Stray Bullets Volume 1

For The First Time Ever, The Complete Award Winning First Arc Of Stray Bullets In Paperback Follow The Lost Lives Of People Who Are Savagely Torn Apart By Events Beyond Their Control The Innocent World Of An Imaginative Little Girl Is Shattered When She Witnesses A Brutal Double Murder An Introverted Young Boy On The Verge Of Manhood Gets A Lesson On Just How Far Is Too Far When He Falls For A Needy Woman Who Lives Life In The Fast Lane Or Party With A Pair Of Low Rent Hoods Who Learn What Is Really Important In Life Just When They Shouldn T And Even Learn The Story Of The Most Infamous Gangster Who Ever Lived, Amy Racecar, Who Talks To God, Lunches With The President, And Just May Be Responsible For The End Of The World These Are Some Of The Tales That Will Rip Out Your Guts And Break Your Heart.Stray Bullets Volume 1

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stray Bullets Volume 1 book, this is one of the most wanted David Lapham author readers around the world.

[ Read ] ➪ Stray Bullets Volume 1 Author David Lapham –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Stray Bullets Volume 1
  • David Lapham
  • English
  • 04 October 2017
  • 9780965328029

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    So I started maybe five years ago but had never finished this volume of Stray Bullets, a pulp fiction series from the nineties, not fully appreciating the art at the time I was probably reading some stuff that was polished, stylized, such as 100 Bullets or Sin City, at the time , but some conversation here nudged me to check it out again and I felt very differently this time about it It reminded me right away of the also nineties over the top gutter violence of Tarantino s Pulp Fiction with that dollop of punch in the face shock, too and Criminal, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, with its various threads that weave together in later volumes David Lapham s Volume 1 The Innocence of Nihilism which collects the first seven issues was awarded an Eisner for Best Writer Artist back in 1995 The art feels like fifties sixties comics pulp, as Pulp Fiction did film pulp, though the film is in glossy Technicolor and I see now how Strayham s black and white smudgy art fits well with the underclass themes Most of it takes place in urban Balti.The first issue sets the table for the feast of bloody raw meat you will devour against your will Set in rural California, it s a bad night for a guy and his younger accomplice, where the goal is to get rid of a body, but somehow of these bodies seem to accumulate for them, to an almost ludicrous point Joey is one scary naive character, a kind of Lenny Of Mice and Men out of control You don t want him to pet your rabbit.It ...

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    It s tricky to talk about Stray Bullets without acknowledging Tarantino s Pulp Fiction, which came out the year before Stray Bullets debuted in 1995 The clever dialogue, likeable criminal characters, and violent, interlocking stories must ve felt derivative like the million Tarantino copycats that popped up in his wake And yet Stray Bullets is its own thing It shares only superficial similarities to Tarantino s masterpiece and possesses notable differences to make it stand out separately Innocence of Nihilism collects the first seven stories in the series It opens in 1997 where a couple of lowlifes are looking for a spot to bury a body before things go to hell and they shoot up a diner From that explosive beginning, we re thrown back to 1977 where we meet Ginny, a young girl who witnesses a brutal murder in an alleyway The stories then jump ahead to different years, 1980, 81, and 82, featuring new characters like Spanish Scott, a charismatic killer, and Orson, a high school kid whose entrance into adulthood is something of a shock Pulp Fiction took place over a day or two while Stray Bullets is set over at least a couple decades Also, while I admire Tarantino s work, I don t think he writes real characters they always come off as...

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    This is an amazing first volume I love the structure of the book, with its kaleidoscope focus on some many characters in some many timeframes More than once I found myself flipping back and forth to make sure I understood the connections The storytelling is also very strong, with most of the issues ending with rather shocking moments of the sort that a traditional comic would be afraid to include, because they d create too much change.But the interconnections aren t just critical for this arc, Innocence of Nihilism sets up years decades or storytelling Some of these stories look like they re incomplete, but they re focused on really long term storytelling 1 is the furthest forward the series has ever been, which means that it s probably the frame that we ll return to in the end It also offers a look at an adult Joey 2 is the secret origin of Ginny 3 details the party that s a foundational event for the extended Sunshine Roses arc decades later and it also introduces Beth, Nina, Rose, young Joey, and lots of our characters , then 5 follows that up with Orson and his relation to Rose in the same time period.It s all of these characters that really make the volume In particular, this is Ginny s story, as she s beset by too much young tragedy However, we also get an interesting focus on Joey and his mother Rose As we see these y...

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    4 1 4 stars

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    At least the pictures were neat This collection of tales stretches from the morbidly retarded to the why you gotta be so depressing, yet the storytelling and sequencing sometimes show genuine talent The portrayals of low lifes and shitty family dynamics are a little too real, with all the good time chunks thrown out and replaced with basic bareboned black humor The interesting stories tie together the same loose company of strangers think Tarantino s Pulp Fiction, do doubt an inspiration through various time periods, and each chapter ends super dark, or at least with a little dark high school nihilist asshole smirk In the end it s something like listening to an overeducated mall goth or a really talented high ...

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    A bit like Brubaker s Criminal series Each issue is a separate story that is loosely connected to the other issues Characters recur and the timeline jumps around between the late 70s and the 80s It centers on a community of street criminals and a little girl who s life is wrecked because of them.Very dark stuff Some of the stories are quite good, but the Amy Racecar issue throws everything off It s...

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    Stray Bullets gives me a lot of anxiety So much so that when I first started reading this volume in June, I had to stop halfway into the book, I was so unnerved by the stories But I finally picked it up again today and finished it.I have to say, it s an incredibly written book The plots are very tight and tense, the art is moody, it s...

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    Really awesome art and stories I hope the stories become connected in the following volumes Only a few of the 7 stories presented here contained the same characters I wasn t shocked by any of the violent themes, although at first they did seem to only be there to shock and...

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    A collection of interesting, loosely linked stories won the Eisner Award The black and white drawings get a bit too busy on occasion but this is otherwise an engaging graphic novel.

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    My first five star read of the year I ve been meaning to read this book for years I can t remember where I came upon it, but I read someone somewhere compare it to Quentin Tarantino who I was a big fan of when I was a teen I ve watched Pulp Fiction times than I can count , which is what persuaded me to add to my neverending to read list I wish I had picked this up sooner, because it s already shaping up to be one of my favourite comics series ever and I m only one volume in.The work reads like a series of interconnected stories Lapham jumps around chronologically and follows different characters, some re occuring, some not Readers mostly follow gangster criminals who work for an enigmatic man named Harry There s also a story that follows Amy Racecar, a girl from the far future who sees God and eventually destroys the world I have no idea how she fits into the larger narrative that Lapham is creating, but I can t wait to find out.Lapham s art is all bw and he mostly uses a seemingly simple 8 panel format to great effect Because he jumps around chronologically within the narrative, it s important that the characters are recognizable when you see them appear in d...

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