Secular Jinnah: Munir's Big Hoax Exposed

One Of The Most Famous Books In Pakistan, The Late Chief Justice Muhammad Munir S From Jinnah To Zia 1979 Has Finally Received The Ultimate Rebuttal From A British Born Asian Using Only One Piece Of Evidence Saleena Karim Tells The Story Of How A Point Of Curiosity Based On Little Than An Issue Of Grammar Led Her To The Startling Discovery That A Quote Used By Munir And Attributed To Jinnah Is In Fact A Fake Further This Quote Has Also Been Used By A Number Of Pakistani Professional Writers And Scholars, None Of Whom Have Thought To Check The Original Transcript Of The Interview Munir Supposedly Quoted From Over Twenty Five Years After The Release Of From Jinnah To Zia, The Author Shows Us How Much Damage The Munir Quote Has Done Not Only In Terms Of Twisting The Facts Of History, But Now In Exposing The Intellectual Dishonesty Of Pakistani Scholarship Saleena Karim Names Those Who Have Quoted Munir, As Well As Discussing The Other Myths About The Founder Of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, And Sets The Record Straight.Secular Jinnah: Munir's Big Hoax Exposed

Saleena Karim is from Nottingham, England She is a freelance writer, researcher, editor, and artist She is the founder of the Jinnah Archive and a co founder and admin of the Visionary Fiction Alliance She has authored two books on Pakistan s founding history The critically acclaimed Secular Jinnah 2005 recounted her discovery that a famous quote attributed to MA Jinnah, founding father of P

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Secular Jinnah: Munir's Big Hoax Exposed Author Saleena Karim –
  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Secular Jinnah: Munir's Big Hoax Exposed
  • Saleena Karim
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9781905363759

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