy Vegan Pressure Cooker Meals In Minutes All Of The Recipes In This Book Are Carefully Handpicked To Be The Best Of The Best And Are Made With Very Simple, Easy To Find Ingredients That Won T Give You Any Hassle At All Going Through This Book, You Will Be Able To Learn How To Properly Use And Take Care Of Your Instant Pot And Get To Know The Various Common Mistakes Made While Using An Instant Pot For The First Time Fully Understand The Anatomy Of Your Instant Pot And Know It S Working Mechanism Learn How To Make Fantastic Vegetarian Meals Using The Instant Pot And Save Up Precious Time From Your Busy Life To Give You An Overview Of The Chapters In This Book Introduction The First Chapter Is Going To Walk You Through Every Nook And Cranny Of Your Instant Pot And Teach You All The Basics Of Operating A Pot To Cleaning And Maintaining It Properly A Little Bit Of History Lesson Is Also Tossed In As A Bonus Chapter 1 This Chapter Focuses On Introducing A Number Of Different And Well Varied Vegan Breakfast Recipes That Are Bound To Energize You For The Rest Of The Day Chapter 2 This Chapter Will Focus On Bringing You Slightly Heavier Vegan Meals That Designed To Give You A Boost During Your Lunch Hour Chapter 3 This Chapter Is Full Of Amazing Dinner Recipes To Cater Your Taste Buds During The Night And End Your Vegetarian Day Chapter 4 The Final Chapter Of The Book Focuses On Giving You Absolutely Mouthwatering Dessert Recipes That Are Sure To Change The Perception Of Anyone Who Might Dare To Say That Vegetarian Meals Are Not Tasty Go Ahead, Scroll Up And Get The Opportunity To Make Your Life Healthy With These Delicious, Quick And Easy To Prepare Vegan Instant Pot Recipes You Won T Regret ItVegan Instant Pot Сookbook

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[BOOKS] ✭ Vegan Instant Pot Сookbook  ✷ Amanda Rice –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 123 pages
  • Vegan Instant Pot Сookbook
  • Amanda Rice
  • 17 September 2018

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    I do not own an Instant Pot, but my sister does It is basically a pressure cooker with the latest technological advances There are a few recipes that do not need this Pot I enjoyed all the variations of lentil recipes These recipes can be cooked on the stove in...

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    Great cookbook Not only are there tasty recipes included there is tons of useful information I had not heard of an Instant Pot before This cookbook is my introduction It is very, very helpful and full of fantastic details about this won...

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    So easy to make,

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    Skip itThere were lots of typos in the recipes Some ingredients listed twice 1 Cup of curry Powder to make veggie burgers Try recipes and then comment.

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    Ms Rice did a good job with all the fundamentals of the instant pot and the advantages of using one The recipes were not difficult and the nutritional values were with each recipe

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