The Devil has a British Accent

BOOKS The Devil Has A British Accent Author Z.N Willett This Is No Simple Hollywood Story Of Famous Boy Meets Ordinary Girl, Who Then Fall In Love And Live Happily Ever After.This Is About The Town Of Dreamers And Make Believers Skilled At Casting Spells Of Deception And Deceit And What Happens When The Spell Is Lifted, And Everything That You Believe In Is Merely An Illusion When The World Of Happily Ever After Is Altered And Obscured, And Not Only By One Enticing Man For Lauren Moreau, Her Journey Is Full Of Raw Emotions That Will Tempt You With Curiosity And Intrigue, And Squeeze Out Passion And Angst Until Your Heart Bleeds.This Is Hollywood, After AllThe Devil has a British Accent

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  • ebook
  • The Devil has a British Accent
  • Z.N. Willett
  • English
  • 27 July 2017

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    Celebrity romance with a touch of paranormalLauren has come back home to wrk for some months and help out her family She is assisting her aunt who is catering for a film crew Jackson is the lead for the movieIt was a little difficult to get the hang of the story but soon it become interesting and I couldn t put it down The whole tone of the book has a very different vibe which hooks the reader This installment ends in a cliffy ...

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    I m a huge fan of our wonderful author and This book did not disappoint It was different than her previous stories, but similar as well There s love and great characters, and believe me you will fall head over heels for this book Can t wait for

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    This book was so good The writing was consistent, the characters were likable, and the story was easy for me to get into The love triangle between Jackson, Lauren, and Cary was a unique one considering the circumstances I m eager to read about these ...

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    Spunky N Sassy Rating 4.0 Lindsey s Review This book was awesome There s not much I can say other than it s sexy and an absolute riot Read This Book.

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    Received this book from Goodreads as a giveaway win Wasn t aware of this author previously, so I wasn t sure what to expect I did know I was definitely interested in the story line Upon starting this and getting further into the story I started making comparisons somewhat to the Twilight Series I think that was because of the fantasy aspect of what the story started to become I enjoyed the characters, the storyline of each The story was easy to follow Was slightly edgy,...

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    The Devil Has a British Accent is a coming of age romance with a paranormal twist A girl who has to protect her heart and the men who want her.Lauren has just returned from Minnesota after graduating She doesn t have any real plans for the future but has decided to help a family friend with her catering business while a film crew is in town I liked Lauren, she has gone through a lot with her family and is figuring out what comes next and that makes her relatable She is also trying to figure out her love life when a sexy actor enters her life There is something about him that she is drawn to.Jackson Cruz is an actor that finds himself completely infatuated with this small town girl He has many secrets that could change her life forever I didn t like Jackson for Lauren He wasn t my favorite character I wondered why he cut himself off emotionally to her a lot of the time and I think because of that I didn t connect with him as much as I wanted to.Cary is another actor musician that is famous but has been a family friend to Lauren s family since they were children He is best friends with her brother Blake I really liked his character I knew he was...

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    Hollywood star meets everyday girl romance I think notThe scene is set in New Orleans, with the focus on the main character Lauren a smart, headstrong girl who on the day of returning to her hometown meets none other than Hollywood heart throb Jackson Cruze.There relationship is turbulent at best, due to not only the demands from Jacksons career but everything Ells that comes with being a Hollywood Star Fans, a mock relationship with costar Zara to build ratings and fans interests , and a seemingly dangerous David Black who works for Ahriman studios.But is it the man, or her feelings for family friend Cary, that she refuses to put her all into the relationship.Within the story line there is a much bigger picture, a young girl trying to find herself and where she belongs.With a mother who has mental health issues and is no longer apart of the families everyday life, a brother she adores, who refuses to acknowledge he has a drinking problem, which only escalates as his music career takes off A ...

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    Who doesn t enjoy a story filled with possible romance, twists and turns and divine inspiration We begin with meeting Lauren, a teenage girl who had been living away from home to go to school, who is introduced to Jackson, a famous actor She is returning home to work for her Mother s best friend after graduating High School and is reunited with her brother s best friend, her unrequited love, Cary When I first started reading this book I thought I d be reading a romance story but that s too simple and really doesn t define this book In my opinion its underlying theme is all about manipulation how people feel, how they are perceived and what is real or not Then throw in Lauren s mysterious background and how it affects her future and you ve got a tale that cannot be put down She has a strained relationship with all those she considers family What she believes to be true seems to be false who does she trust when she can ...

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    This is no simple Hollywood story of famous boy meets ordinary girl, who then fall in love and live happily ever after Normally I don t quote the blurb, but there s never been a truer first sentence to me, as it perfectly sums up this story Basically, Lauren comes home and meets Jackson Cruze, a hot commodity movie star, but while they have sparks, there is also Cary on the flip side So you think it would be another love triangle right Let me defuse that pattern of thinking, as that s so not what I just read Sure it does come into play, but the secrets that came out of left field left me dropping new versions of loud f bombs instead I love Z.N Willett s talented writing style, as it s highly addictive, but I never saw this one coming To me, it makes her diabolically brilliant, and highly original I kno...

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    Five Amazing Stars Lauren returns to her hometown for a catering gig working for none other then Hollywood heartthrob Jackson Cruze Their relationship is complicated not only due to the demands of being a Hollywood heartthrob but also because he has a mock relationship with his co star Lauren also is complicating things because she is good friends with Cary who has feelings for her I recommend you go and grab a copy today and read it to discover what this story is all about I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was hooked from the first few pages of the book The author writes a well written story and you will never see the twists and turns that come out of left field I absolutely loved the characters and found that they had great chemistry The story does end on a cliffhanger which will have you dying to get your hands on the next book I really liked the fact tha...

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