Before She Was Found

KINDLE Before She Was Found Author Heather Gudenkauf A Gripping Thriller About Three Young Girlfriends, A Dark Obsession And A Chilling Crime That Shakes Up A Quiet Iowa Town, From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Weight Of Silence.For Twelve Year Old Cora Landry And Her Friends Violet And Jordyn, It Was Supposed To Be An Ordinary Sleepover Movies And Ouija And Talking About Boys But When They Decide To Sneak Out To Go To The Abandoned Rail Yard On The Outskirts Of Town, Little Do They Know That Their Innocent Games Will Have Dangerous Consequences.Later That Night, Cora Landry Is Discovered On The Tracks, Bloody And Clinging To Life, Her Friends Nowhere To Be Found Soon Their Small Rural Town Is Thrust Into A Maelstrom Who Would Want To Hurt A Young Girl Like Cora And Why In An Investigation That Leaves No Stone Unturned, Everyone Is A Suspect And No One Can Be Trusted Not Even Those Closest To Cora Before She Was Found Is A Timely And Gripping Thriller About Friendship And Betrayal, About The Power Of Social Pressure And The Price Of Needing To Fit In It Is About The Great Lengths A Parent Will Go To Protect Their Child And Keep Them Safe Even If That Means Burying The Truth, No Matter The Cost.Before She Was Found

Heather is the NYT and USA Today Bestselling author of THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE and NOT A SOUND.

[Reading] ➻ Before She Was Found  ➱ Heather Gudenkauf –
  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • Before She Was Found
  • Heather Gudenkauf
  • English
  • 06 February 2017
  • 9780778307730

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    It was supposed to be a sleepover Three twelve year old girls, Cora, Violet and Jordyn, were having a sleepover at Cora s home But then the trio decided to sneak out of Cora s home at midnight to go to the abandoned rail yard It was supposed to be a fun adventure It turned into a nightmare.Cora is found on the tracks by a woman walking her dog She is covered in blood and barely alive Violet and Jordyn are nowhere to be found Later Violet is found and taken to the hospital and Jordyn turns up at the home she shares with her grandparents Violet is in shock and Jordyn is moody with her mood alternating from indifference, to fear, to defiance.This book is told through text messages, journal entries, therapists notes and through the perspectives of various family members As the book progresses, the reader learns about the girls, their relationships with each other, one s private thoughts and a school project about a local urban legend.As the police, family members, therapist and girls themselves try to piece things together, it appears that there is to what happened at the rail yard than meets the eye I love how Gudenkauf provides little spinets and clues along the way I had several theories which changed as new information was presented I love books which have characters who aren t always reliable or the Author is able to make the reader question a character s reliability This was a fun one as the young girls did not describe the events the same way I didn t know who was...

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    3.5 starsBefore She Was Found is a timely and gripping thriller about friendship and betrayal, about the power of social pressure and the price of needing to fit in It is about the great lengths a parent will go to protect their child and keep them safe even if that means burying the truth, no matter the cost I loved the first half of this book and I thought it was so creepy I was so intrigued to find out who J.W was Everyone is a suspect and no one can be trusted It was a fast paced thriller This one has a mean girl teenager theme There were journal entries from Cora that made it a page turner and it also had creepy social media messages that were so creepy There also is a mysterious school teacher The descriptions of what happened to Cora was so awful It was dark and disturbing and was a thrill ride.I thought that characters were done so well and loved the writing style Then close to the end It lost its fizzle I thought this was going to be a five star read but it did a complete u turn and went south and lost its fizzle I was so disappointed and upset I didn t like the ending at all One thing that I can s...

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    Addictive and thrilling A vicious attack at the railway One young girl left maimed and bleeding, with another victim almost catatonicin shock The thirdsurprisingly unwilling to help the authorities Cora never really fit in with her peers Her best friend moved away to another town leaving her alone and desperate to find new friends.Violet The new girl in town Sweet, quiet and unassuming Her family recently relocated here from New Mexico looking for new beginnings Actually, the truth is her family ended up here in the middle of this God forsaken, nowhere town after their car broke down Jordyn The popular girl The one that rules the school, being somewhat of a bully Make no mistake She is always in charge It s Jordyn s wayor the highway When a class project brings the three girls together it quickly spirals out of control The girls assignment is to research urban legends But what if th...

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    Abandoned page 95 Chalk my inability to finish up to reader preference in terms of plot not readability or writing style.I ve been much choosier when it comes to reading selections as of late, cutting ties with books I m not enjoying, in favor of seeking out those that demand my undivided attention Heather Gudenkauf s compelling opener convinced me I had to tote her newest release home from the library My assumptions of what the experience could be versus actuality forcing a hard stop at 95 pages Again, it s not the author s style that turn...

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    3.5 STARS Some mixed feelings about this one My favorite element was the different formats that kept it interesting and kept the story moving forward always a plus , It was a mix of real time, journal excerpts, different POV s , online chat room discussions and police interviews, BUT I was wanting follow through to some of the incidents.I wanted to keep reading on, but wasn t really enjoying what I was reading and kept feeling disappointed in the direction it was taking I liked all the scattering of clues the author provided and I was questioning many of the characters motives throughout.This was a quick read and...

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    Well this one reeled me in, hook, line and sinker And no there are no actual fish in this story Fishy occurrences yes, real fish, no Though to be honest this author and I have a good relationship between writer and reader Three twelve year old girls, sneak out of the house on midnight, of the girl hosting the sleepover One is discovered in terrible condition, clinging to life after being beaten and stabbed Another is found covered with blood, in shock but otherwise unhurt The third ran home and maintains she never went as far as the railroad Plus, none are saying what happened, blaming it on a person from an urban legend who would now be in his seventies.Have to admit I m attracted to urban legends We have a few in my town, one even made into the movie Munger Road Plus, what happened to these girls En...

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    If Mean Girls and Slenderman had a baby, Before She Was Found would be that baby An attempted murder scene, three preteen girls, one missing, one covered in blood and one clinging to life And all three are utterly unreliable narrators I mean, what s not to love about that The best word I can find to describe this book is gripping I read it in one sitting, though technically I was lying but whatever, tomayto tomahto Having never even heard of Heather Gudenkauf I had no idea what to expect from this book and oh mylanta was I ever unprepared for what a lay ahead I was completely absorbed from beginning to end with not only the mystery, but with the perfectly fleshed out characters It takes a pretty clever resolution for me to not have a mystery figured out before the reveal but this one got me Hook, line and ...

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    Whoa This YA mystery thriller has exceeded my expectations See ya, book slump Cora is a lonely 12 year old girl, her one and only best friend moved away months ago, so when a new girl, Violet, appears in her class she is over the moon with excitement and wants nothing than to become friends with this mysterious new girl Unfortunately for Cora, Jordyn the most popular girl in class and mean girl extraordinaire is also interested in becoming Violets friend For Cora this poses a huge problem Jordyn makes her life a living hell at school by taunting and teasing her on a daily basis Now that they have Violet in common it appears that Jordyn has accepted Cora into her circle of friends Cora arranges a sleepover at her house for just the three of them After midnight these young ladies make a decision that will haunt them forever How did it come to be that Cora was found bleeding out and nearly dead on the train tracks How did Violet become covered in blood while walking out from the woods in the distance And where exactly i...

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    Gripping, chilling, mind blowing stuff here I definitely have to start my review off with a little message to you HEATHER GUDENKAUF, you are by far one of my must read and absolute favourite thriller writers ever and this book was freakin fantastic BEFORE SHE WAS FOUND by HEATHER GUDENKAUF is an unsettling, dark, realistic, captivating, thought provoking and fabulous thriller that pretty much had every aspect that I absolutely love in my thrillers A haunting and chilling crime, a mysterious urban legend, fantastic storytelling that is absolutely dazzling, and interesting and complex characters to make this an all out absorbing and devouring read HEATHER GUDENKAUF delivers quite the clever, intriguing, suspenseful, engaging, and well written story here that starts off with quite the bang and never lets up to make this quite the tense and edge of your seat read I absolutely loved the way that this story unfolded in multiple character perspectives and formats including journal entries in Cora s perspective I find that this technique is always quite effective, appealing and very suspenseful with slow burning reads There is lots going on behind the scenes in this story that is quite thought pro...

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    3.5 stars A haunting crime in a small town community Twelve year old classmates, Cora, Violet and Jordyn sneak out one night to visit the abandoned train yard at the edge of town A night of sneaky mischief ends with Cora hospitalized with several stab wounds and Violent and Jordyn in shock and confusion as to what happened Small town secrets are uncovered as the police question everyone connected to the three girls Were all three girls victims of this brutal attack Could one of the girls be behind the violent assault I was pulled into this chilling story right away There were some gruesome scenes at the start that were hard to stomach, but the writing kept me intrigued and curious to find out what happened It was an addictive, quick read that had me making excuses to find time for just one chapter.The novel unfolds through multiple characters perspectives I did find myself slightly confused near the beginning trying to keep track of who was who, but as the story progressed, it became much clearer and easier to follow I found Cora s journal entries distracting which took away from my enjoyment Her perspective had a lot of childish behavior and mannerisms that felt overdone The mean girl scenes were a bit much I think I would have enjoyed the novel had those scenes been toned down.Overall, I enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading from this author This w...

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