The Company of Strangers

Lisboa, 1944 No Calor T Rrido Do Ver O, As Ruas Da Capital Fervilham De Espi Es E Informadores, Enquanto Os Servi Os Secretos Disputam Em Sil Ncio A Ltima Partida Os Alem Es Dominam A Tecnologia Dos Foguet Es E A Pesquisa At Mica Os Aliados Est O Decididos A Impedir Que A Amea A Da Arma Secreta Venha A Concretizar Se.Andrea Aspinall, Matem Tica E Espia, Entra Nesse Mundo Sofisticado Pela M O De Uma Abastada Fam Lia Do Estoril Karl Voss, Adido Militar Da Lega O Alem , Abalado Pela Implica O No Assassinato De Um Reichsminister E Traumatizado Pelo Desastre De Estalinegrado, Chega A Portugal Com A Miss O De Salvar A Alemanha Do Aniquilamento Na Tranquilidade Mortal De Um Para So Corrupto, Andrea E Voss Encontram Se E Tentam Viver O Seu Amor Num Mundo Em Que N O Se Pode Acreditar Em Ningu M Depois De Uma Noite De Terr Vel Viol Ncia, Andrea Fica Na Posse De Um Segredo Que Vai Lig La Para Sempre Ao Mundo Clandestino, Do Repressivo Regime Fascista Portugu S Paran Ia Da Guerra Fria Na Alemanha E A , Numa Berlim Gelada, Descobre Que Os Maiores Segredos N O Est O Nas M Os Dos Governos, Mas Em M Os Muito Pr Ximas De Si, E For Ada A Fazer A Derradeira E Dilacerante Op O.The Company of Strangers

Robert Wilson has written thirteen novels including the Bruce Medway noir series set in West Africa and two Lisbon books with WW2 settings the first of which, A Small Death in Lisbon, won the CWA Gold Dagger in 1999 and the International Deutsche Krimi prize in 2003 He has written four psychological crime novels set in Seville, with his Spanish detective, Javier Falc n Two of these books The Bl

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  • The Company of Strangers
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  • 07 June 2019
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    Robert Wilson is an interesting writer and I did enjoy reading his Falcon quartet which showed his insightful writing style when it comes to coleur locale of his books I always thought I had read this book as wel but it turns out I was mistaken.A story about Spies in the neutral country of Portugal during WWII in which a young lady, our heroine, gets send to Lissabon to participate in the world of spying among each other with the Alies and the Germans, who could essentially do business with the allies from the opposition It is also the story of a member of the Wehrmacht who gets caught up in the office politics of the German Reich and finds himself out of his depth He gets a way out after his brother dies in Russia and his father kills himself and ends up in Lissabon as second in command in what is in essence the spies being run And at the same time he is a double for the British in stopping the Nazis.When everything does not go to plan the German gets killed leaving behind the English Lass who then gets maneuvered into an uncertain situation and she ends up staying in Portugal.The second part of the book is in the late sixties when our heroine has lost both her man and so...

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    This book cost me 2 for the paperback and a lot of hours of sleep I couldn t put it down I dislike having to resort to what another reviewer has said, but I m in complete agreement with the Los Angeles Times Absorbing and brilliantly written, this is caviar for the cognoscenti But the appeal went way beyond that for me This book isn t only a brilliant po...

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    Just finished I think all of Robert Wilson s books company of Strangers took me to the gripping quality of Blind Man of Seville and the Javier Falcon series Don t know what it is as I ve had a remarkably unremarkably comfortable life but Wilson awakens fascinating dark places in this, amon...

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    Reading this thriller was like reading two separate books inexpertly stitched together In the first half, a young English student is recruited by her country s secret service and sent to Portugal in 1944 for the purpose of espionage, although her exact assignment is not exactly explained There, she falls in love at first sight, or rather at first grip, with a German diplomat who turns out to be a double agent involved in an assassination attempt against Hitler This part of the book is masterlful, despite many holes in the plot But one forgives them because the pace is so fast and furious and the tension so taut For the most part it s very well written, although occasionally over written with a couple too many soaring metaphors for my liking But this author has a real poetic gift he often made me quite jealous Wilson lives in Portugal and really makes the setting come to life the hot dusty hills surrounding Lisbon and the dingy streets of the city itself The second half of the book is less successful Tragically divided, the lovers go their separate ways for decades I won t give away the plot suffice to say that they meet again in Cold War East Berlin This part of the story has the feel of warmed over John Le Carre You get sentences like this He drove a slow circuit of the blocks of flats before coming out again on the Karl Marx Allee and heading ...

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    There are three books in this novel Book One is excellent 5 stars full of suspense, with a vivid sense of place and interesting characters Book Two is a slog fest, until the very end The sense of place is gone, the characters are b...

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    Uma bela revela o Eu sei que nem foi um dia mas conhe o te N o estou sozinho Soou est pido mas foi a coisa mais importante que tive estes anos todos, ter tido algu m o terror s bito de o avi o cair e eu morrer na companhia de Estranhossem ningu m que me conhecesse, que me tivesse amor.

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    Just couldn t get into it second book by this author I read

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    I did not know what I was getting into when I started this book It was given to me and I was told it s a good book Yes, it is It is not my genre I am not into spies, double agents, espionage, etc however, if that is your forte The Company of Strangers is a must Starting in the 1940s and ending in the 90s the writer keeps it interesting and pacts a lot of adventure into this book I must admit it was confusing at time, the writer used too many street names, foreign cities that were difficult to remember There were many char...

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    Read the ARC One of the locales of this book of World War II intrigue and romance is one of my favorite cities so I am biased from the start Anything involving Lisboa will get my attention quick quick How does a young E...

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