Counter Shock Ebook Author Giuliano Garavini Nature The Oil Price Collapse Of 1985 6 Had Momentous Global Consequences Non Fossil Energy Sources Quickly Became Uncompetitive, The Previous Talk Of An OPEC Imperium Was Turned Upside Down, The Soviet Union Lost A Large Portion Of Its External Revenues, And Many Third World Producers Saw Their Foreign Debts Peak Compared To The Much Debated 1973 Oil Shock , The Countershock Has Not Received The Same Degree Of Attention, Even Though Its Legacy Has Shaped The Present Day Energy Scenario This Volume Is The First To Put The Oil Counter Shock Of The Mid 1980s Into Historical Perspective Featuring Some Of The Most Knowledgeable Experts In The Field, Counter Shock Offers A Balanced Approach Between The Globalpicture And Local Study Cases In Particular, It Highlights The Crucial Interaction Between The Oil Counter Shock And The Political Counterrevolution Against State Intervention In Economic Management, Put Forward By Ronald Reagan And Margaret Thatcher In The Same Period.Counter-shock

Giuliano Garavini is an Italian historian, currently Senior Research Fellow in the Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi His main research interests include European integration, decolonization, and global struggles over natural resources He has taught classes at various universities and institutions, including the Graduate Institute in Geneva, the European University Institute in Florence, and NYU Abu Dh

[Epub] Counter-shock  By Giuliano Garavini –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Counter-shock
  • Giuliano Garavini
  • 16 August 2019
  • 9781788313339

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