Just One of the Groomsmen (Getting Hitched in Dixie #1)

Download Just One Of The Groomsmen Getting Hitched In Dixie 1 Author Cindi Madsen Thegreatwallonline.us Addison Murphy Is The Funny Friend, The Girl You Grab A Beer With The Girl Voted Most Likely To Start Her Own Sweatshirt Line And Now That One Of Her Best Guy Friends Is Getting Married, She Ll Add Groomsman To That List, Too She Ll Get Through This Wedding If It S The Last Thing She Does Just Don T Ask Her To Dive For Any Bouquet.When Tucker Crawford Returns To His Small Hometown, He Expects To See The Same Old People, Feel Comfort In The Same Old Things He Certainly Doesn T Expect To See The Nice Pair Of Bare Legs Sticking Out From Under The Hood Of A Broken Down Car Certainly Doesn T Expect To Feel His Heart Beat Faster When He Realizes They Belong To One Of His Best Friends If He Convinces Addie To Give Him A Chance, They Could Be Electric Or Their Break Up Could Split Their Tight Knit Group In Two.Hiding The Way He Feels From The Guys Through Bachelor Parties, Cake Tastings, And Rehearsals Is One Thing But Just As Tucker Realizes That Addie Truly Could Be The Perfect Woman For Him He Was Just Too Stupid To Realize It Now She S Leaving To Follow Her Own Dreams He S Going To Need To Do A Lot Of Compromising If He S Going To Convince Her To Take A Shot At Forever With Him On Her Terms This Time.Just One of the Groomsmen (Getting Hitched in Dixie #1)

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters Sometimes it makes her a crazy person Without it, she d be even crazier She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they re sparkly, colorful,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Just One of the Groomsmen (Getting Hitched in Dixie #1)
  • Cindi Madsen
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
  • 9781640634312

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    Favorite Quotes The thing about this particular group of ladies was the way they could lob implications and casually insult you, their sugary sweet smiles never leaving their lips.You know, sometimes I think it s sad that no matter how much makeup people put on, it doesn t make their soul any prettier Then again, it s always nice to spot those people right away.About as subtle as a gorilla wearing high heels in a bowling alley I d recommend a thong, too, to avoid panty lines Right Because what was missing from this whole experience was a tiny strip of fabric riding up her ass That way, when she inevitably tripped on her heels, she could expose her bottom half to the entire wedding party Hey, maybe then the townsfolk and her friends would acknowledge she was a girl Her sexual experience was best summed up as few and far between, and even the during was nothing to brag about.If you think what we ve been doing is convenient, you need a vocabulary lesson.If great Nonna Cavalli rolled over in her grave as much as Nonna Lucia claimed, the groundskeeper a...

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    Just One of the Groomsmen by Cindi Madsen Things are changing for Tucker and Addie And between them Friends to lovers story A charming contemporary romance filled with poignant moments of self awareness and changing emotions.Addie has been a tomboy all her life Her best friends are the four men she grew up with She plays football, plays poker and generally feels the most comfortable with them But now that one of the four is getting married, she ll need to wear a dress and heels to the wedding and take dancing lessons It s a new experience for her But once Tucker catches a glimpse of her legs under a car, he suddenly sees the sexy female instead of his best friend Excerpt You look great, he said, and it warmed her from the inside out, even though she told herself she d asked, and he d simply answered a question The you look like you, he added left her wondering what exactly that meant O...

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    If you are looking for a book that makes you smile and gives you the warm fuzzies, then this is definitely the book for you This is a cute, fun best friends to lovers romance that takes place in Uncertainty, a small town in Alabama Addison is just one of the guys, in fact, her best friends are all guys Now one of the guys is getting married and asks Addison to be one of his groomsmen Tucker is one of Addison s best friends He moved away to become a lawyer, now he s back in town and finds himself looking at Addison in a different light He just needs to convince Addison to give him a c...

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    ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Somewhere better than being with you I m not sure that exists 5 stars read for me I LOVED this friends to lovers story This is my first book by Cindi Madsen and her writing style sucked me in from the get go Despite not having much in common with tomboy Addison Murphy, I immediately bonded with her and felt her vulnerability so acutely, which is not an easy feat for a story told in the third person His name is Flash Oh, is that because he s so fast Gaze locked on to Addie s, he said, Sure One of the reasons anyway She shook her head and lost her battle to hold back her smile Addie and Tucker, along with Ford, Eason and Shep had been best friends since childhood It was only after Tucker had moved away for several years and then returned to Uncertainty that both of them started to notice their feelings changing Both had insecurities, stemming from different issues, that interfered with what should have been an easy path from friendship to love Why would you care You know why We ve been dancin around it for a while, but I doubt you ve failed to notice that something s changin between us I think what I loved most about this story ...

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    Cindi Madsen is the queen of feel good books She writes these amazing characters that I can relate too, and feel for This is the perfect vacation read, fun, uplifting, sexy and filled with good vibes.This book centers around a man Tucker, who left his small town to practice law at a big city law firm only to find it didn t make him happy He moves back home and runs into a pair of sexy legs sticking out from under a car that happen to belong to his childhood BFF and one of the boys This attraction just can t be, it might ruin their group dynamic, right Addie, the girl with the legs is a tomboy to the bone She has some tingly feelings of her own that don t go with the BFF one of the boys history On top of that one of the boys is getting married and he wants Addie to be a Groomsman , which is why she was wearing the dress under the car T...

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    So fun So entertaining So sweet Loved this Addie and Tucker were awesome I love friends to lovers stories and this one was excellent.I adored Addie She had such a great attitude and big heart She was totally comfortable in her own skin, I loved that about her Tucker was wonderful So sweet and totally caught off guard by his attraction to one of his best friends I loved learning about them and their histories growing up It was so fun I loved the build to their growing feelings, the looks and smiles and their simmering chemistry They had such great banter and fun dialogue I understood Addie and Tucker s dilemma and why they were holding back They both could be stubborn so there was tension as well as a lot of emotion as everything played out I was filled with so much anticipation and couldn t wait for them to get together.There are ups and downs and bits of drama here and there that kept things moving along at a good pace I really liked all the guys in their group and the different dynamics they all had with each other, they were an entertaining bunch They shared a lot of good natured ribbing and fun but I liked how they were all truly there for each other.This was told from dual, third person POVs and it was done really well and I thought it had a great flow I loved the small town setting which was s...

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    My first Cindi Madsen novel and it was FANTASTIC The PERFECT Friends to Lovers small town romance I loved every bit of it The characters The banter The heart pangs that hurt so good It all felt perfectly authentic with just the right amount of believable trepidation, relucta...

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    Wow, I tried till 45% but I can t read this any further This is just not getting any better.And what the hell is with the I am not like other girls mentality Are we supposed to think it s so cool I had to check if I wasn t reading some old book Since her fear of alligators was one of the few semigirly things about her, persuading her to go out on the water with him would be the hardest part I hate feeling weak Hate feeling like a girl It made her feel like a girl, and she didn t ...

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    3.5 starsI m a sucker for a good BFF to story, but add in that it s set in the south and I m done I really liked Addie and Tucker I enjoyed their history and banter I liked that she was a tough smart ass who kept all of the boys in their place He s a little insecure about some things, but steadfast I am 100000% here for the loyalty this group has for each other I love love loved their friendships and it was probably the best part of the story.Plot wise, it did drag a little for me GR states that it s just over 300 pages, but my physical copy was 418 and that seemed much longer than it needed to be There was a lot of wishy washy push pull and instead of it creating tension, it felt repetitive and stalled out Of course the last couple of chapters are fantastic and I loved the grand gesture and epilogue Overall, it was the characters that kept me reading I loved this group and I m hoping the other men will all get their own book Huge thanks to Entangled f...

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    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley It does not impact my review.I loved this book so much It was such a fun, sweet Friends to More story and I couldn t get enough of it.I don t really like to use words like swoony or feels , but Addie and Tucker made my cold, black heart feel all the feelings I loved their friendship and I loved how it turned into The friendship lines aren t really crossed until about halfway through the book and the slow burn was everything I actually maybe enjoyed the first half of the book a teensy bit because of it.I also really loved their group of friends It made me nostalgic for my high school days where I had a great group of guy friends and I was often the only girl hanging out and they definitely sometimes forgot I was, in fact, a girl I really enjoyed when they were all together and how they joked around with each other I ...

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