The Summer We Lost Her

PDF Epub The Summer We Lost Her Tish Cohen It S Been A Busy And Expensive Few Years For Matt And Elise Sorenson And Their Young Daughter Gracie, Whom They Affectionately Call Little Green Matt, A Manhattan Lawyer, Has Just Been Offered A Partnership, And Elise S Equestrian Ambitions As A Competitive Dressage Rider May Finally Vault Her Into The Olympics But Her Long Absences From Home And Endless Hours Of Training Have Strained Their Relationships Nearly To The Breaking Point.Now They Re Up In The Adirondacks, Preparing To Sell The Valuable Lakefront Cabin That S Been In Matt S Family For Generations Both He And Elise Agree It S Time To Let It Go But As They Navigate The Memories The Cabin Holds And Come Face To Face With Matt S Teenage Crush, Now An Unnervingly Attractive Single Mother Living Right Next Door Gracie Disappears Without A Trace.Faced With The Possibility That They Ll Never See Their Daughter Again, Elise And Matt Struggle To Come To Terms With What Their Future May Bring The Fate Of The Family Property, The History Of This Not So Tiny Town, And The Limits Of Matt And Elise S Love For Each Other Are Inextricably Bound Up With Gracie S Disappearance Everything For The Sorenson Family Is About To Change The Messy Tangle Of Their Past, The Harrowing Truth Of Their Present, And Whether Or Not Their Love Will Survive A Parent S Worst Nightmare.The Summer We Lost Her

TOWN HOUSE, a 2008 finalist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book Award Canada and Caribbean region , and in development as a feature film with Fox 2000 Ridley Scott s Scott Free is producing and John Carney, the award winning, critically acclaimed director of ONCE is directing TOWN HOUSE was released to massive media interest in Canada and has been published in Italy and will soon be released in Germany.Cohen has also written the middle grade novels

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ The Summer We Lost Her  ❤ Author Tish Cohen –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Summer We Lost Her
  • Tish Cohen
  • English
  • 17 July 2019
  • 9781501199684

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    The Summer We Lost Her by Tish Cohen is mostly a domestic drama story with the couple in question dealing with their marital issues However, later on in the story there is a bit of a mystery added to it when their disabled daughter goes missing at a bus stop.Matt and Elise Sorenson are the epitome of opposites attracting and the relationship working for them Matt is an attorney in Manhattan who is on the verge of partnership with his firm while Elise is an equestrian who is a competitive dressage rider who has her eye on finally qualifying for the Olympics.When Elise again misses another event and disappoints their daughter due to staying with her horse Matt really begins to question their marriage For years Matt s been the on making the sacrifices and even their daughter s disability comes from an accident on a horse so some time away in the Adirondacks to sell some property is the time this couple needs to evaluate their marriage.The Summer We Lost Her was a really slow burn when...

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    I won this a a goodreads giveaway.I enjoyed the way the story was written and the descriptions of Lake Placid, New York.This story was a family drama with elements of thrillers as well as a bit of a mystery It has a slow burn to it So don t give up on the story Be patient and read to the e...

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    free review copy This book was MADE for book club discussions Especially book clubs made up of middle aged parents A stellar domestic drama set in Lake Placid, NY, THE SUMMER WE LOST HER is atmospheric, taut, and rife with What would I have don...

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    I enjoyed this domestic drama mystery We see the hardships of balancing work, family, and passions Then Matt and Elise s only child Gracie is kidnapped and we see the additional strain that puts on their life and relationship as they try to cope with that trauma while also trying to find their daughter One thing I liked about this book is tha...

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    Elise andMatt Sorenson are struggling to make their marriage work since Elise s competitive equestrian training keeps her away from home a lot Matt , a lawyer, is the one that their daughter Gracie can depend on, while her mother pursues her dreams to be in the Olympics.The Sorenson s agree to sell Matt s grandfather s cabin in the Adirondack s, and go there to spend some quality family time While they are there, Gracie suddenly disappears and the entire community searches for her Elise blames herself and her relationship with Matt becomes strained It doesn t help that his teenage girlfriend lives right next door and is threatening his marriage Gracie s disappearance tests the love of Elise and Matt as they face a parents worst nightmare.I received this Advanced Reader s Edition as a gift from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review It was an enjoyable read that focuses on family, marriage, and forgiveness in a real life drama A real page turner that i...

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    Thank you to Gallery Books for giving me a free copy of this book for review Sadly, this book didn t quite deliver for me It s a bummer too, because I was intrigued by the premise and hoped that it would be a solid summer read Matt and Elise head upstate to sell Matt s grandfather s old cabin on the lake While they re away, Elise and Matt s lives are turned upside down when their daughter, Gracie, is taken Their marriage was already strained due to Elise s frequent absences as she works as a professional horse rider and pursues her dreams of making the Olympic team Gracie s disappearance will either bring them together or tear them further apart.Here s my main issue with this book I felt like Elise was being punished for being a working mother with goals and ambitions All the blame was put on her for everything that went wrong with Gracie and with her marriage to Matt I m not saying she was a perfect person, but it didn t seem right that all the blame was laid at her feet And honestly, Matt seemed like a bit of a creep, especially when he starts to fantasize about his old girlfriend, the girl next door, Cass Pacing was another problem that I had with this...

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    The Summer We Lost Her by Tish Cohen, published by Scout Press.Category Mystery Thriller Publication Date June 04, 2019.Elise Sorenson seems destined for the Olympics in Equestrian Dressage The travel and time away from home has been a hardship for her husband, Matt, and young daughter, Gracie This is especially difficult since Gracie has a handicap due to an accident caused by a horse while Elise was pregnant.In an effort to pay for all the bills Matt has decided to sell his father s substantial property in the Adirondacks It is here that they must face some serious problems concerning their marriage and parents Elise has been out of her father s life for years for his supposed transgressions with her mother which led to a divorce She is also faced with the dilemma of leaving her family as she attempts to make the Olympic Team Matt is faced with the transgressions of his grandfather whom he has ador...

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    Big thanks to Gallery Books for my free copy of The Summer We Lost Her by Tish Cohen advanced readers copy When getting this in the mail I immediately dived into it because for one the cover is beautiful and suddenly made me hugely intrigued on why lies beyond that house on the lakeWith that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was a very interesting dynamic between Matt Sorensen, his wife Elise, their Daughter Gracie all with the legacy his Grandfather Nate left behind This was not only a family drama but an utterly compelling sacrifice that they would all have to make one way or another The wife Elise truly made me angry at certain points because of her motherly tendencies and the fact that she was absent basically all her daughter s life because of her dreams to be an Olympian made her unavailable to be both wife and motherHowever, Matt and his ex lover Cass made an interesting duo Almost kind of like real soulmates It made them the most intriguing when together, and in the book, those parts stood out the most for me I recommend reading if you don t mind slow paced books There was so much information in this book it becam...

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    I loved this book It was not a fast paced thriller but like an introspective character study on marriage, childhood, and painful pasts The setting was absolutely gorgeous and it made me want to go there I wouldn t say the ending wa...

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    Their only daughter disappears Matt the father and husband is enad by a beauty queen next door Elise the wife is trying her best to focus on her equestrian rides.Now just one problem where is GRACIE Can their love survive Will the Sorenson family...

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