The Killer Collective

Reading The Killer Collective By Barry Eisler A Fast Paced, Page Turning Novel Of Betrayal, Vengeance, And Depraved Secrets In High Places From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The John Rain And Livia Lone Series.When A Joint FBI Seattle Police Investigation Of An International Child Pornography Ring Gets Too Close To Certain Powerful People, Sex Crimes Detective Livia Lone Becomes The Target Of A Hit That Barely Goes Awry A Hit That Had Been Offered To John Rain, A Retired Specialist In Killings Appearing To Be From Natural Causes Suspecting That The FBI Themselves Were Behind The Attack, Livia Reaches Out To Former Marine Sniper Dox Together, They Assemble An Ad Hoc Team To Identify And Neutralize The Threat Rain Rain S Estranged Lover, Mossad Agent And Honey Trap Specialist Delilah Black Op Soldiers Ben Treven And Daniel Larison And Their Former Commander, SpecOps Legend Colonel Scott Hort Horton.Moving From Japan To Seattle To DC To Paris, The Group Fights A Series Of Interlocking Conspiracies, Each Edging Closer And Closer To The Highest Levels Of The US Government.With Uncertain Loyalties, Conflicting Agendas, And Smoldering Romantic Entanglements, This Group Is Hardly A Team But In A Match As Uneven As This One, A Collective Of Killers Might Be Just What They Need.The Killer Collective

John Rain

[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Killer Collective ❤ Barry Eisler –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 401 pages
  • The Killer Collective
  • Barry Eisler
  • English
  • 05 March 2018

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    I ve read many of this author s previous books his Graveyard of Memories remains one of my favourites of the last few years So when I heard there was a new John Rain, I got a tad excited If you re also a fan, you ll be happy to know some other familiar faces tag along for the ride in this fast paced crossover with the Livia Lone series John has been trying his hand at retirement but with mixed results So he s than a little intrigued when a mysterious job offer comes his way One million dollars to take out 3 people at different levels of law enforcement But one of them is a female cop John may be an assassin but he does have a few rules, one of which is no women No deal.Meanwhile in Seattle, detective Livia Lone is spitting nails Just when she was getting close to identifying those behind a child pornography ring, the investigation was shut down by the FBI She s pretty sure she knows why And it would explain why someone just tried to kill her She needs an ally, preferably one with a loose grip on that law order thing Hmmwonder if Dox is busy Dox worked with Livia on a previous case The Night Trade lets just say she made quite an impression When she calls for help he wastes no time catching the next flight to Seattle The bad news is the situation is worse than he thought The good news is he knows just who to call for back up And ju...

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    First there was Livia and she was all kinds of badass Here was a character of integrity I could totally get behind.Then there was the pairing of Livia and Dox Carl, the charismatic Texan sniper, which was genius Who doesn t love to laugh with and at good ole Dox Apparently even Livia gets this big oaf s charm and is uniquely qualified to understand his je ne sais quoi.But I spent the last two books in the Livia Lone series aching to get a glimpse of John Rain Yeah, yeah, he s retired from the life , but surely we can t keep him away from all the fun in another kill before you re killed race against yet again both time and sickeningly powerful men Is this what you call retirement Danger and intrigue and killing In The Killer Collective, John finally arrives, collected together with all my favorite major players from Eisler s world of vigilante justice and contract killing YES, THE WHOLE GANG IS FINALLY TOGETHER.This time our endearingly damaged, but highly effective, collection of misfits bands together to tackle a particularly vile group of US government employees indulging in a child sex ring called Hurtcore This is such an evil and disturbing global organization, one that violently damages children physically and breaks them emotio...

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    I ve been a fan of Eisler s series featuring assassin John Rain for some time now I ve found him to be a rather developed character than some other fictional exterminators I also like the the fact that he appears to have at least some morals and shows appreciation for some of the finer things in life, such as a decent dram of whiskey More recently I ve also enjoyed Eisler s new series of books which have introduced Seattle PD sex crimes detective Livia Lone, a feisty and independent woman who survived an horrific ordeal and now ruthlessly chases down perpetrators, often dispensing her own brutal form of justice.Here we first witness Liva unearthing an international child pornography ring before surviving an assassination attempt In the aftermath of this near miss she discovers that the order for the hit is likely to be linked to her current case and could even have been ordered from within the ranks of the FBI Meanwhile we catch up with Rain who, as it happens, has just turned down a job that of killing Livia because he refuses to kill women and children Now an att...

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    The war to protect children from predators is a war everyone should fight This book includes the characters from this author s different series I read only Livia Lone and she was my main point of interest in this story.Flove this woman a real fighter Strong female with a heart of gold They showed the vulnerable part of her, but still with a backbone of steal.I respect the hell out if this author for touching the topic of child abuse with dignity and respect for victims, and telling the depth of disturbing network of the most disgusting human garbage paedophiles And for fighting for JUSTICE The real action took place in the last 20% But the investigation and planning was written excellent I sincerely hope it s not the last book about Livia This amazing woman is a person our world needs and Protecting people who can t protect themselves It s a big deal for me D...

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    John Rain is a hitman offered a job targeting three individuals He turns down the job, but is swept up in the action when one of the targets, Livia Lone, survives the attempted hit Not only is John involved, but so are various others with connections to Rain and Livia.Told using alternating points of view, this novel has a lot of characters and multiple storylines Even though there was a lot going on, it was easy to follow and everything was wrapped up by the end.This book is part of a series Actually, it s part of multiple series by Barry Eisler I didn t realize that when I picked it as my First Reads book this month, but, fortunately, it was easily read as a standalone This is book 10 in the John Rain series, book 3 in the Livia Lone series, and book 4 in the Ben Treven series John Rain is a retired hitman Livia Lone is a sex crimes detective Ben Treven is a blac...

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    The Killer Collective was nice and action packed It s flaw was that there were too many protagonists.

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    So I was hoping this would be the greatest book ever This is the 10th book to feature John Rain and the 3rd to feature Livia Lone and it includes five other characters from past Eisler novels So expectations were high It is a Lone book than a Rain book and I am okay with that The problem is that there is talk than action, too much happens in explanation, and ...

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.Eisler is somewhat hit and miss with me The first four book of the John Rain were some of the best books of the period, but in 2006, something happened, and it felt like he lost something I m not a big fan of Ben Treven or Livia Lone When Eisler brings his characters together, it seems like he gets his mojo back.Livia Lone is involved with an FBI Seattle investigation of a child pornography ring, and the FBI shuts it down Shortly afterward, apparent professionals try t...

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    My review of The Killer Collective can be found at High Fever Books.Ever since Barry Eisler s newest series character Liva Lone appeared on the scene in her eponymous 2016 debut, I was waiting for the day she would cross paths with the author s original creation, John Rain Finally, that day has come, and the two along with their many and various colleagues share page space in The Killer Collective Like Eisler s 2011 novel, The Detatchment, The Killer Collective brings together all of the various characters he s written about over the years, Avengers style As such, this book wears a lot of hats and its characters have their own already deeply established relationships and web of networks The Killer Collective is the tenth John Rain thriller, the third in Livia Lone s series, and the fourth Ben Treven book Although Eisler gives enough information about each of these characters and their histories to make this an accessible introduction for new readers, long time fans will likely find a lot to appreciate given their built in familiarity with the diverse and storied cast after having come to know all the different faces here over the last couple decades.While investigating a child sex abuse ring Livia uncovers co...

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