❴Download❵ ➶ Ethersay Author Sarah L. King – The day after the referendum my life fell apartThe day after the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 Glaswegian Yes activist Rebecca Owen decides to run away After being involved in a car acciden The day after the referendum my life fell apartThe day after the Scottish independence referendum in Glaswegian Yes activist Rebecca Owen decides to run away After being involved in a car accident she is knocked unconscious and when she wakes she finds herself inexplicably marooned on an isolated Scottish island EthersaySuffering from memory loss Rebecca finds herself drawn into the island’s mysteries particularly those surrounding the strange disappearance of a young woman Delilah Berry whose fate seems to be inextricably intertwined with her own As Rebecca draws closer to the truth about Delilah she is forced to confront what happened to her in Glasgow and everything she lost with devastating conseuencesA stirring tale of passion loss and betrayal Ethersay is a novel about the search for truth but also the pain of remembering.Ethersay

Sarah L King lives in West Lothian Scotland with her husband and young children Born in Nottingham and raised in Lancashire her books include the historical fiction novels The Gisburn Witch A Woman Named Sellers and The Pendle Witch Girl all set during the Lancashire witch trials in the seventeenth century She is also the author of two contemporary mystery novels Ethe.

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    I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Ethersay by Sarah L King prior to its release and was thoroughly entertained from start to finish The book uses a dual narrative to explore two periods in the life of Rebecca a young political activist from Glasgow The first follows her recovery on the mysterious island of Ethersay after a car accident strands her there Whilst there she realises that there is something being hidden from her by the islanders and she is determined to find out what the secret is The second narrative follows Rebecca's involvement in the Scottish Independence Referendum which results in the very accident which leaves her on EthersayThe pacing of this novel is spot on as the initial burst of action get the reader hooked before it slows down a notch as King builds the suspense and mystery up concurrently in both narratives I found myself really looking forward to finding out what the secret of Ethersay was and how Rebecca would come to be there It is uite hard to say much without spoiling some of the plot but I suspect a few people will be surprised by the reveal at the endOne thing I have to add in my review is that the depiction of the Scottish Referendum was spot on and whilst I didn't live in Glasgow most of what Rebecca saw and experienced as a Yes activist was recognisable to me from my own involvement I have seen a lot of non fiction books charting the referendum from various high profile people but it was great seeing something written here which captured the hope and hard work of the regular activist even if the character themselves was fictionalThe best bit about this book from my point of view is that it was the first novel by King in which I have actually liked the main protagonist Yes Rebecca has her flaws as any realistic character would do but in this book those flaws didn't affect my ability to feel empathy for her Rebecca being a Yes activist probably made it easy for me but I was actually uite happy to find that this time it was the main character I was supporting rather than one of the secondary onesOverall this is a great first attempt at contemporary fiction from King I can see this book really appealing to people who enjoy a good non crime based mystery but it should also appeal uite strongly to those people who were involved in the Scottish Independence Referendum I can't sing it's praises enough as it entertained me but also brought back the memories of the referendum both good and bad

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    WellI have already read thisI had tooSarah had asked me to make a trailer for the book and reading it was kinda like a prereuiste Nowthere was no guarantee that I would like itand I suppose it would have made making a film trailer for it a bit difficultbut you know what I did like itI liked it a lot Not only was it filled with believable characters and scenariosI lived the Scottish Referendum tooas painful as it turned out to beit was also filled with fantastic imageryfor which I was able to cherry pick for our little filmCheck out Sarah's Facebook page for our video from the 3rd of DecemberWe hope it's the perfect introduction into the world of Ethersay I'm very proud of what we have madeit was a lovely and enjoyable collaborationThen againit was a lovely and enjoyable book

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    I had the great pleasure of receiving an advanced copy of Ethersay to read thus this review is before the release date The book is presented as a duel narrative and follows the story of Rebecca going between her past and present The premise of the present during this book involves Rebecca waking to find herself on the Island of Ethersay after being involved in a car accident with little to no memory of how she got there Though not necessarily an original idea it works well and the reader will be just as motivated as Rebecca to discover the truth of her predicament and learn the isle which she has found herself on while meeting memorable characters along the way such as Michael Mrs Berry and Eric The past and present in Ethersay are linked and help the reader learn much about Rebecca the person but unlike the present the past segments primary focus is upon the political ideals and the life of Rebecca specifically in the run up to the Scottish Independence vote of 2014 It explores the politics but also the toll it can have on relationships and studywork Like the present we meet many characters who certainly leave an impression such as Abby Richard and Paul who is Rebecca's boyfriend Sadly can't go into a lot of detail as I feel it would rob any potential reader of a great narrative As stated politics is certainly apparent in this book Fortunately while powerful they're not overpowering I will caution the reader to remember that the story revolves around a Yes campaigner so views expressed might not ring true but for the story it works very well and helps us understand Rebecca while also adding dimension to the character Overall I really did enjoy this book and it's certainly different from King's other novels as Ethersay is not historical fiction Exciting and well paced are a good way to sum up my feelings on Ethersay it wasn't a difficult read but also made the reader think Certainly one I would recommend

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    Ethersay draws the reader in from the start and keeps you guessing until the very end As the story of political activist Rebecca Owen unfolds Sarah L King expertly weaves the narrative between two uite different worlds Glasgow in the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum and the mysterious island of Ethersay I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope to read from Sarah in the future

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    Kind of a supernatural romance this well constructed novel has a mystery at its heart The central character is self absorbed and erratic Reminiscent of the hysterical women she's struggling to write about in her thesis But her story is compelling as it flips between the enigmatic island of Ethersay and Glasgow in the run up to the Independence Referendum Though at times I found the narrator unlikable I still wanted to know how her story would unfold

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    What a terrific novel It had me hooked from the first page and I read it in two sittings as I didn’t want to put it aside until the mystery of Ethersay was revealed The main character Rebecca is an activist in the ‘Yes’ movement in the lead up to the Scottish Independence Referendum This puts a strain on her relationship with her partner who has opposing views After the shock of the result she is in despair and decides to escape the aftermath I have to say I can relate to her despair The author describes the excitement of what was happening the political awakening of Scotland and the devastation of the result so well Unfortunately while driving north she crashes her car and is knocked out Upon waking she finds herself on the mysterious island of Ethersay with no recollection of how she got there The novel now has two interwoven strands with flashbacks of Rebecca’s life in the lead up to the referendum and her present day life on Ethersay She is taken in by Mrs Berry and makes friends with Michael and Eric However there are mysteries here which Rebecca is determined to solve such as the strange disappearance of Delilah Berry It’s very cleverly done with some wonderful and atmospheric writing The suspense keeps building and I was as anxious as Rebecca to discover the truth However it was absolutely not what I had expected It was a very ingenious plot twist that made a very satisfactory ending to the novel Highly recommended

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