Playing for the Win (Portwood Brothers, #4)

Addison Had Always Thought When She Said, I Do Two Years Ago That It D Be Forever Madly In Love, Things Were Going Along Fine, Great Even, Until She Found Out Her Husband Was Keeping Secrets From Her Unable To Deal With That On Top Of Everything Else In Her Life, She Packed Her Bags And Headed Home To Her Parents.Bryce Had Been Called A Lot Of Things In His Life, Most Of Them He Wouldn T Repeat One Thing He S Never Been Called Was A Quitter He D Proven Time And Time Again That When He Set His Mind To Something, He Succeeded At It It Might Take Some Persistence And A Little Hard Work, But He Never Gave Up Until It Paid Off Bryce Knows One Way Or Another He Was Getting His Wife Back He D Have To Fight Harder Than He Ever Had Before, But He D Do It For Addison, For Them He D Play Dirty If He Had To Because He Wasn T Going To Lose He Was Playing To Win.Playing for the Win (Portwood Brothers, #4)

Emily Robertson s creativity started early in life on stage Now instead of theatre, she spends her time creating worlds on the page for others to enjoy As an avid reader, she enjoys reading New Adult and Contemporary Romance as much as she does writing them When her dog isn t keeping her company in her office, she might be anywhere She s recently learned all about baseball when her son took up

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  • Playing for the Win (Portwood Brothers, #4)
  • Emily Robertson
  • English
  • 02 July 2018

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    THIS BOOK DOES NOT CONTAIN CHEATING AS STATED IN A REVIEW BELOW Yet another awesome read by indie author Emily Robertson Her writing continues to get even better with each new book she publishes I loved Addison and Bryce s story.

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    Cheating heroine She really wanted to fuck the other guy so that makes her a cheater as far as I m concerned

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    IGNORE 1 STAR REVIEW Addison has been one of my favorite characters in this series and I so enjoyed reading about her as a main character this book instead of just a supporting character Gosh I wish I could say the same about Bryce, what a d bag But as someone who has struggled with the same issue Addison has trying not to include spoilers here the author really nailed the hurt and anguish that she went through Such a good read Highly recommend the whole series.As a side note, it has been suggested that my girl Addison is a cheater because of a particular scene in the book I DO NOT share the opinion of that reviewer While Addison begrudgingly admitted to struggling with her attraction to the guy, she didn t so much as kiss him Wanting to f ck him That s a s...

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    EMILY Wow just wow This is by far was my favorite book in this series Bryce and Addison s story was heartbreaking, beautiful and truly edge of the seat at points This book was the final of the three Portwood brothers series and it was amazing Addison had reached a breaking point and didn t know what to do She feels like Bryce is keeping things for her and when she sees him with a woman from his work, all these things start running through her head When she confronts him about and he doesn t tell her She leaves him and heads back home to Nebraska Addison needed time to think over things and see where they stranded as a husband and wife Bryce was debased when she left but could not tell tell her the real reason why he was with a coworker He felt he would betray her and her husbands trust Addison previously miscarried a baby and their marriage was already in a rocky spot She continued going to her fertility doctor and found out that she was never going to be able to carry a baby to full term Addison was beside herself and didn t blame Bryce if they divorced because she couldn t provide him with a family Little does Addison realize that Bryce would rather have her than a family Bryce will stop at nothing to win his wife heart back and get her back home.Can Bryce get Addison back Will they figure out a way for a family Or will this truly be the end of Bryce and Addison This book was pure and raw emotion It truly was a great way to ...

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    WOW I KNEW IT I knew Bryce was going to be my favorite and this was going to be my favorite book in the series and I WAS RIGHT So, Bryce Portwood not always the most lovable chap in the family Especially if you ve read the first two books Words like. snarky, arrogant, rude, smart butt, pain in the butt. lots of things ending in butt come to mind when I think of Bryce But he loves Addison LOVES HER Hes just. he just sometimes does stupid stuff and does it really, really wrong I wont give away any spoilers but he kept a secret from her One that, if he would have just explained himself, could have fixed everything Instead of being a good husband, he was a good friend and he almost lost his wife But along with all the bad things you can say about Bryce you can add he s a fighter and a fixer He wont stop until all is well with Addison and things are back like they should be SWOON Addison herself is a really strong character, adding a lot of depth to the...

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    To be honest, I didn t like Bryce very much in the first two books so I wasn t sure I was going to want his story I thought he was arrogant, obnoxious, and rude I felt sorry for Addison for having to put up with him But I have to admit, when I started Bryce s story, I didn t feel all those things any I felt bad for the both of them with their marriage potentially falling apart I got a bit angry at him for hiding what he was doing from Addison And I got a bit upset with Addison for not confiding in Bryce about how she was handling some emotional issues But I loved that both of them were confident in their love and marriage that they knew they were going to fight for it I love that this author wrote a book that made me feel all these emotions and many I love that she took a character that I had no love for in the previous two books and turned him into someone that I was rooting for And I love that we got some of the family members in the previous books in here as well In ...

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    This book is another book by Emily Roberson that can bring out the all the feels You will want to smack some sense into Addison while at the same time you understand what she is going through and have to respect her for doing what is best for her which ultimately is the best for her relationship with Bryce You will find that Bryce has some issues but he is a guy that you would want for yourself as he is willing to fight and do whatever it takes to keep Addison This book has some real emotions throughout that you can connect to The book gives you chapters thrown in about other characters that don t necessarily add to Addison and Bryce s story however you get the wrap up of the other characters from previous books and get to put an ending to their story In the end, you will feel that you are a part of their friend circle and will want to keep reading about them all Overall this book was enjoyable and a really good read If you like quick romance books with some good feels that you ca...

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    Before I start can I just say I LOVE Bryce, have done since we first met him I always thought he was just a bit missunderstood, i couldn t wait to read his story and i wasn t dissapointed I was sucked straight into the story and spat out at the end I was disappointed in Bryce for not confiding in Addison about what he was doing and I wished Addison opened up about what she was going through sooner but then we wouldn t have seen them fight for their marriage if they had I loved that we got to meet back up with the rest of the family from previous books and got another glimpse into their lives I don t want to give anything away so that s all i will say, a great conclusion to a fab series I m a bit sad it s all over, though I can t wait to see what the author comes up with next Wish...

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    Playing for the Win is the oldest brothers turn to fight for his future Bryce and Addison has been married for a few years and when Bryce can t be open and honest with Addison about what he has been doing, Addison leaves Plus he is dealing with his crazy family and the feelings towards each of his brothers The issues of not being able t...

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    OMG Yet another hit run for Emily With each book she writes, it just keeps getting better and better I loved Bryce and Addison They had a few bumps along the road but at the end of the day they loved each other Emily did such great job with the chemistry between the charact...

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