Night Mares

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Night Mares By Manda Scott – A deadly infectionA race against timeAn investigation that leads to your worstNight MaresSomething is very wrong at Nina Crawford's veterinary surgery on the outskirts of Glasgow Despite all her medic A deadly infectionA race against timeAn investigation that leads to your worstNight MaresSomething is very wrong at Nina Crawford's veterinary surgery on the outskirts of Glasgow Despite all her medical efforts a deadly strain of bacteria is killing every horse that passes through her operating theatre And the vicious nightmares that once plagued Nina have returned pushing her to the very brink of suicide unless her psychiatrist and friend Kellen Stewart can save her from going over the edgeKellen is mystified Why after such steady progress should Nina's mental state deteriorate Even deaths at Nina's surgery and a suspicious fire at her home threaten to crumble Nina's fragile defenses It's a case that will push Kellen over a line she never thought she'd cross and before it's over she'll risk not only her profession but her very life.Night Mares

Novelist columnist blogger podcaster broadcaster and red green activist Manda Scott's novels have been shortlisted for an Orange Prize nominated for an Edgar and dived into the endless iterations of TV adaptations When she's not writing she's studying for an MA in sustainable economics and figuring out how to save a world that may in the end not need saving Her latest novel A Treachery.

Paperback  Ê Night Mares eBook ò
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Night Mares
  • Manda Scott
  • English
  • 06 September 2015
  • 9780553579680

10 thoughts on “Night Mares

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    Real Rating 35 of fiveIn 1999 I lived in Austin Texas again after 13 years' absence I dealt with a sense of isolation by reading shocking I know and preferentially of UILTBAG writers I found this series about a Scottish lesbian vet at BookPeople's airport kiosk and was immediately hooked Read all three in less than a week I might go looking for them again for a sentimental re read

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    35 starsManda Scott can't write a bad book The Kellen Stewart ones are not her best but they are still a really good read And it just gets better and better from here

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    Not sure this is really detective fiction but I do know that there are way too many dead animals I kind of skimmed through the last 13 or so of the book as I had figured out whodunit and there kept being dead animals

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    Sometimes I had trouble following the plot in this book but it was obvious that bad things were happening to some good animals and uite sad when they died

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    Night Mares Another excellent mystery the second of Scott's in the Kellen Stewart series uite different yet eually as technically precise and masterfully written as Hen's Teeth Night Mares shadows around human betray at the highest level involving a client of Kellen's a highly respected and driven veterinary doctor Given the Vet's relentless uest to find out what's killing local horses and Kellen's love of her own horses it's a natural match for this new mystery I love Scott's work and have already begun reading the third book in the series Sometimes in reading or watching a mystery I'll get a clue that will usually tip me offbut not so in Scott's writing In the Kellen Stewart series books it' ain't over til it's over and the fat lady sings so to speak If you really love genuine characters who are well developed woven into a great mystery this series is for you

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    I don't feel really comfortable rating and reviewing this book since I barely read any of it I did just finish The Crystal Skull and enjoyed that a lot so now Goodreads is suggesting this and other Manda Scott books Really I'm just trying to get Goodreads off my caseI didn't like this book because of the graphic descriptions of medical treatments and illnesses in both animals and in the self abuse the veterinarian had heaped on herself It just felt that it would be bad for my mental health

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    Very mind bending and psychadelicsometimes I was wondering what kind of crazy stuff the author was on butit all made sense when the end came around I wasn't expecting it tomake sense by that point

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    More horse that a dozen distilled Dick Francis novels and a style of writing of observation and characterisation that once again leaves me slumped in open mouthed admiration And the plot twisty tight too

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    I expected to love this book but didn't care for her style of writing so didn't read past the first chapter

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    good book I'm mad the villain didn't suffer as much as I was hoping Loved Kellen

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