The Kidnapped Prince: The Life of Olaudah Equiano

The Life Of Olaudah Equiano Is One Of The Earliest Known Examples Of Published Writing By An African Writer And The First Influential Slave Narrative Of What Became A Large Literary Genre Equiano S Autobiography Helped In The Creation Of The Slave Trade Act 1807 Which Ended The African Slave Trade For Britain And Its Colonies Olaudah Equiano C 1745 1797 , Known In His Lifetime As Gustavus Vassa Was A Freed Slave Of Igbo Extraction From The Eastern Part Of Present Day Nigeria, Who Supported The British Movement To End The Slave Trade.The Kidnapped Prince: The Life of Olaudah Equiano

Also known as Gustavus Vassa, Olaudah Equiano was one of the most prominent Africans involved in the British movement of the abolition for the slave trade Although enslaved as a young man, he purchased his freedom and worked as an author, merchant, and explorer in South America, the Caribbean, the Arctic, the American colonies, and the United Kingdom.

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    Little Black Classics, bite size stories which are adorably tiny and beautiful and look wonderful on my shelf and are only 2 eachOh dear R.I.P My paycheck.

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    This book was sooooo sad It was written by the man who the biography is about It is a factual life story of Oloudah, an african prince who was kidnapped by slave traders It is about the agony and distress, and the success he went through as he grew up, and how he finally got what...

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    Review in English Rese a en Espa ol This little Penguin book was just ok I own a couple of editions from this collection and I find that when they are extracts from a larger book, I always end up feeling there is something missing from the text either plot, or background, or in depth information to fully enjoy the story I am aware that the idea of this collection is to have small, easy to carry and read editions, but I feel that it doesn t work that well if they are not short stories, novellas or poetry Therefore, I felt a bit disappointed by Kidnapped, the story of an African slave that was taken from his village in the 18th century, served as a sailor and finally became a free man The thing is, if I had not googled who this person was, I would not have known what we were talking about This edition is an extract from the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano, which includes only four chapters his kidnapping, his first years as member of a crew going to the US and back to London, his participation in war, and finally how he was again sold and sent to the US There is no information on how he became a free man, nor background of where he was from The writing was ok the author is quite eloquent and mixes facts with his thoughts which I understand la...

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    Our homeschooling has helped me discover quite a few books that make me wish I had been directed in my reading when I was growing up I think the general feeling at school through junior high was that as long as we were reading, it was good But and I definitely feel like I wasted a lot of good reading years The Kidnapped Prince is one of those books It is a lower reading level, so while the story of Olaudah Equiano s life as a slave is there, it isn t terribly gory or disturbing in detail He also admits that his life as a slave isn t nearly as bad as it was for many many others, but the lesson that freedom is precious is definitely there.This is a book that shortly after starting, I knew I would be reading it with my other kids I also would like to look into the full version, which helped bring about the abolition of slavery in E...

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    A harrowing autobiographical insight into Equiano s kidnap as a young man, and subsequent life as a slave.The writing is raw and simplistic, lending feelings of astonishment in response to the situations and behaviours he relates to us It s always unsettling to me reading of historical mistreatment such as this I try to be shocked at my ancestors, but, knowing my ancestors to be what they were amongst other things the worst kind of people , I can t conjure shock, only disgust I felt deeply for Equiano, finding sections difficult to swallow, but with no surprise in my stomach Penguin have taken sections from the full length autobiography in order to compile Kidnapped, and despite having never read The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, and therefore being unable to comment on its entirety I feel they ve once again botched this by throwing sections in at random, and not taking care over what s included I understand a lot of Equiano s life was spent on the sea, so he will speak a lot of sea voyages, and it s important these are documented Despite that, I felt Penguin should have focused on him as a person, the relationships he built, the struggles he faced, and his feelings, rather than choos...

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    This biography of a man taken into slavery to finally win his freedom is touching.There are no epic or dramatc set pieces just an honest story of his time in slavery I enjoyed this immensly, never as a book moved me to such inner tho...

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    A heartbreaking but very important piece of literature that has a lot to teach us The autobiography of Olaudah Equiano, an African slave during the slave trade.

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    This was a good book to read to my sons as an introduction to the slave trade from an actual former slave s account written in the 1700s Olaudah was eventually renamed Gustavus which he is often referred to by his masters throughout the book He begins his story in Africa The life he had there with his family was different than what stories of tribal Africans, as they were a bit civilized as sorts It was odd to hear how his family also owned slaves like they were criminals who worked for them, received a good pay, and were treated well, but they were doing servitude because of their criminal situations Olaudah gets kidnapped with his sister whom he is separated from He is a slave first in parts of Africa and eventually sent to England where he worked as a slave for several owners As he became a teen, he was working on ships with his masters while also gaining a bit of an education While some might argue that Olaudah was treated much better than other slaves that he talks about encountering, all of the stories, including his own, is really tough to imagine and is so sad and upsetting Olaudah even had to be a slave who transported slaves on ships too The things described are done so in a way that it...

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    Although this book is adapted by another person I thought it was well written by Ann Cameron and well worth my time to read My favorite part of this book is when Olaudah Equiano meets his sister again after being sold, but it was a short meeting because after Olaudah and his sister sleep together she is sadly sold again and he never saw his sister again Because this book was based on a true story and told in first person, I was very happy to feel like these characters were very real My favorite person is Olaudah Equiano, because of his humility, after being sold so many times and having been mistreated sometimes, he is still willing to work even after he has paid his freedom, which I thought was positively amazing Olaudah Equiano is important in this story because it is from his own life perspective of being a slave He is also important because we can see slavery at its worst and see just how badly people wer...

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    As I m homeschooling my girls, I sometimes come across a book or lesson that makes me think that my own education has been lacking That happened again as I read this book The Kidnapped Prince is the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano, an African slave in the late 18th Century who won his freedom, got an education and published his story Take that, all you bozos who said that Africans were inferior to whites Why wasn t this book required reading back when I was in school Well, one reason is that this is an adaption of Equiano s autobiography Ms Cameron edited the story down a bit and rewrote the tale in a language understandable for us 21st Century types Anyway, I m a strong believer in reading first hand accounts of history, ...

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