Dirt to Soil

Gabe Brown Didn T Set Out To Change The World When He First Started Working Alongside His Father In Law On The Family Farm In North Dakota But As A Series Of Weather Related Crop Disasters Put Brown And His Wife, Shelly, In Desperate Financial Straits, They Started Making Bold Changes To Their Farm Brown In An Effort To Simply Survive Began Experimenting With New Practices He D Learned About From Reading And Talking With Innovative Researchers And Ranchers As He And His Family Struggled To Keep The Farm Viable, They Found Themselves On An Amazing Journey Into A New Type Of Farming Regenerative Agriculture.Dirt to Soil

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dirt to Soil book, this is one of the most wanted Gabe Brown author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Dirt to Soil
  • Gabe Brown
  • English
  • 04 May 2017
  • 9781603587631

10 thoughts on “Dirt to Soil

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    We are over fed and undernourished I had not expected to burst into tears at the end of this audiobook but Gabe Brown caught me off guard.It took four years of hail and drought to show Gabe Brown everything that was wrong wi...

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    Having read a number of books both old and new about soil, food, agriculture and environment, I call this one stupendous It is a short, extremely practical guidebook on how to change from typical North American farming ranching to regenerative agriculture Gabe Brown never tells the reader Here s what you must do or The perfect cocktail of seeds for your winter cover crop is such and such naming nine varieties He says learn from experience, make mistakes and learn from them, find out what works for you His principles are no till, cover crops, grazing animals, diversity and waste not want not.Not many people are set up spiritually or geographically to ranch as Brown s ranch does, with multiple types of animals, extraordinary varieties of grasses, legumes, forbs, trees Still this Noah s ark approach appeals and instructs and the early struggles are touching.Note climate activists who understand importance of carbon sequ...

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    I can think of no better place to start learning about Regenerative Ag than Gabe Brown s ranch in North Dakota Part autobiography, part preaching the gospel of rejuvenating our soil it is an enjoyable read with important lessons to teach In short, by focusing on feeding and growing the microbiome in the soil using cover crops, animal impacts and eliminating tilling, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides soil can be brought back to health and so to humans who eat the plants and anim...

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    An exceptional book filled with practical and actionable advice and lots of direction for study Really excited to try these ideas on our farm and to have found information beyond plow it and fertilize it and tile it for our farms soil issues.

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    Agribusiness meets environmentalism Gabe Brown changes the world, one farm at a time I don t have a farm and I have never lived on a farm Still, I like to garden and I am concerned about the state of our planet Listening to Mr Brown s audiobook gives me hope that, as country, we can reunite over our common love of the earth and all she gives us, in spite of our ill treatment of here over the years Gabe went into regenerative farming out of desperation after four disastrous years of conventional farming and demonstrates that farming can be profitable by working with nature rather than poisoning it with pesticides, fungicides and then trying to restore its productivity with synthetic fertilizers In this book, he displays his deep personal knowledge of ecosystems and the symbiotic relationships therein Read by t...

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    I went into this hoping to learn something on a sub surface biological level I did not I did learn some things around raising livestock but mostly the book seemed like it was someone wrangling the author s ramblings, which I guess it was It repeated itself a lot and seemed like it was high on itself Honestly, I think it s a good book for someone that doesn t know anything about no till agriculture or about the importance of native grasses in an ecosystem, but ...

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    If I could only memorize every single word of this book and regurgitate it on demand Seeing how that s highly unlikely, I will be recommending it to every farmer, every coworker, and every human I know It gets into the weeds with regard to farming technique, which will be appealing to the farming community and maybe not so appealing t...

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    This book isn t just for farmers or ranchers This is a great read if you are interested in healthy living and eating, sustainable practices, and being good caretakers of our world My dad is involved in the regenerative soil health movement, so I was familiar with Brown s Ranch and a bit of Gabe s story Nonfiction is not my typical genre, but his experiences and wisdom are so compelling that I was interested from beginning to e...

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    A highly educational book along with a great story of a farm family to boot The book focuses on informing the reader of the what, how and why of soil repair, maintenance and regeneration There is good science in this book which is introduced and talked about in such a way that anyone can understand it.Gabe ...

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    A great journey about adapting to situations and questioning established models The author s success came over decades of trial and error and small changes Biggest takeaway change the way you think vs change the way ...

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