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PDF Epub Boy Swallows Universe Author Trent Dalton An Utterly Wonderful Debut Novel Of Love, Crime, Magic, Fate And A Boy S Coming Of Age, Set In 1980s Australia And Infused With The Originality, Charm, Pathos, And Heart Of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close And The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time.The Mind Can Take You Anywhere You Want To GoEli Bell S Life Is Complicated His Father Is Lost, His Mother Is In Jail, And His Stepdad Is A Heroin Dealer The Most Steadfast Adult In Eli S Life Is Slim A Notorious Felon And National Record Holder For Successful Prison Escapes Who Watches Over Eli And August, His Silent Genius Of An Older Brother.Exiled Far From The Rest Of The World In Darra, A Seedy Suburb Populated By Polish And Vietnamese Refugees, This Twelve Year Old Boy With An Old Soul And An Adult Mind Is Just Trying To Follow His Heart, Learn What It Takes To Be A Good Man, And Train For A Glamorous Career In Journalism Life, However, Insists On Throwing Obstacles In Eli S Path Most Notably Tytus Broz, Brisbane S Legendary Drug Dealer.But The Real Trouble Lies Ahead Eli Is About To Fall In Love, Face Off Against Truly Bad Guys, And Fight To Save His Mother From A Certain Doom All Before Starting High School.A Story Of Brotherhood, True Love, Family, And The Most Unlikely Of Friendships, Boy Swallows Universe Is The Tale Of An Adolescent Boy On The Cusp Of Discovering The Man He Will Be Powerful And Kinetic, Trent Dalton S Debut Is Sure To Be One Of The Most Heartbreaking, Joyous And Exhilarating Novels You Will Experience.Boy Swallows Universe

Trent Dalton writes for the award winning The Weekend Australian Magazine A former assistant editor of The Courier Mail, he has won a Walkley, been a four time winner of the national News Awards Feature Journalist of the Year Award, and was named Queensland Journalist of the Year at the 2011 Clarion Awards for excellence in Queensland media His writing includes several short and feature length f

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Boy Swallows Universe ❤ Trent Dalton –
  • Hardcover
  • 453 pages
  • Boy Swallows Universe
  • Trent Dalton
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780062898104

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    What an amazing debut novel Boy Swallows Universe has jumped straight to the top of my outstanding novels for this year Trent Dalton has somehow managed to spin a yarn about a Brisbane boy growing up amidst poverty, violence and crime while infusing it with love, joy and humour His words and characters leap off the page with freshness and originality and yet you feel you know these people and the streets they live on Although not autobiographical, the novel is based on Dalton s own childhood and experiences in the tough suburbs of Brisbane, his parents, the people he knew and the journey he took to become an award winning journalist It s the 1980s and 12 y old Eli Bell lives with his Mum Frances and stepdad Lyle in the Brisbane suburbs He seemingly has a normal Aussie childhood, tearing off on his bike, playing in the streets and worshipping the Parramatta Eels, except for the fact that his older brother Gus is mute, having elected to give up speaking some years ago after a traumatic event , his parents are drug dealers and...

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    Well, what can I say, but Trent Dalton, you have left me speechless I ve had Boy Swallows Universe on my shelf for several months now, not wanting to pick it up, afraid it wouldn t live up to the hype It lives up to it, and It s the coming of age tale of Eli, growing up in Brisbane s western suburbs, raised by drug dealers We follow...

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    The key characters all draw on the people I love most in the world The most beautiful and complex people I ve ever known, and I never even had to walk out the door of my house to find them I just wanted to give the world a story To turn all these crazy and sad and tragic and beautiful things I ve seen into a crazy, sad, tragic and beautiful story Trent Dalton from an article by Dalton on why her wrote this book I read the above article after I finished this book and read the author s note about how much of this novel is based on his childhood experiences and the story became so much meaningful Knowing this made me love these characters even , and in spite of a few reservations, Trent Dalton has absolutely turned all these crazy and sad and tragic and beautiful things I ve seen into a crazy, sad, tragic and beautiful story I have to admit that there were times when some of the things that happened here just didn t feel realistic and some things towards the end felt over the top Maybe it was because I couldn t be any removed from this world of drug dealers in this Brisbane suburb where these boys are raised Yet, there is so much that l did love about this book and these characters that I couldn t help but care about There is a truth to how much love this story emanates The silent understanding between Eli and h...

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    Boy Swallows Universe is a coming of age story like no other Dalton s beautiful prose, compelling characters and emotionally tragic story was tinged with mystical elements that gave the book an almost otherworldly feel.Eli and August are brothers being raised amongst drugs, violence and poverty Yet amidst all these dangers these boys have such a special bond and connection, helping each other through heartache and tragedy Eli is the story s central character and his life is anything but easy His older brother August is a selective mute, his mother and her boyfriend are drug dealers, his babysitter is a notorious ex criminal and his drunken father is non existent in his life Despite all the violence and wrongdoing around him, Eli has big aspirations for himself to become a journalist and above all be a good person The ch...

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    5 Lyle says he approaches a drug deal in the same way he approaches Mum when she s in a bad mood Stay on your toes Stay alert Don t let them stand too close to the kitchen knives Be flexible, patient, adaptable The buyer angry Mum is always right Oliver Twist meets The Godfather Those were the first books that came to mind Films and TV that came to mind were Breaking Bad, What s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Sopranos, and possibly a bit of Stephen King But it s 100% Trent Dalton, and what an absolute legend he is This is bound to be at the top of my favourites list for a long time Nothing connects a city quite like South East Asian heroin This is based on his life, his upbringing, his alcoholic dad, drug affected mother and drug dealer boyfriend Lyle of the opening quotation , and the whole violent, vicious drug scene where he grew up near Brisbane with three brothers The book, however, has only Eli telling the story and he has only one brother This is a novel, not a memoir, although if you listen to the author s interviews, you could be excused for thinking it is, and I m scared to think how many of these life threatening experiences may have been his Eli Bell is 12, one year younger than August Gus Bell, who doesn t speak We learn about the harrowing near drowning that triggered that, and as f...

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    Eli is growing up in a small Australian suburb in the 1980s His mother is a junkie and in jail, his father is nowhere to be found, his stepfather is a drug dealer, and his older brother, August, is a mute genius The only adult in his life is Slim, a former prisoner who holds the record for the most escapes I truly love Slim because he truly loves August and me Slim was hard and cold in his youth He s softened with age Slim always cares for August and me and how we re going and how we re going to grow up I love him so much for trying to convince us that when Mum and Lyle are out for so long like this they are at the movies and not, in fact, dealing heroin purchased from Vietnamese restaurateurs For a 12 year old, Eli has the mind and heart of an adult Even though his life is completely chaotic, he craves normalcy as much as he can get given the situation he s in He wants to be a journalist, he wants to fall in love, and he wants to be a good man, better than those he s had in his life.Life keeps getting in E...

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    At first, this sounded like another harmful story about the exploitation of a minor by an adult, but I was repeatedly told that this is not the case with this book On the other hand, people keep finding excuses to defend these so called romances I have seen it...

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    Why I wrote Boy Swallows Universe About three summers ago on a blazing hot Boxing Day in South east Queensland I was standing at the back of a small blue Holden Barina with my mum The boot hatchback door was up and I was helping my mum load a bunch of Christmas gifts and cooking equipment into her car We d all just enjoyed a good family catch up in a shared Bribie Island holiday unit, one of those nice peaceful Christmases where nobody argues about who was supposed to make the coleslaw, and my mum was distracted for a moment by my daughter she must have been about seven then doing one of her impromptu interpretive dances through an avenue of coastal paperbark trees I followed her eyes and was, naturally, also quickly ensnared in this vision my girl s hair blowing in the wind, her bare feet making ballet leaps between those trees, a stick in her hand acting as a wand Then out of nowhere and for no apparent reason not moving her eyes for a second away from my daughter Mum said something beautiful I wouldn t change any of it, Mum said It sounds cheesy, I know, but that s what she said I wouldn t change any of it If I had to go through it all again to get...

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    So many good things about this book The totally perfect cover Not only the gorgeous colours but also its appropriateness to the story The writing Trent Dalton is a master of beautiful prose The characters I loved Eli and Gus and their solid and completely understanding relationship The story itself which was horrific and mystical by turns and always totally absorbing The ending which although a little far fetched was also satisfying.For me i...

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    Pleased to announce that this is the scaredsuspensebookclub choice for April Below is the discussion schedule via instagram follow along and join in with the conversation scaredsuspensebookclub.Check In 1 April 12thCheck In 2 Apri...

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