Reading 1793 Niklas Natt Och Dag Capitalsoftworks.co.uk In This Breathtakingly Bold, Intricately Constructed Novel Set In 18th Century Stockholm, A Dying Man Searches Among The City S Teeming Streets, Dark Corners, And Intriguing Inhabitants To Unmask A Ruthless Murderer Perfect For Fans Of Perfume And The Alienist.It Is 1793 Four Years After The Storming Of The Bastille In France And Than A Year After The Death Of King Gustav III Of Sweden, Paranoia And Whispered Conspiracies Are Stockholm S Daily Bread A Promise Of Violence Crackles In The Air As Ordinary Citizens Feel Increasingly Vulnerable To The Whims Of Those In Power.When Mickel Cardell, A Crippled Ex Solider And Former Night Watchman, Finds A Mutilated Body Floating In The City S Malodorous Lake, He Feels Compelled To Give The Unidentifiable Man A Proper Burial For Cecil Winge, A Brilliant Lawyer Turned Consulting Detective To The Stockholm Police, A Body With No Arms, Legs, Or Eyes Is A Formidable Puzzle And One Last Chance To Set Things Right Before He Loses His Battle To Consumption Together, Winge And Cardell Scour Stockholm To Discover The Body S Identity, Encountering The Sordid Underbelly Of The City S Elite Meanwhile, Kristofer Blix The Handsome Son Of A Farmer Leaves Rural Life For The Alluring Charms Of The Capital And Ambitions Of Becoming A Doctor His Letters To His Sister Chronicle His Wild Good Times And Terrible Misfortunes, Which Lead Him Down A Treacherous Path.In Another Corner Of The City, A Young Woman Anna Stina Is Consigned To The Workhouse After She Upsets Her Parish Priest Her Unlikely Escape Plan Takes On New Urgency When A Sadistic Guard Marks Her As His Next Victim.Over The Course Of The Novel, These Extraordinary Characters Cross Paths And Collide In Shocking And Unforgettable Ways Niklas Natt Och Dag Paints A Deliciously Dark Portrait Of Late 18th Century Stockholm, And The Frightful Yet Fascinating Reality Lurking Behind The Powdered And Painted Veneer Of The Era.1793

Niklas Natt och Dag Night and Day debuted as an author with the historical literary novel 1793 Natt och Dag himself has an undeniable connection to Swedish history, being a member of the oldest surviving noble family in Sweden When he isn t writing or reading, Natt och Dag enjoys playing the guitar, mandolin, violin, or the Japanese bamboo flute, shakuhachi.Niklas Natt och Dag lives in Stock

[Ebook] 1793 By Niklas Natt och Dag – E17streets4all.co.uk
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • 1793
  • Niklas Natt och Dag
  • English
  • 07 March 2017
  • 9781501196775

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    The Wolf and the Watchman is a 2019 Atria Books publication.Morose and grisly but morbidly fascinating Late 1700s Stockholm A mutilated corpse is found in the lake and by mutilated, I mean limbs, tongue, and eyes had been methodically removed, one at a time, the work mimicking that of a surgeon Cecil Winge, a lawyer, suffering through the last stages of consumption has been asked to look into the matter, which is the only thing that keeps him on his feet, fighting to stay alive long enough to solve the mystery Winge teams up with Mickel Cardell, a disabled former soldier, who discovered, then fished the body out of the water Together they work to officially identify the body and discover who murdered the man in such a gruesome manner This novel has generated a bit of publicity, and as such, has already garnered a bit of a reputation clueing me in on its violent nature However, I was still unprepared for the lurid content I encountered in this story So, even if one has a high tolerance for graphic violence and gore, this novel will test your limits and boundaries So consider yourself warned The plot is intricate, and very absorbing, with several interesting character studies rounding things out The dark and macabre underbelly of Stockholm provides an unsettling and nerve wracking atmosphere which never allowed one to relax or exhale, even for a momen...

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    This is an award winning Swedish historical horror fiction set in 1793, a period overshadowed by the recent events that resulted in the French Revolution sparking paranoia amongst Royal Houses throughout Europe, including King Gustav who unleashed a horde of spies to report on any who voice thoughts of overthrowing him Gustav was assassinated, and Stockholm s people live in penury, struggling to survive in the stinking dark, dirty and cold streets riddled with cruelty, death, disease, enslavement, corruption and injustice The disillusioned and crippled watchman Mickel Cardell fishes out the torso of man, heinously tortured and butchered, from Lake Larder Cecil Winge, an esteemed rational and incorruptible lawyer, haunts the space between the living and dying, is suffering from consumption, not long for this world, and has left his pregnant wife He is appointed to investigate the murder by the police chief at Indebetou House Winge, the wolf, and Cardell, join forces, determined to identify the dead man, knowing that the powerful and wealthy elites, such as the Eumenides group with their debauched, depraved and delinquent sexual desires, w...

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    It s 1793, and a mutilated body has been found floating in the city s lake Mickel Cardell, an ex watchman and crippled ex soldier feels compelled to give the man a proper burial Cecil Winge, an attorney and consultant for the Stockholm police, makes this case the last thing he will do as he is dying from consumption He wants to solve the puzzle of the identity of the man who had no arms, no legs, no teeth, eyes or tongue Who was he Why was he tortured in such a manner Who could have done this to him The two men, Cardell and Winge, go on a mission to solve this case before time for one, or perhaps both, run out.Kristofer Blix is the son of a doctor He writes letters to his sister in which he chronicles his life, his conquests, his good times, his misfortunes, and the horrible path he finds himself upon.Anna Stina is a beautiful young woman who finds herself committed to a horrendous workhouse accused of being a whore after upsetting the local priest Life here is horrific and she devises an escape plan.If you haven t guessed it, this one is brutal folks There are some scenes in this book which will not be for everyone If you are squeamish, you may want to think twice Whew Hard core is all I can say I found that, for me, my imagination was far worse than what was written What was written was brutal but what I imagined in my head, after readingshivers For those who dare, this was a captivating and riveting book How are these stories conn...

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    A great calamity has befallen us A thousand rumors abound, and one preposterous than the next It is impossible to obtain any trustworthy information, for even travelers have differing accounts and all seem to me somewhat poetical in what they relate The atrocity of the crime, as it has been related, is too great, such that I do not know how I should think thereof Carl Gustaf Af Leopold 1793The night watchman, Mickel Cardell, has seen enough death to last several lifetimes He has lived through an ill conceived war by his Swedish king, and every time he reaches to rub the ache out of an arm no longer there, he is reminded by his scarred stump of the terrors that haunt his dreams When he fetches the bundle from the water, he at first thinks that it must be parts of an animal, leavings from the butcher As he pulls it to shore, it becomes evident that the gristle of horror he holds in his hands is what remains of a man This battle hardened man, this pub brawler, this man who fights bloody night terrors every nighthurls up the beer and gruel from the day before and the bile that follows I would describe the state of the body s...

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    Tell me, Mr Winge, does the expression homo homini lupus est mean anything to you Plautus wrote it during the Punic Wars Like a wolf is man to other men What kind of wolf are you, Mr Winge A good wolf A skilled hunter No wolf at all, I m afraid What I do, I do not undertake in order to satisfy my bloodlust Now I have helped you pick up the scent, all you have to do is follow it out into the forest and find your mark I see how your expression is changed You can t fool me You are indeed a wolf after all I ve seen enough to know, and even if I am wrong, you will soon become one No one can run with the wolf pack without accepting its terms You have both the fangs and the glint of the predator in your eye You deny the blood thirst, but it rises around you like a stench One day your teeth will be stained red and then you ll know with certainty how right I was Your bite will be deep Autumn 1793, Stockholm For those of you who like to time travel on vacation, if you are thinking about visiting late 18th century Stockholm, you might want to reconsider Not a garden spot Still recovering from a great fire tha...

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    CorrosivenessA dark and gruesome Gothic thriller, which reveals a formidable and disturbing portrait of Stockholm during the tumultuous period of the late 18 century The Wolf and the Watchman is at times horrifying, often captivating and always brilliantly written I love the title and from that alone, there is a sense of anticipation and danger Often the most corrupt are those tasked with upholding the law.The characters are brilliantly developed where the personalities and demeanour of each character have such wonderful depth and variation Each character faces hardships, struggles with their place in this unforgiving society, and battles personal demons and impediments This ensures the novel is a fantastic depiction of life during this fearful revolutionary period in European history.A body is found in the lake and recovered by a watchman, Mickel Cardell The body is missing arms, legs, eyes, teeth and its tongue, and strangely the person didn t die of those injuries, as they were healed long before death Someone has brutally dismembered this person and kept them alive what deranged reason lies behind this and who could be driven to this evil Cecil Winge is a lawyer, dying of consumption but determined to see this last case through He works with watchman Cardell, to uncover the motivation and the perpetrators of this ...

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    So glad I stepped a bit out of my reading comfort zone to give this one a try I don t normally read very many books set in the 1700s but the premise for this one sounded intriguing Turned out to be a really good read Mickel Cardell, a former soldier, is living in Stockholm when he finds a mutilated body Together with Cecil Winge, a consulting detective for the police, they set out to determine the identity of the deceased and the circumstances behind his death The story also travels back in time to earlier in the year and follows Anna Stina, a young woman wrongly accused of being a whore by the local priest and committed to a workhouse with absolutely horrendous conditions, and Kristofer Blix, a man training to be a surgeon who finds himself on a dangerous path Bit by bit you will learn how everything is connected which makes for a fascinating read.This is definitely a dark, disturbing, brutal, and graphic novel so don t go into this read thinking this will be some run of the mill type mystery However, it really is the strength of the novel as you actually feel like you are right there on the streets of Stockholm with the characters I absolutely loved how the author chose to tell the ...

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    If you ve ever been curious about Stockholm in the 18th century, then this is your book aka this wasn t my book.The writing is exquisite and so atmospheric that I had no problem conjuring up images and smells, yes, smells from the setting of this story However, the storyline itself failed to hold my attention, especially the middle section Comparisons to The Alienist are undeniable So if that book scratched your itch for a gruesome murder mystery, then, ...

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    I had to wait for my blood pressure and heart rate to calm down before writing a review on this Novel A vividly written, unusual, intriguing and atmospheric Scandinavian crime thriller horror historical fiction story that made for difficult reading in places due to its very graphic content and yet apparently an accurate portrayal of 1780 Stockholm and I came away from this one with a feeling of gratitude for not having lived in the late 1700s as I don t think I would have lasted 5 minutes in that barbaric squalor, depraved and diseased city extremely well written and translated and a compelling read, this one kept me up well into the night and haunted my thoughts for a long time after A real page turner for those who can stomach it What an intriguing debut novel First a warning.This is not an easy read It is not for readers who find graphic descriptions of injuries, Despicable characters, war or torture upsetting and Niklas Natt Och Dag doesn t shy away from graphic detail Stockholm 1793, King Gustav of Sweden has been assassinated, When night watchman Mickel Cardell pulls the remains of a man from a lake, the ex soldier is confronted with a corpse that has been subjected to prolonged torture , his arms and legs cut away, his tongue a...

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    4.5 starsIn chaos theory, there is something called the butterfly effect The idea is that one small action can greatly affect the outcome of a later, seemingly unrelated event This novel is full of little moments that show how one person s decision can permanently alter the lives of others The year is 1793 Stockholm is a city on edge Rebellion by lower classes in countries such as France have made the Swedish elite a tad nervous, especially after the murder of King Gustav III This is the backdrop for a story of 4 people living separate lives until a single event causes their paths to cross All it takes is the discovery of a mutilated body.Mickel Cardell returned from the war with shattered nerves one less arm Now he s a watchman.when he can be bothered to get up off his barstool That s where 2 youngsters find him one night with news of a floater in the lake But the body Mickel rescues is not exactly what he expected In fact, it s not even really a body Just a torso.no arms, no legs Cecil Winge is a lawyer who works as a consultant with the Swedish police He s an intelligent private man who has fought for progressive changes to the legal system He s also dying from consumption So it s no wonder he feels a sense of urgency about his latest case.to give a name to the unidentified torso find a killer Kristofer Blix is a handsome farm boy who heads to Stockholm with dreams of becoming a doctor He soon realizes how unprepared...

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