The Woman in the Lake

From The Bestselling Author Of House Of Shadows And The Phantom Tree Comes A Spellbinding Tale Of Jealousy, Greed, Plotting And Revenge Part History, Part Mystery For Fans Of Kate Morton, Susanna Kearsley And Barbara ErskineLondon, 1765Lady Isabella Gerard, A Respectable Member Of Georgian Society, Orders Her Maid To Take Her New Golden Gown And Destroy It, Its Shimmering Beauty Tainted By The Actions Of Her Brutal Husband The Night Before.Three Months Later, Lord Gerard Stands At The Shoreline Of The Lake, Looking Down At A Woman Wearing The Golden Gown As The Body Slowly Rolls Over To Reveal Her Face, It S Clear This Was Not His Intended Victim 250 Years Later When A Gown She Stole From A Historic Home As A Child Is Mysteriously Returned To Fenella Brightwell, It Begins To Possess Her In Exactly The Same Way That It Did As A Girl Soon The Fragile New Life Fen Has Created For Herself Away From Her Abusive Ex Husband Is Threatened At Its Foundations By The Gown S Power Over Her Until She Can T Tell What Is Real And What Is Imaginary.As Fen Uncovers About The Gown And Isabella S Story, She Begins To See The Parallels With Her Own Life When Each Piece Of History Is Revealed, The Gown And Its Past Seems To Possess Her And , Culminating In A Dramatic Revelation Set To Destroy Her Sanity.The Woman in the Lake She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter NicolaCornick

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Woman in the Lake
  • Nicola Cornick
  • English
  • 17 May 2018
  • 9781525823558

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    4 stars to The Woman in the Lake I read my first book by author, Nicola Cornick, The Phantom Tree, just a couple months ago Thanks to my dear friend, Stephanie, for the recommendation for this author After that breathtaking experience, I couldn t wait to read The Woman in the Lake It held up There are three narrators in The Woman in the Lake Lady Isabella and her maid, Constance, both in the 1700s, and Fenella, in the present day.Lady Isabella s husband is ruthless and abusive Constance does her best to care for her, but there is only so much she can do Fenella has a problem with taking what is not hers There is a loose thread that spans from past to present that ties these women together, and how that joins them is part of mystery held within these pages The Woman in the Lake is rich with themes of jealousy and revenge in times of decadent living and the society life The characters are complex and feel both natural and realistic They also elicit strong feelings I adored Lady Isabella and despised her evil husband Affairs, plenty of darkness, and a fast paced clip kept the story moving There is also a supernatural element that is part of Cornick s signature I found the story to be chilling and suspenseful, even than I expected, and the historical backdrop of Georgian England was quite charming Everyone has his or her flaws, and the characters were what really made this story, especially Lady Isabella and Fenella Thank you to the publisher for complimentary ARC All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog

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    A spellbinding story pact with scandal suspense and the supernatural Beautifully told and breathtaking this story brings present and past together A bewitched gown Whose evil powers have remain strong throughout the years Nicola Cornick has spun a tale rich with mystery and magic This book was narrated by three separate characters, lady Isabella, her maid constants, and Fenella The 1765 story was fraught with scandal and deceit These characters were up to all kinds of no good, scheming, smuggling, and debauchery Seriously these characters would have made for one tantalizing reality television show Fenella s present day story was a little tamer Fenella has recently got out of a bad marriage, but she has now been reunited with the dreaded gown and all that it implies We first encounter the gown in 1765 when lady Isabella s abusive husband gifts her with it Is it a gift or is it a death sentence When Constance the maid figures out the true motivation behind the gown she ushers it off into hiding But the gown s powers are far reaching its capacity to sway compulsion is strong Over 200 years later Fen happens across the gown at a historic home and cannot help but pinch it What power does this gown have over whoever possesses it And can it be stopped I loved how this story wove the historical, the contemporary, and the magical together It really made for one charming tale with some pretty fascinating characters Isabella, Constance, and Fenella we re all very strong smart likable characters, each with their own quirks The story had a wonderful flow to it and kept me entertained and engaged throughout This was my first book by Nicola Cornick, but it will definitely not be my last There was just something so mesmerizing and magical about her writing that really captivated the reader in me An exquisitely told tale about a bewitched gown seamlessly woven together with threads of the present and the past Absolutely recommend The audio book was narrated by multiple narrators always enjoy this win the story is told from multiple different points of view It really gives each character their own voice and eliminates any confusion as to who is narrating at what time Also something that I thought was really wonderful about this book was the voices of Lady Isabella and Constance sounded much war historical while Fen s voice sounded very today I m not sure if this even makes sense, but it really worked Song Running Through My Head huge thank you to Harlequin and Harper Audio for my copy of this book

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    This book was just OK for me I liked the idea of a dress affecting two women over 250 years, but the execution of it all was a little lacking I really enjoyed the past half of the book, but the present day story was a little too far fetched I either needed about Fen s story and background, or it should have been a much smaller part in the book.Still a good book, just go into it with medium expectations.

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    The Woman in the Lake is a dual timeline story, one branch set in 18th century England, the other in present day Great Britain There s a touch of suspense and the supernatural, a tiny bit of romance present day timeline only , and a whole lot of murderous intent Sadly, neither plotline works the characters in the 18th century one have a little personality, but that s only when compared to those in the present day one, who are so wooden you can practically hear them creaking as they move through their paces The 18th century plotline could have been fascinating, but it s as if each character was given one personality trait and by the time the two main narrators of that period start to become than caricatures, the story is approximately 90% done The present day plot seems to exist only to be a modern plot, perhaps becausewell, I can t think of a reason, which shows how little it adds to The Woman in the Lake Eminently skippable.

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    Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, and if it involves a dual timeline story where fates of characters are connected by decisions and actions taken centuries apart, it makes for a recipe I absolutely adore Mix in some fantasy and chances are I d love it even Last year when I read The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick it easily became one of my favorites since in addition to gorgeous writing, it included everything I love in historical fiction So, just imagine my excitement when I realized the author was releasing another novel I couldn t wait to get a copy, and almost did a happy dance when my ARC for The Woman in the Lake arrived in the mail.Set in the dual timelines of present day Swindon and Georgian London, The Woman in the Lake is a story that revolves around three women and an evil gorgeous golden gown Lady Isabella Gerard has a love hate relationship with a stunning new gown, an unexpected gift by her unloving, abusive husband She orders her maid Constance to take away the shimmering beauty until she asks for it again Constance, who is also a spy for Lord Gerard, is torn between the two conflicting orders of destroying the gown, as per the master s order or preserving it until further notice, as decreed by the mistress What will she do Who can she defy And what s so special about this gown other than its obvious beauty Fast forward two and a half centuries to present day Teacher and part time antique seller, Fenella Brightwell has just about managed to settle into her new life after escaping and divorcing her manipulative abusive ex One day she arrives home to a mysterious package, opening which reveals a gorgeous golden gown that Fenella recalls stealing as a child from a historic home on a school trip With the gown now in her possession, Fen starts experiencing weird hallucinations and strange urges Is the gown controlling her or is she just losing her mind As she struggles to find sanity and tries to unearth the mystery surrounding the bizarre occurrences, Fen comes across Lady Isabella s story and finds herself entangled in a convoluted puzzle that spans centuries.The overall plot is well designed and mystery expertly woven around historical facts and events Manipulations, deceit, revenge there is plenty of psychological darkness involved, along with a slight gothic element which maintains a constant menacing undertone throughout the story However, despite it all, I wasn t as impressed as I wanted to be with The Woman in the Lake Having read The Phantom Tree before, I knew the author was capable of weaving intricate, elaborate dual stories that just melded into each other Sadly, that wasn t the case with this one, the execution of the plot as well as the ending seemed pretty rushed The pacing was slow, the characters felt flat and lacked complexity, and speaking of characters, I believe there were too many of them, which only made things confusing rather than clear.I really, really wanted to like this book, but it felt like everything was just haphazardly put together So much was left unexplained the time travel aspect how did that really work The gown was it really evil If yes, how did that happen, if no, why did it affect anyone who touched it What fate befell Lord Gerard For such an intriguing premise, a lot made very little sense Also, that wisp of romance in the present day was barely convincing And tell me, how did that certain someone find Fen towards the end Don t want to give spoilers, hence the vagueness I am not saying this was a bad book, it just could have been so much better.You ll have to read it for yourself to know how it sits with you I d highly recommend the author s last book The Phantom Tree, but about this one, I am not so sure Of course, I ll still be on the lookout for her next work, but am sorry that this one didn t manage to impress me.For reviews visit my blog Booktimistic Books, Outdoors Optimism An ARC was provided by Harlequin Books and TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review

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    I read The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick a couple of months ago and just fell in love with Cornick s writing I love how quickly she managed to transport me to a completely different place and time period with her lyrical writing, and she succeeded it again with her newest novel, The Woman in the Lake, only this time the setting is England in the present and a quite surprisingly decadent and sensual Georgian England in the past.The novel is suspenseful right from the first page, which drew me in immediately I couldn t stop turning the pages of the book as each of the three narrators, Lady Isabella and her lady s maid Constance in 1765 and Fenella in present day, give their own harrowing and often times tormenting accounts of what transpires across the centuries It is a gorgeous golden gown that once belonged to Lady Isabella that mysteriously binds the three together in this story The gown is a gift from Lady Isabella s cruelly abusive husband Lord Gerard, a gift Isabella defies him by not accepting and orders Constance to destroy Yet, the gown seems to have dark, otherworldly powers that no thing should possess since somehow Fen ends up with the gown in the present day It slowly begins to control her actions and mind until disaster threatens very near Cornick did an excellent job weaving the story back and forth from Georgian times to present day I love how descriptive she is with her settings and characters and could at times imagine that I was there with Lady Isabella, a character who I truly loved Although I loved Fen and Constance who was quite the surprise at the end , Isabella is a special, multifaceted, strong willed woman that I ended up greatly admiring I love exceptional characters and for me, Cornick s characters are exactly that because they are just so well characterized with their realism, complexity, flaws, and character growth If you haven t read Cornick s books, then you might not know that she adds a few supernatural elements into her narrative as a way to connect the past and present storylines together, and this book was no different I always enjoy a story with a good supernatural element, and I think she does it well it s not overdone but just right The Woman in the Lake is a story teeming with mystery, hatred, envy, revenge, suspense, and dark evil Yet than that, it s a story about three women who against the odds and against the darkness that threatens to defeat them must find strength, empowerment, and a way to prevail I know after loving the two books that I ve read by Cornick that I plan to not only read her backlist and can t wait to read what she writes next The Woman in the Lake publishes on February 26, 2019 and if you love historical fiction, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy Thank you to Graydon House for an ARC copy to read and review in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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    I enjoy dual timeline books very much The past story is always the reason I pick them up Unfortunately, here, it s the modern day story that gets book time While interesting, I would have preferred to know about the past, especially Lady Isabella s story The story is well pulled together but the three leading characters are not very likable I didn t really care about any of them, most especially Fen, from the modern part.However, it did keep me reading as I was interested in the outcome The author has written better books than this.

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    I received this from in exchange for a review Dual timelines set in present day and 1760 s a delicious tale of jealousy, greed, plotting and revenge that spans the generations between decadent Georgian society and present day , I didn t find it quite so delicious.I was never truly vested in this story The main characters seemed linear and one sided The current timeline could have turned into a great time travel story with this ancient yellow dress that affected everyone that touched it 3

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    The Woman in the Lake by Nicola Cornick is a historical fiction novel that spans the time of both past and present The Woman in the Lake jumps back and forth between the perspectives of Fenella in present time, and Isabella and Constance in the past.In the past, Isabella is a talented woman who wants to live her own life, free from an abusive husband Constance is her lady s maid When a yellow dress is gifted to Isabella, her life begins to change.When Fenella receives a dress in the mail from her deceased grandmother, a dress she stole from a museum as a child, she isn t expecting her world to turn upside down But it does Fen s kleptomania tendencies reappear with a possessed aggressiveness that Fen begins to question Why is Fen s losing control Does it have to do with the dress Fen starts to question her reality as odd things around her begin to happen.Along the way, Fen meets Hamish There s to Hamish than meets the eye, and Fen finds herself drawn to him.I enjoyed reading The Woman in the Lake Nicola Cornick is a master at weaving incredibly intricate tales Really, what dragged down my opinion of this book was the pacing It was slow.Very, very slow And since there were very few big action events, it was a slog to get through at times.The story itself is fascinating I liked getting to know Fen, Isabella, and Constance as the story jumped back and forth between their perspectives All three women were well written and unique My favorite character was Isabella She comes off as a spoiled, pampered woman, but behind the scenes, her life isn t enviable Isabella is wildly talented With a conniving mind, she helps shape her future by manipulating the people and situations around her.I enjoyed the ending, especially the chapters featuring Jake, Fen s deceased ex The ending was both dramatic and interesting.If you enjoy historical fiction or are already a fan of Nicola Cornick, check out The Woman in the Lake Thank you to NetGalley for providing the Kindle version of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was my favorite kind of audiobook, where a variety of narrators perform, almost like a play The very posh British accents added greatly to my enjoyment.Three different women tell their stories, and unlike many of these back and forth narratives, I was equally interested in both the past and the present In 1763, Lady Isabella and her maid, Constance, suffer at the hands of Lord Gerrard, a physically and mentally abusive brute In the present Fennela Brightwell has recently escaped the clutches of her psycho ex husband, who is said to have died in a train crash shortly after their divorce But Fennela is positive he is very much alive and stalking her.The link between the two stories is a beautiful golden gown which come to think of it, The Golden Gown would have been a better title Supposedly haunted and malevolent, the gown causes people to act on their worst impulses Conceived as an object of destruction, the gown paradoxically proves to be the means of deliverance for all three women.This was far fetched and a bit over long, but entertaining It held my interest and had secrets to reveal right up until the very end.

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