Neruda: The Poet's Calling

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[Epub] ➟ Neruda: The Poet's Calling ➤ Mark Eisner –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Neruda: The Poet's Calling
  • Mark Eisner
  • Spanish
  • 26 September 2017

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    I m a big fan of Neruda and of Mark I first interviewed Mark about Neruda as a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle back in 2004, as the world prepared to celebrate the centennial of the beloved poet s birth I also had the pleasure of interviewing Isabel Allende about Neruda s impact on her work and on the world of letters at large The world was different then, of course, though Neruda s legacy hasn t changed as much This thorough and comprehensive biography reckons with Neruda as both an important people s poet who brings to the fore important questions about what it means to be a political poet during times of unrest and turmoil and as a human being who would actually have to answer for being among those who would be called on being a deadbeat father, a womanizer who not only sexually assaulted at least one woman that Eisner reveals in this text but also referred to women in parts of the world unlike his own in imperialist, racist and problematic ways This was the part of the book, nearly halfway through, that made me want to hurl the galley across the subway train and recycle all of the N...

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    I have to admit that I had a couple of very unfair ideas about this book before I even cracked the cover I was partly expecting a hagiography I know that Eisner has spent much of his adult life researching Neruda Even thought I deeply respect him for his devotion to his subject, I thought that perhaps the depth of that fascination might have allowed him to dismiss some of the troubling aspects of Neruda s life Oh, the usual things that smart young South Americans always bring up, as they should, as they must the misogyny even what was clearly rape in Sri Lanka , particularly of the younger Neruda his callous dismissal of his hydrocephalic daughter his Stalinism his endless womanizing But, once again, I was completely wrong Eisner confronts those issues head on He doesn t gloss over those things at all He doesn t excuse them as occasional weaknesses When he puts them in the context of the rest of the life, he doesn t allow them to be dismissed as the few frailties of genius But he also doesn t allow them to take over the narrative He doesn t dismiss the genius because of the frailty, even the cruelty Neruda wrote so much, so incessantly, and the translations keep coming out 40 years after his death Translations of poems, whole books...

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    Solid biography, thoroughly researched, brilliantly written Neruda as a man was mostly a horror show, yet his poetry is unbeatable This book is a fast read, very enjoyable sometimes making you want to punch the man Neruda Couldn t put it down Put it on your to read list.

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    Many know that Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize laureate and Chilean poet, was a communist Less well known is that until the 1960s, he was a diehard Stalinist Though he had an understandable reason for this Stalin was the only world leader to support the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War, whose fascists murdered so many of Neruda s friends still his blindness about the dictator who slaughtered twenty million people is startling.Neruda never left the communist party As Marc Eisner documents in his new biography, Neruda, The Poet s Calling, the communists claimed him to the bitter end, finally and fearlessly right in the teeth of Pinochet s fascist regime Eisner s description of Neruda s 1973 funeral, after the coup and Allende s suicide, is powerful tens of thousands walked behind the coffin in defiance of Pinochet s troops, who essentially had to stand down Communist youth of Chile A leader called out Companero brother Pablo Neruda And the crowd answered, Presente he is present Companero Salvadore Allende Presente Companero Victor Jara Present...

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    An absolutely spectacular book Additional review I feel that one sentence wasn t really worthy of this great book, so I will say this this book destroyed my once held view of my favorite poet, Neruda And that is on me I first met Neruda when I was a young twenty something Spanish Literature major, and of course his Poema XX hooked me in for life I read his memoir, his many books of poetry, and saw just about every movie that tried to examine his complex life But this bookthis book did something else it put him in the context It exposed his many flaws how did I not know about his first child whom he abandoned He was a man who should be observed within the context of his geography, within the era, and a political landscape For me, it was a particularly eye opening book I ve overlooked so many of his flaws, but coming to know them so intimately through Eisner s book helped me understand him There were moments where I cussed him out and experienced feelings of anger and deceit, but then I realizedof course he was all these things How could he have not been, given the trajectory of his life I just love books like these They can shift the metaphysical soil from under our feet and force you to...

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    Fascinating book that interweaves Neruda s poetry with biography, world events from the 1930 s through 70 s, and Eisner s own cautious reflections on how to understand the poet s misogyny and other ills in the face of his heroism A larger than life character with outsized ambitions and the mix of good and bad that seems somehow inevitable I decided to read this after being spellbound by 100 Love Sonnets, which left me wondering just who the author was and what some of the larger significance was of his persistent metaphors bread, wine, the sea, the earth, etc This biography doesn t disappoint I felt guided by Eisner s empathetic, yet questioning spirit over the 500 some pages of careful scholarship The only fault i saw in the book w...

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    Sensitive and thoughtful, this biography allows the reader to enter into the inner world and the social political world of Neruda There is a depth of understanding here that makes this a model of biography.

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    This book is 640 pages long and I didn t want it to end Now that s saying something When I arrived at the last page, I did not want it to be over Can never get enough Neruda I am enad with and impressed by Neruda The Poet s Calling by Mark Eisner It is truly a masterpiece A labor of love The entire book is luminous, poignant and stunning Pablo Neruda is one of my most favorite poets, and I m so grateful to Mr Eisner for all the work and love he s poured into Pablo Neruda s Biography The culmination of over 15 years of research and dedication has paid off in a powerful way for ardent and loyal fans who have long admired Neruda s work, as well as for new lovers of Pablo s oeuvre The biographer s admiration and passion for Neruda s poetry, as well as his quest to thoroughly document his life experiences and his effect on Chile s history, shines through his passionate pen He discovers and reveals Neruda as an inspiring and brave human being who was and remains an enduring hero to many Mr Eisner s focus on the importance of Neruda s work and the tragedy of his death, as well as his enduring legacy for hi...

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    Mark Eisner s Neruda The Poet s Calling is masterpiece in its telling of the life of one of the greatest poets of the 20th Century Eisner is able to spool out the narrative of Neruda s life and the growth of his literary art through the people he knew and events he lived through, and does so in a way that reads like a very intimate communication with the poet himself I loved so much about this biography, not the least of which the fact that Eisner lays Neruda out in an unmythologized manner, sharing his foibles and transgressions alongside his accomplishments and creations Eisner also makes the brilliant decision to include Neruda s works into the narrative, which creates another level of connection for the reader, and a wonderful entree into Neruda s poetry for those who are uninitiated in it The result is a book about the life of a complicated genius of a man, who lived in a complicated place in a complicated time, and wh...

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    A very concise look at the man that was Pablo Neruda, with his warts, flaws and foibles robustly thrown in This is my first Neruda biography so I had no illusions as to what sort of book this would be I can t say I m a fan of Nerud...

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