The Running Fields

Download The Running Fields By Sydney Presley Fate Brings Them Together In The End Ansgar Wakes To Find Himself Outside Somewhere He S Never Been Before He S Scared Out Of His Wits And Wonders Whether The Scientist Is Conducting Another Experiment Is Ansgar Naked, Leaning Against A Large Building So The Scientist Can Monitor His Reactions Ansgar Doesn T Know, But What He Does Know Is That The Black Wolf Staring At Him From The Darkness Isn T Something He Expected To See.The Black Wolf Is Ben, And He Didn T Expect To See A Naked Bloke On A Cold Night, Sitting On His Bare Arse Beside The Old Abandoned Bread Factory A Mile Or So Away From Town Ben Had Only Come Out For A Run, Yet There He Was, Facing A Man Who Clearly Didn T Belong In These Parts.After Taking Ansgar To His Home, Ben Discovers About The Big Man Where He S Been, What He S Endured, And A Few Other Things To Boot Things No One Should Have To Go Through Ben S Determined To Help Heal Ansgar, To Teach Him The Ways Of Not Only The Shifter World But The Human One, Too Except There S A Human They Need To Be Wary Of, A Man Who Calls Himself The Scientist, And Protecting Ansgar From Him Is Ben S Main Priority.The Past Holds A Slew Of Secrets, Ones That Come Tumbling Out Of Hiding At An Alarming Rate Ben And Ansgar Need To Face Each One Head On Although At Times They Re Overwhelming And Relentless In Their Attack The Two Men Dream Of Living A Life Without Fear In It One Day, But Unfortunately, Dealing With The Horrors From Ansgar S Old Life Have To Come First Pre Order Date 25th April 2017Early Download Date 9th May 2017General Release Date 6th June 2017https Www.pride BookThe Running Fields

Sydney has always enjoyed writing There s something about losing yourself in another world, where the real one ceases to exist and all your dreams and wishes can be placed on the page dreams for a better planet where love isn t questioned but accepted by all When Sydney isn t writing, there s plenty of reading to be done I can t imagine not reading every day It would be weird not to have a b

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    A Joyfully Jay review 2 starsThis story was simplistic, straight forward, boring, and bad I was insulted by the climax such as it was and offended by the paper thin characters, the supposed antagonist, by all of it, truth be told.Our two main characters are Ben the bland and Ansgar the blank slate To sum up Ben in a sentence He has an apartment and a job What his job is, though, I have no idea We re never told All Ben does is listlessly feel sorry for Ansgar Ansgar has an excuse to have a limited personality instead he has none He s flat, uninteresting, and for someone who s been institutionalized all his life, he seems well adjusted There s a token effort to deal with the idea of Stockholm syndrome, but that condition involves emotional bonds to be formed, which Ansgar isn t capable of and is, to be honest, somewhat uncommon Less than 10% of victims according to the FBI Hostage Database actually show evidence of Stockholm.The Scientist himself is a dud as an antagonist As a shifter who can t shift he is I think trying to figure out what makes shifters tick in an effort to do something Ansgar is only one shifter of many he s had at his command, ...

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    ReviewImpressionSometimes the partaking of a night run to ease tensions can have life changing surprises for a shapeshifter This tale of finding werewolf love has its moments The coupling was scintillating but I got lost in the minutia of the character Ansgar s life spent as a lab rat A large portion of this telling centers on his life in a laboratory Although the retrospect is helpful and fills in a lot of questions about his origin, the story omits much of the detail about his new life mate Ben Ben s complete dedication to his new lover is very stirring but it lacks dimension With scenes primarily centered in their apartment, it is clear that Ben is financially self sufficient In a world where being out as were and gay isn t possible where does our hero Ben fit in his society Even with the omission of how Ben makes a living, his strength of character comes through loud and clear On the plus side, the scenes characterizing Ansgar s naivet is absolutely enjoyable and elicited than a few giggles His straightforward attitude to the sensual acts of pleasing Ben is heartwarming The relationship is a mixture of joy and rapture for the mated pair Although the tale seems murky in some scenes, delightful love enters in surprising ways.My favorite character is Ansgar He is unapologetically simple and pure.Story Plot Conflict Ansgar holds the answers to any lonely heart s prayers but even the peace and shelter of his love has a price.Giving up on ever finding a mate, ...

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    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review Rating 3 stars out of 5I m not quite sure what I thought about this story It kept my attention and I wanted to see what happened but it felt disjointed and not fully resolved by the end Ansgar is scared when he wakes up in an unknown place outside and even confused when Ben shifts in front of him, he didn t know anyone other than him could do that Ben can t believe that the man he found in the running fields is his mate but he will accept this gift no matter what There was a lot that happened in a short period of time but I had some trouble understanding the characters actions, sometimes so accepting and other times just wanting to forget what happened It left me scratching my head.We see the story from both Ansgar and Ben s points of view and can see what some of their concerns and feelings are Ansgar has essentially been held captive his whole life and when he is suddenly free he is happy but doesn t know what to do, he only knows bits and pieces of things he has been taught throughout the years Ben wants to protect his mate but isn t sure what to do, with all that Ansgar has been through he doesn t want to make anything worse I felt, even though he was with Ben all the time, than Ansgar was kinda left on his own to adapt and they both just mated without really talking Ansgar seemed to know somethings quickly or without being t...

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