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PDF Epub Fix Her Up Author Tessa Bailey New York Times Bestseller Tessa Bailey Launches A Super Sexy New Series Featuring The Blue Collar Men Who Work For A HGTV Esq House Flipping Business.After An Injury Ends Travis Ford S Major League Baseball Career, He Returns Home To Start Over He Just Wants To Hammer Out His Frustrations At His New Construction Gig And Forget All About His Glory Days But He Can T Even Walk Through Town Without Someone Recapping His Greatest Hits Or Making A Joke About His Bat And Then There S Georgie, His Buddy S Little Sister, Who Is Definitely Not A Kid Any.Georgette Castle Has Crushed On Her Older Brother S Best Friend For Years The Grumpy, Bear Of A Man Working For Her Family S House Flipping Business Is A Far Cry From The Charming Sports Star She Used To Know But A Moody Scowl Doesn T Scare Her And Georgie S Determined To Show Travis He S Than A Pretty Face And A Batting Average, Even If It Means Putting Her Feelings Aside To Be Just Friends Travis Wants To Brood In Peace But The Girl He Used To Tease Is Now A Funny, Full Of Life Woman Who Makes Him Feel Whole Again And He Wants Her So Damn Bad Except Georgie S Off Limits And He Knows He Can T Give Her What She Deserves But She S Becoming The Air He Breathes And Travis Can T Stay Away, No Matter How Hard He TriesFix Her Up

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fix Her Up book, this is one of the most wanted Tessa Bailey author readers around the world.

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ✅ Fix Her Up Author Tessa Bailey –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Fix Her Up
  • Tessa Bailey
  • English
  • 23 September 2019
  • 9780062872838

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    Dammit, Georgie You had to be exactly what I need, didn t you Best romance of 2019 Probably Holy shit, friends, Fix Her Up blew me and every expectation I had out of the water I will say, don t let the cute cover fool you, this book has many explicit sex scenes, but it was some of the best sex, and best dirty talk, I ve ever read in my entire life BRB, buying everything Tessa Bailey has ever written But this is a story about two people who grew up in the same small town together But when one comes back five years later, they both realize that maybe they can build a happier future with help from the other one Georgette Castle 23, An actual clown for children s birthday parties, and the baby of her family, and they always let her know it by never taking her seriously, no matter what she does Travis Ford 28, Newly retired professional baseball player, because of an injury But now he is very much struggling to be than just a baseball player, especially after moving back to his hometown Bot...

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    Do not let this adorably unassuming cover fool you this book was NAUGHTY AS HELL and I loved it SO MUCH I buddy read this with Melanie and Jane and it was such a fucking great experience Brb while I immediately re read this bc I have a mighty ass need Holy shit, y all READ DIS BOOK

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    Once you read a Tessa Bailey romance, there is no going back And FIX HER UP is not an exception because you will fall in love with Travis and Georgie instantly Instantly you are drawn to this marvelous cover, and then you read the synopsis and you think WOW GIVE ME THAT BAD BOY RIGHT THIS MOMENT Let me just start this review by saying that if you have not read a book by Tessa Bailey then why are you even here I mean, why are you waisting your time by reading this review Totally kidding maybe not I don t know But in all seriousness, if you have not read a book by Tessa then I HIGHLY recommend that you start as soon as you can There is no denying that Tessa s writing is unique in its own way The best kind of way that will have you drawn to the page, making you crave and through every turn of the page, every swipe you make, every word you may listen With FIX HER UP, she has gained so much respect than what I original had towards her, because of how she describes the female main character Georgie When you are first introduced to ...

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    DNF CHAPTER 14 After several starts and stops, its official, I m pulling the plug on my first Tessa Bailey I kept telling myself that if I just pushed through a little further, at some point the story would really grab me At 182 pages, that little exercise has proven futile So, in the name of living reading my best life, I think it s time to cut my losses and move on to something worthy of my time.I can t deny, the uber cute, smile inducing cover made it darn near impossible to stop the runaway train of possibility in my brain But, as we all experience at one time or another, the cover no matter how great is in no way indicative of the journey that awaits the reader It all comes down to the combination of words and the feelings those words happen to inspire.I found Fix Her Up to be a recycled mix of one too many romance tropes, told through a cast of characters I couldn t take seriously, and sorry to say, all done with a bland delivery Bailey s words lacked the charisma necessary to keep this finicky reader engaged.And while there are bound to be hoards of r...

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    This book is five years behind its time, as seen in its creepy, overprotective, easily angered love interest and an air headed, literal clown main character My list of things I disliked about this book was vast, but I just couldn t shake the feeling that I cannot BELIEVE this book was published in 2019, especially through such a massive publisher For me to have enjoyed this, I think it would need a huge facelift in how the love interest treats the main character, the descriptions were written, and how childish the characters came off Here s a breakdown of everything I didn t like The writing styleFrom metaphors and similes that literally made no sense to cringey dialogue to sexual descriptions that made absolutely no sense, this book needed an editor, bad Some things I let slide than others but the phrasing of this book was just SO awkward and I didn t vibe with the writing at all Travis s personalityTravis was. the worst love interest He considers Georgie his little sister for half the book but still sexualized the hell out of her in literally every single scene she s in He was also SO jealous and overprotective of her even when they weren t even together, and Georgie let him get away with doing super sketchy stuff l...

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    4.5 stars Dammit, Georgie You had to be exactly what I need, didn t you I love the illustrated cover trend, but I have to start this review by saying that the cover of Fix Her Up doesn t quite match the story I thought I was jumping into an uber cute rom com, and though this did have some cute and fun moments, it was a bit emotional and a crazy hot brothers best friend story Georgie Castle is the youngest sibling and is never taken seriously It doesn t help her cause that she s not in the family business, but instead is a professional clown yes, you read that right She loves kids and it s her passion but it makes her family take her less seriously than they already do Travis Ford is Gerogie s long time crush and her brother s best friend He is a former MBA player who is home after an injury got him out of the game He s a bit depressed about it and needs someone just like Georgie to get him out of the funk he s in Georgie does exactly that And while doing that, she finds herself a little along the way I loved watching Georgie come into her own and start to believe in herself That was my favorite part of the book It wasn t about her appearance changing some or her new clothing etc, it was about her finally feeling comfortable in her own skin I also loved the Just Us League and I m dying for Rosie and Bethany s books I m sure they ll be just as great as this one was This started out with a girl with a long time crush It turned into a friendship Then the fa...

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    pros proposalcons baby girl he calls his dick two bats dude don t deserve her

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    calling your dick two bats isn t cute Travis is a dummy bitchis he trying to be batman baby boy, you could never also, Georgie from this book reminds me of Georgie from IT and the Georgie in this book is a clown but the Georgie in IT got eaten by a clown this book was boring and the only thing giving me motivation to read this were the sexy scene...

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    edit if you re going to be offended enough to shit talk me in a group chat and get all of your friends to block me because of this review, that s a bit immature 1 star reviews and people s opinions aren t a direct attack against you grow the fuck up The best thing about this book is my reading of it got multiple people to remove it from their TBR s and lower their ratings I ve read a lot of romance books in my time I ve seen as many descriptions of a man s genitals as you could imagine I ve heard the vilest things from a male s perspective But this book might be one of the worst I only read this because I heard the sex scenes were phenomenal, but I was literally crying laughing throughout them It felt like a joke I wasn t privy to Were they part of Georgie s clown routine me before this book i can t wait i ve finally found another 5 star romance book i can t wait for the steamy sex scenes me after reading the first chapter Georgie is over her family and friends not taking her or her job seriously As a clown who performs at parties, it s difficult for her to find someone who views her as an adult, instead of a little kid Travis has recently injured his...

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    Well, it s official Tessa Bailey is my love language That was so incredibly satisfying, and I m thrilled to see that a sequel featuring Rosie and Dominic is in the works Also I highly recommend doing yourself a favor and snagging the audiobook if you re the listening typ...

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