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[PDF / Epub] ✩ Dying Light ☉ Stuart MacBride – E17streets4all.co.uk It's summertime in the Granite city the sun is shining the sky is blue people are dying It starts with a prostitute stripped naked beaten to death down by the docks Despite DS Logan MacRae's best effo It's summertime in the Granite city the sun is shining the sky is blue people are dying It starts with a prostitute stripped naked beaten to death down by the docks Despite DS Logan MacRae's best efforts it's not long before another body turns up on the slab.Dying Light

Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write istStuart MacBride that's me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I'm concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two when fashions were uestionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musi.

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    Dying Light Stuart McBride review—April 24 201845 rounded to 4Poor DS Logan McRae Because of conseuences from his last case he has been re assigned from DI Insch’s team to DI Steel’s team The Screw Up Suad DI Steel knows this is her chance to shine if she plays her cards right as she knows Logan is actually a good copper DI Steel is different Let’s just say she’s a littleuh unorthodoxLogan is not a perfect guy Far from it But he has integrity sort of and is a tireless investigator thanks to his inability to ignore the phone when DI Steel calls him relentlessly on his days off I guess the term would be incessantly tired rather than tireless But yes he’s a good copper I like him A lotThis book has a ton of characters and I admit I had to utilize the search button a number of times to keep everyone straight Not sure whether that’s Mr McBride’s fault or mine for getting old A little of both perhaps I enjoyed the gross DI Steel She is a character that is uniue from any other cop I’ve run across in my readings But I also love DI Insch with his unending supply of interesting British candy treats I can’t decide whose team I want Logan to end up on I am liking his shacking up with Ball Breaker WPC Jackie Watson and his partnership with DC Rennie Some reviewers have called this book too long Too full of banter Geez I loved the banter I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading this book Mr McBride has a great way of instilling a laughable moment just at the right time Despite it being summertime in Scotland Mr McBride continues to paint a bleak dreary picture of Aberdeen Thanks Mr McBride for warning me to never save a spot on my bucket list for a visit to your fair citySpeaking of bleak a warning to those who are not keen on graphic descriptions of the baddies’ deeds You may want to have skim mode ready to go or even skip this book altogetherThere are numerous little plot lets to keep in mind I really should have taken notes but I’m too lazy for that We are dealing with murder after murder torture drug issues firebombs prostitution fractured family relationships dicey police decisions and The impressive maze of plot lets finally comes together though in a bang up ending That was exciting I did like the fact that the plot pieces are wrapped up nicely though the personal relationships and fates of some of the characters are left hanging a bit enticing readers like me to continue on with the series If it weren’t for the fact that one of my very favorite writers just made a new book available I would be moving on to book 3 right nowI’m getting tougher in my ratings this year Last year this 45 rating would have been rounded to 50The DS Logan McRae series is in the high uality tier of crime fiction I am sure I will work my way through all eleven books and jump on any others that follow I hoping this will be one of those iconic 20 book runs Thanks Mr McBride for giving us Logan McRae and his gang

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    This book was not a joy to read It was easily put down and hard to pick back up There was an overall feeling of negativity throughout the entire book Characters were unhappy worried snotty insubordinate bitchy and mean And those were the good guys The criminals were torturers and arsonists and killersThe plot was okay but the investigations dragged There were too many trips to the morgue for autopsies too much time spent on stakeouts and too much involvement in personal relationships There were segues into sexual fantasies and prostitution playing games to pass the time and drinking to excess And like the first book in the series it was too long A savvy editor could have made this book better I will try the third book and that will help me make a decision whether to continue with the series or not

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    35★sDS Logan McRae was in disgrace from the botched warehouse raid in which DC Maitland was shot – his punishment was to be transferred to DI Steel’s team He was horrified – everyone knew her team had the name of “Screw Up” and that she couldn’t do a thing right He could tell things weren’t going to end wellProstitute Rosie Williams had been beaten viciously to death Across town an old suat with all exits screwed shut from the outside burned down – incinerating the six people inside DI Insch along with DS McRae and DI Steel had their work cut out There were maniacs on the loose and it seemed the police were chasing their tailsAs the evidence began to mount another prostitute was found beaten to death A serial killer was striking and McRae knew they would lose if the team of police didn’t find the culprit and fast As the cases became entwined the clock was ticking – suspects; evidence; corruption Would they find the killers before disaster struck again? After having loved my introduction to Stuart MacBride in Cold Granite I was a little disappointed in Dying Light Long and drawn out it seemed to rattle on tediously with a lot of side “stuff” that didn't seem relevant DS McRae came across as less than the good detective he was in the previous novel and there were a large amount of characters floating around in this one The plot was good but a reduction in blather would have made it much tighter Having said all of that I still read to the end with some skimming and found the last few chapters to be gripping and page turning I will definitely read #3 in the series and hope it’s as good as the first

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    Dying Light by Stuart MacBride is set in Aberdeen Scotland It is book two in the Logan MacBride series Prostitutes are being found murdered Not just murdered but battered to death An arsonist is sadistically sealing the exits of the dwellings he torches before setting them alight He gets his thrills hearing his victims scream DS Logan McRae has been assigned to DI Steel’s team – the Screw Up Suad – thanks to the way his last case ended Steel whose name is apropos is a chain smoking no nonsense tough broad who begins her morning team meetings by leading with a cheer “We are not at home to Mr Fk –Up” Every member is expected to say it with gustoMcRae has the makings of a good cop He has good instincts but things don’t always turn out well for him He absolutely does not want to be part of Steel’s suad so he tries his darndest to solve his assigned case to get himself reassigned to DI Insch the candy holic whom we also met in Granite City Logan's now cohabitating with WPC Jackie “Ball Breaker” Watson This relationship proves to be the source of some angst as well as much humor throughout the book I’ll say one thing for McRae – he’s like a Doberman with a steak Once he gets his teeth into an investigation he won’t let go It doesn’t matter if he has Steel’s okay or not If he has a hunch he’s going to go with itI like the characters in this book Even the nasty ones and there are some very loathsome low life slimeballs in this book The main characters especially Insch Steel and McRae seem a bit stereotyped Each has a vice that dominates nearly every interaction it seems Candy smoking drinking That seemed a bit overdoneOthers have mentioned that the book is too long I tend to agree I think we’d have gotten the same story with one or two fewer bodies However the vernacular repartee is fantastic Even without knowing all the collouialisms it makes for entertaining reading I even laughed out loud a few timesHowever there are some very disgusting crimes in this book including torture For those who offend easily there is a fair amount of foul language as well So if you are someone who does not enjoy this type of reading I suggest you skip this series altogetherIf I compare Dying Light to Granite City I have to say that I enjoyed the first book much But I will definitely read the third installment Broken Skin I hope Logan McRae finally gets off the Screw Up Suad for good35 stars

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    Second in the series and I liked it just as much as the first It did get a little graphic at times I had to speed read the scene with the finger tips especially what he had to do with them However I very much enjoyed Logan and his work colleagues and the fact that there is humour as well as darkness in the book I wonder what the people of Aberdeen feel about having their city and their police force portrayed in such a grim light Nevertheless it was a good story well told and I am ready to try book three

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    This is the second Logan McRae novel following on from Cold Granite Aberdeen is slightly warmer in this book but that is of less the only concession to being light hearted in a gritty and compelling thriller Not that there is no humour– the author has the ability to bring an ironic touch to the darkest scenes – but this is not a crime novel for the faint hearted However sometimes you want a crime novel which is realistic and violent and this ticks every box; brilliantly plotted and fantastically writtenWhen we meet up with McRae again he is in disgrace after being in charge of a raid which ended with a police constable being shot Now he is under investigation and working with DI Steele who is in charge of a suad known for failure and general incompetence Can he escape DI Steele’s clutches by solving a big case? There is certainly no lack of crimes to choose from? Firstly someone is stalking and killing prostitutes secondly an arsonist is locking buildings securely before torching those inside and thirdly bizarrely a dogs torso is found in a suitcase I have to say that I really enjoy this series Logan McRae is witty intelligent and vulnerable enough to care about and the author has created a great supporting cast This is certainly a series I will continue to read and I am glad I discovered it The next book in the series is “Broken Skin”

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    I am a fan of Stuart MacBride and usually scarf up his books with delight but with this one it has to be said that the constant trouble with his superiors is taking too much time away from the plot It is as if in his search for realism MacBride has decided that if a third of the book isn't devoted to the other police who have it out for him then there isn't any point to writing the bookThis book was good in so far as plot bad guys scare etc but by the time some of the best parts were gotten to I was already tired of the internecine warfare with DCI Steel the credit stealing boss DCI Steel is in charge of the so called screw up suad to which our hero Logan has been placed after a botched warehouse raid So if DCI Steel keeps stealing credit for what she has not done then why is she still in charge of the screw up suad? Why not promote her?Stuart MacBride is a very good writer his sentences are packed with all the right words in the right order unlike many mystery writers but the constant battle with DCI Steel and DCI Inch just seem like padding Therefore three stars I'm tired of having to read through writers who think that in order for a character to be believable said character must have an abundance of enemies on the force Well that just slows the plot down and makes me want to skip pages until we get back to what the plot actually isPolice procedural novels are not written to be or meant to be works of literature That does not mean it is forbidden it just is not what the genre calls for Ian Rankin's Rebus character has many enemies but they do not slow the plot to the extent MacBride's doesAfter a while the same character under the same thumbs because just another same old same old The rescue in MacBride's case is his stories

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    Detective Sergeant Logan McRae has been reassigned to DI Steels “ screw up Suad” after a sting operation went wrong and a police officer got hurt badly Now he must prove that he isn't a screw up so that he can go back to work with his old group instead of DI Steels But in Aberdeen crime never sleeps and soon he is working on different cases; arson prostitutes getting murdered and a dead dog in a suitcaseI found this book not as intense as the first one in the series it was good no doubt about it and I loved that Logan now had to work with Steel but the cases just really never got that interesting I mean when I was writing about what happened in the book about the murder of the prostitutes did I have to think for a moment to remember who the killer was And I had some problems with the main suspect of the suitcase murdersview spoilerthe person in uestion that the police arrest just didn't seem to be capable of planning a killing so it just felt natural when Logan got the right killer towards the end hide spoiler

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    DI Logan McRae is in disgrace after a police raid went wrong and one of his suad was shot and left in a coma on life support He's being internally investigated by Professional Standards and demoted to the Screw Up Suad headed by DI Steel In the mean time he's got enough to worry about with prostitutes being mutilated and killed and an arsonist setting fire to random buildingsI enjoy this crime series set in Aberdeen the granite city That somehow makes the stories grim and gritty even if it is currently summertime and it's not always raining There is a dark ironic humour through the book that works well with the characters and location DI Steel is not your typical DI and works in very different ways to Logan and his previous boss DI Insch This makes for an edginess in their interactions as Logan tries to fit in with Steel's commands but also follow his own intuitionOverall an excellent second book in the series and I'm already looking forward to the next one

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    What a ghastly bookThe first was so promising; an interesting flawed bunch characters a number of crimes The police were slow reaching obvious conclusions but the writing tight enough to hold it together Some nastiness in the details mainly due to the age of the victims but not gratuitousThis though Oh dear The violence has become gratuitous there's almost glee at it's awfulness The characters have without exception become unsympathetic; self serving or whinging And then the crimes; no one cares about victims it's all about seeking personal glory Before the halfway point I'd lost track of who any of the suspects were sudden mentions of them would throw me Again obvious connections weren't made but then 'Laz' Logan was very tired between his long shifts and his off duty shifts and being the only person in Aberdeen police station capable of connecting two dots armed with a ruler and multi pack of crayons And even he's dumbed down to miss obvious connections; blatant warningsMisogyny is rife Inescapable Every woman character is negatively portrayed Skanky 'tarts' ice ueen general bad attitude A person described as 'knobbing' four hooters in a we is considered a star Watson for most of the book was relegated as 'that tasty WPC' their relationship appears to be souring due to her being a human being oh and how dare the woman wear sensible bras She's kick arse literally and deserves better Some of that would be down to pov but that in itself doesn't endear dear Logan to meAll senior officers appear incompetent Constables don't fare much better There's no care shown towards victims apparent friends or that poor guy who got shot on your raid the one whose name you've not bothered to learn Blatant endangerment of a friend that has ill conseuences well it's not your fault you didn't do the harm yourself view spoiler13yr old foreign prostitute could use this info to blackmail and save own sorry arse hide spoiler

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