The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success

For Than A Decade, The Next Level Has Been An Indispensable Guide To Executive Success It Reads Like A Series Of Conversations With A Trusted Coach Who Has Brought Together A Cadre Of Successful Senior Leaders To Deliver A Master Class On Executive Level Best Practices This Practical, Actionable Guide To Success At The Executive Level Helps Readers Understand What They Need To Pick Up And Let Go Of To Achieve The Results That Are Expected At The Next Level Along With Simple And Immediately Applicable Tools And Frameworks He S Road Tested With Thousands Of Coaching Clients, Eblin Offers Clear, Practical Advice Reinforced By Interviews And Case Studies From Executives Who Know What It Takes To Succeed With Fresh Insights Throughout, This 3rd Edition Will Help Readers Sustain Their Success Over The Long Run With New Information On How To Develop A Personal Action Plan For Leading At Their Best By Living At Their Best NEW TO THIS EDITION 1 Updated Introduction And Afterword2 New Insights On Leadership Effectiveness Gleaned By The Author Since The 2nd Edition3 A Completely Revised Chapter 3 With New Guidance On Creating A Life GPS Personal Action Plan4 New And Updated Coachable Moment Tools Including The TRACK Model Of Effective Delegation 5 A Revised Appendix With The Latest Approach To Creating A Self Directed Executive Success Plan ESPThe Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success

Scott Eblin is the co founder and president of The Eblin Group, a professional development firm committed to helping executives and managers improve their leadership presence by being fully present As an executive coach, speaker and author, Scott works with senior and rising leaders in some of the world s best known and regarded organizations Scott is the author of two books Business Book Revie

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  • The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success
  • Scott Eblin
  • 23 July 2018
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    I found this book full of nuggets to help improve my overall effectiveness as a newer executive leader Some lessons overlap with other books I have read, but none provided the structured framework produced in this book by author, Scott Eblin The book focuses on three different presences personal, team, and organization to have as an executive making up a myriad of new skills to be gained that counters the skills mastered to achieve executive level Each presence is broken down into a few chapters that include testimonials from other experienced executives along with a solid list of tangible coaching moments This type of book is one to keep close and leverage as you focus on different aspects of the role of an executive leader I would recomm...

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    The Next Level What Insiders Know About Executive Success Scott EblinDavies Black PublishingBusiness careers proceed from one level to the next and these levels are frequently identified by titles, with CEO being the highest What intrigued me about Scott Eblin s book as I began to read it is that he thinks of a career progression in terms of a series of levels of personal as well as professional development Obviously, he agrees with Marshall Goldsmith author of What Got You Here Won t Get You There that new opportunities are accompanied by new challenges Therefore, the ascending executive must leverage her or his strengths while at the same time abandoning any mindsets, beliefs, and habits that are inadequate, if not self defeating According to Eblin, Through my research, I have defined nine sets of key behaviors and beliefs that executives need to pick up e.g custom fit communications and let go of e.g one size fits all communications to succeed This process of picking up and letting go, I ve learned, is central to succeeding at the executive level He notes that a strength when used to excess can become a weakness So, the ascending executive must know when and under what conditions she or he is p...

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    Excellent work by Scott Eblin Scott goes into detail the inside story of Executive life and what it takes to succeed and thrive at the Executive level.

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    Preparing to get promoted at work can be a daunting task All kinds of thoughts emerge as to how to handle new reports, different bosses and in the case of a new job of a transfer, a whole different complement of staffs and workers.Scott Eblin, a former HR executive and professional certified coach, has put together a plan for succeeding at the next level and avoiding the pitfalls that lead to most executive failure as one works their way up the ladder Elbin s approach centers on two basic concepts expanding your view and leaving old habits behind.When it comes to expanding one s view, Elbin advocates that new bosses should not just look up at their bosses or down at their staffs but left and right to co workers and executive peers as well as diagonally, by getting to know every person that matters and focusing on the key purposes of the organization as a whole.Looking beyond oneself is...

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    I really like Scott Eblin having had an Executive Coaching seminar over a period of six months from him based on the Next Level Leadership concepts I also enjoy reading his blog on leadership I enjoyed reading the Next Level Leadership The concepts and examples are easy to put into practice and are very relevant There are very few books to assist executives with the transition from a mid level m...

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    There are two important things you should know about this book right away This book is written by a good writer who has been an executive in a Fortune 500 company so, it is not only well written, but it s readable and practical.This book is a Second Edition a revised an...

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    A fabulous book It offers insightful tools and tips for new and existing executives The Situation Solution Guide at the back of the book is helpful in dealing with everyday situations, even if you are not an executive Everyone could use a little training on what to pick up and let go I highly ...

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    very helpful for people moving into executive leadership roles outlines how your work must change.

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    Great library book so far.

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    Lots of good lessons and perspectives

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