Sinister Hunger: Bloodstream Volume I

Ebook Sinister Hunger Bloodstream Volume I Katze Snow Vincent Hudson Is A Vampire Hunter And His Life Is About To Be Ruined When A Hunting Trip Ends In Tragedy, He Is Forced To Do The Unthinkable Seek Refuge In Sanctuary Hope, Where Each Family Must Nominate A Member To The City Council It Is Seemingly A Minor Price To Pay In Exchange For Medical Aid And Refuge But It Is Also A Dangerous Trap, And Unaware Of The Gut Wrenching Reality, Vincent Nominates Himself To Save His People Now A Life Of War Awaits Him And Captivity To A Vampire Master Known As Maddox Caine.Sinister Hunger: Bloodstream Volume I

After leaving school and renting a crummy flat at sixteen, bestselling author Katze Snow lives in Scotland with her wolf dog and furbabies Don t be fooled by how cute she looks out on the outside Katze s writing is dark, twisted, and takes depravity to a whole new level.

[PDF] ↠ Sinister Hunger: Bloodstream Volume I Author Katze Snow –
  • Paperback
  • 211 pages
  • Sinister Hunger: Bloodstream Volume I
  • Katze Snow
  • English
  • 16 October 2018
  • 9781986680127

10 thoughts on “Sinister Hunger: Bloodstream Volume I

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    Read and reviewed for Diverse Reader This was a dark, teeth grinding story written in a fascinating way.Vincent is a Dust Hunter and in order to protect his family from danger and to eliminate vampires as head case , he trains the Hunters to do so.Maddox is commander of Sanctuary Hope one of the seven Sanctuary Cities.Under siege by vampires, Vincent as a leader and is always at the front, and now after some devastating events Vincent sacrifices his own life for his people He is dedicated to his people and will do everything for them so he volunteers to be a slave to his sponsor.Now Vincent has a master for life merciless, cruel and above all his enemy.What follows is a power exchange with a lot of chemistry because Vincent himself is a strong leader and the only thing asked from him is full submission Maddox has one goal and a clear vision how to reach it.After getting through some necessary introduction of characters I was into this story.The main personalities were strong, intriguing and explosive together There were violent parts omg they hurt like hell It was a captivating story and like the title says, sinister.With a dark cruel fantasy world as background it was a read that will hold your attention to the fullest I just love the expansion of the fantasy in it The brutal, vicious, and in their opinion, righteous way of justice was strongly put down The danger was palpable and very well d...

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    3,25 starsIt was good and dark, it had action and some suspense, but I wanted a little Hoping the next one will be much better.

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    For those looking for vampires of the sparkly variety look away now..because you ain t getting them here Not a pretty story despite the great cover, very much a story of heartbreak, loss and self sacrifice set in a world with Vampires saving man from a disaster of his own making But now the tables are turning and one vampire Maddox recognises that he might just need a vampire hunter to save them all It s just how Maddox sets about persuading Vincent Hudson to help, that makes for a seriously dark MM book, this guy appreciates the need for law and order for keeping people and vampires in line for the world to survive Its just his interpersonal relations are seriously lacking, he clearly hasn t heard of attracting bees with honey Maddox is almost a kind of feral vampire, with a god complex, who tolerates no dissent and meets violence with violence, but who needs to gain Vincent s help a...

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    Despite the two star rating, I m curious what will happen and will be reading the sequel when it comes out 2 stars dished out for inconsistent pacing the first 30% or so bored me and I didn t care about the fighting stuff and the horrible and completely wrong scene with the nephew Not cool in any shape or form, or allowable even if this is supposed to be uber dark Speaking of which, it was...

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    Originally 4 stars but man I am still thinking on it and now it s 5 stars Gritty, dark, and complex at many levels this one deals with a Dusk Hunter and a Vampire and this appears a set up for the next one as it ends on a kind of cliffhanger Non consent, slave, and all those entail warnings apply.I w...

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    3.5 stars Warnings Rape scene and it ends with cliffhanger I m enjoying the story and I m hoping as the series progresses the author will give us flashbacks on what the world was like prior to the natural disasters Just to get a better take on things.

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    A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsOkay, let me begin by saying HEED THE TRIGGER WARNINGS every one of them This is not a book for the faint of heart, nor for someone who thinks a little dark side to their m m paranormal is fine This novel is intense, disturbing, and gritty There is one scene in particular near the beginning of the book with a side character that is exceptionally disturbing and nearly made me put this book aside There is also a rape further along that left me rather shaken, but what was most intense about this story was the psychological cat and mouse warfare Vincent endured at the hands of Maddox The near feral vampire who let his cool, civilized demeanor drop as soon as the sun went down didn t simply want Vincent compliant and servile, he wanted him broken and needy something Vincent fought tooth and nail There was a near relentless barrage of distu...

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    This was just ok for me, if a bit too gorey for my tastes There wasn t anything in particular I really disliked about this book, I just really feel like it wasn t long enough for the plot to properly develop I think I m gonna give the sequel a shot for the series to redeem itself.

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    When the one you thought as your worst evil enemy turned out to be the one who saved your life There wasn t a sacrifice he wasn t willing to make He had thrown his future to the wind, and now , there was truly no going back. The blurb really caught my attention and the next thing I know, without even think twice, I asked the ARC to review.I have this huge expectations about this book, and the fact that this is also my first Katze Snow book has completely added the expectations even higher.When I start the book, the first few chapters feels so freaking slow with ambiguous feels that playing in my head Until 30% of reading I keep questioning myself about the book I read, because for a book that labeled as a gay romance , I didn t feel it like one after few chapters has passed But when it reach 45%, suddenly everything changed The pace went from almost boring slow pace then ...

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    4.5 Stars As many dark readers know, there s dark and then there s question one s sanity for loving this book level of darkness Katze Snow has that ability to truly delve into darkness unapologetically and leave me begging for Character development is one aspect I really watch for when I read I need to see complexity and Katze Snow made sure there were no one dimensional characters, even her most vile ones still had that extra attention to detail Since this is dystopian genre, world building is especially vital Katze Snow weaved her brand of magic through words and painted vivid imagery, even or possibly especially for scenes I felt like curling into a ball over The storyline itself is solid I love the fact it is an original premise and that these are definitely not the warm and fuzzy vampires seen elsewhere My only issue is the pacing is a bit inconsistent It did take a while to draw me in because of that That lead to my half star deduction but it doe...

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