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PDF Epub The Acolyte Author Thea Astley Natus It Is Told In The First Person By The Acolyte, Paul Vesper The Novel Traces The Career Of A Fictional Australian Musician And Composer Named Jack Holberg Beginning In Obscurity As A Piano Player In Grogbusters, A Dreary Little Queensland Town, The Blind Holberg Eventually Gains International Recognition As A Composer Vesper, Who Had Met Holberg During His Less Renowned Period, Gives Up An Engineering Career To Serve The Great Man In A Sense, To Become His Eyes.The Acolyte

Thea Astley was one of Australia s most respected and acclaimed novelists Born in Brisbane in 1925, Astley studied arts at the University of Queensland She held a position as Fellow in Australian Literature at Macquarie University until 1980, when she retired to write full time In 1989 she was granted an honorary doctorate of letters from the University of Queensland.She won the Miles Franklin

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  • The Acolyte
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  • 01 May 2017
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    AWW2018 Winner Miles Franklin Award 1972 Classic Strong point clever metaphors, allusions to music, Catholic rituals and history, poetry Half the fun is trying to find all these gems hidden in the text Weak point ch 3 and ch 7 where the story begins to drag and fe...

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    The problem with literature is that you have to concentrate so hard to try to fathom what the author is actually saying it becomes a task rather than a pleasure.There are far interesting books that require concentration to read ie non fiction and far easier and pleasurable books to read ie novels

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    I d expected that at only 158 pages, The Acolyte would offer a quick and relaxing read in between some heavy duty classics I was obviously unfamiliar with Thea Astley, Australia s most critically acclaimed female novelist winner of four Miles Franklin Awards , who is as I ve now discovered renowned for her dense, difficult style Australian author Helen Garner has said Astley writes like a very handsome, strong and fit woman with too much makeup on This kind of writing drives me berserk For example This morning, that morning, was honeycombed with personal restlessness Evening swells up in lavender, blue, black in these parts, the twenty thousand fathom sea of acceptance and a sort of timeless soothing, only to be worried out of its mind by a scratch rash epidemic of star white But Astley s style has her fans, too writer Kerryn Goldsworthy says I love its densely woven grammar, its ingrained humour, its uncompromising politics, and its undimmed outrage at human folly, stupidity and greed While I think Astley sometimes lays it on too thickly, overall I m a fan too Her text sparkles with poetry and wit Vesper s Rotary Dad and CWA Mum who died after they debated the right of way unsuccessfully with a lilac cement mixer and Holberg s aunt Sadie who played Manilla poker and the stock exchange with the deadliness of a Chicago mobster The Acolyte is certainly hard work for the reader, but it s worth persevering with This novel is wonderfully gloomy and claustrophobic ...

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    Ugh I hate all these people and begrudge them every second of my life that was spent on them I ll exclude Sadie from this review, because she s cool The rest, however, are the most insufferable ensemble I ve come across for a very long time Thea Astley is clearly a brilliant writer to make me hate them all so much She has such an interesting turn of phrase and employs a vast vocabulary so I can see why this qualified for the Miles Franklin, but I can t figure out WHY it was the winner Perhaps there was a paucity of competition that year I also can t figure out why she went to all the trouble of writing this in the first place Paul is a wet blanket, but an arrogant one at that Hilda and Ilse need to get out and meet a few new people Preferably independently of each other So should Paul for that matter Holberg should stop being such a jerk I struggled to be interested in what was going on in their lives, hoping that something dramatic or interesting might happ...

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    I went to Australia a couple months ago I got bit by a penguin, which is maybe the highlight of my life Another highlight someone made a stuffed animal she calls them Grumps that looked like me, complete with a little copy of On Subbing in its hands It was a totally amazing trip, but there were a couple lowlights 1 I saw a band that so egregiously ripped off the Promise Ring I felt embarrassed for them 2 I saw a Borat impersonator, for whom I also felt embarrassed and3 I bought The Acolyte.I bought it because I was intent on getting a novel by a female Australian author, and this ...

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    What a pleasure it is to read this witty, intelligent book See

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    No just no I detested this novel Prententious, moi

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