Liams List (The List #2)

From The NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Haleigh Lovell A New Adult Romance Packed With Heat And Heart His Best Friend S Sister A List.A Love Story.Can Vivian Help Liam Heal One Steamy Encounter At A Time NOTE Liam S List Is A Deliciously Sexy Full Length Novel No Cliffhanger.Liams List (The List #2)

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  • 24 October 2017

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    FINISHED Once again, thanks for the copy.I enjoyed the first one , but I think this one is a better book because of several reasons 1 Conflict makes plots go round there weren t many things happening in Vivian s list, but this sequel was emotionally gripping that dealt with issues such as PTSD and detachment that accompanies a soldier s homecoming There was a ton of development there 2 Julian What I love about the writing is that every character sounds different, and like if I walked into a room blindfolded I could tell who s who from speech alone Julian was no exception and his personality added to the mix.3 Growth, growth, growth So much of it, and it felt natural in the time span allocated to the plot They grew as separate people, their love grew, and I just felt like they knew each other better This made the marriage actually believable rather than rushed and cheesy, which I seem to find with every romance novel these days Yeah, this book was better And how could w...

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    Review Originally Posted at Book FreakI spent my night half laughing, half squirming in my bed It was my bad I read it during my bed time, I thought it would help me sleep, but this book had me so hooked I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to finished it Trust me when I say, this is worth all those dark spots under your eyes.The first time I met Liam and Vivian was when I read the first book, and I really think they were perfect for each other It didn t matter when Liam enlisted and went to Iraq, I knew the both of them can survive the distance because their love was real What I didn t expect was what is going to happen in between their separation that can affect their relationship.War can change a person, and it was what happened to Liam Things happened that made him a different person when he came home He was aloof, he preferred alcohol, and he was so closed off they didn t talk any Oh, they still do it and when they do it was pretty much explosive, but a relationship needed than mind blowing sex can t believe I m saying this .Their rel...

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    I loved this story Loved, loved, loved this book Every part of it, the ones that make me smile and cry and both at the same time Let me first say if you have not read Vivian s List start with that one, this is the second part of the story.I loved the first book and Liam and Viv both so much I was so glad that the characters stayed true to who they were in the first book I absolutely loved how dorky Viv was at parts This was an amazing read, much like Vivian s List this book had me both laughing and crying At at least one point I was laughing and crying at the same time I loved that while dealing with a horrible part of Liam s story it was not magically fixed Their was a happy ending bu...

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    I loved this story The sex scenes were amazing I loved how Vivian and Liam each had their Bucket List When Liam told Vivian he wanted her to sit on him, that was SO hot That scene was HOTT I admired the love...

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    Liam s List is volume 2 of a two part series by Haleigh Lovell When I read her debut novel, Vivian s List, a few months ago I was pleasantly surprised I really enjoyed it and I could not wait to see what was next for Vivian and Liam I read VL in one sitting and the same thing happened with Liam s List It was another page turner I really liked VL, but LL had a little extra something Miss Spicy Cinnamon Vivian and Mr Hot Peppers Liam sure know how to spice things up Liam s List picks up where Vivian s List ended Liam s has left for Iraq to continue is military mission Vivian is keeping busy with school while she awaits Liam s return Having the person that you love away for such a long time is difficult But, Liam and Vivian soon find interesting ways to keep in touch After tragedy strikes, Liam returns home broken He will never forget what happened in Iraq A part of him dies after that tragedy Vivian has been separated from Liam for months When he comes back home she sees a drastic change in him They grow apart and their relationship suffers because of Liam s behavior Liam can t find his way back from the darkness that has been suffocating him since he left Iraq, but Vivian will do whatever it takes to bring happiness back into Liam s life I loved Liam List It was very different from VL and I liked how the story was written Vivian and Liam lived tender and steamy moments They laughed and cried together Vivian showed her unconditional support to Liam when his lif...

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    First off I really should warn anyone that is reading my review of this book.Your gonna need the following items tissues, favorite drink, comfy jammies, favorite ice cream you are so gonna need it too cool off , DO NOT DISTURB SIGN, and of course your favorite chair.I was first introduced to Liam and Viv in the first book Vivian s List which is awesome there story continues in this second book that blew me away so much Liam heads off to war in the final chapters of Vivian s List and the author surely does not miss a beat in picking up and sucking you in from page 1 I could say that this author had me from page 1 but that would not be true this author had me from her first book Again I felt like I was intruding on a love affair that had no beginning and surely no end This author gives us education in the war that our men are fighting for Our freedom and what happens when a man comes home broken Viv is a strong woman that does not back down from turmoil she is a woman that embraces all that life has to offer her She embraces Liam s love even though he s...

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    This is the continuation of Vivian and Liam s story I knew as soon as it was ready, I had to read it I had planned to start this book in the morning when I got up but instead made the mistake of starting it at 11pm and then didn t put it down till I finished it I loved it There is still 2 words that come to mind when I think of Vivian s List and Liam s List..HOT STEAMY Liam s list did not disappoint At the end of book 1 Liam is heading back to Iraq I was worried for the both of them but knew they would be ok What I didn t see coming was all the hell Liam would have to go through War will change a person and that is exactly what happened to Liam When he comes back home he has changed and rightly so Will Vivian be able to stay strong and stand by his side no matter how hard it may get This book was happy, sad and at times very heartbreaking but so very true because this is what happens in real life everyday I loved all the secondary characters I am glad we got on Vivian s ...

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    I have to say that after I finished Vivian s List a while back I was anticipating this sequel Liam s List is very hot yet heartfelt It s real While reading it I imagined that a lot of couples with military ties go through gees tough times, but it was great to see Vivian stand by ...

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    So beautifully written I love a book that make you feel all the emotional turmoil of each character the good..the bad the ugly. can t wait to read future books from this author

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    From the beginning of this book I was captivated The story made me laugh out loud and made me cry and look crazy I love this book.

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