The Missing Years

Read The Missing Years Author Lexie Elliott An Eerie, Old Scottish Manor In The Middle Of Nowhere That S Now Hers.Ailsa Calder Has Inherited Half Of A House The Other Half Belongs To A Man Who Disappeared Without A Trace Twenty Seven Years Ago Her Father.Leaving London Behind To Settle The Inheritance From Her Mother S Estate, Ailsa Returns To Her Childhood Home, Nestled Amongst The Craggy Peaks Of The Scottish Highlands, Joined By The Half Sister Who S Almost A Stranger To Her.Ailsa Can T Escape The Claustrophobic Feeling That The House Itself Is Watching Her As If Her Past Hungers To Consume Her She Also Can T Ignore How The Neighbourhood Animals Refuse To Set One Foot Within The Gates Of The Garden.When The First Nighttime Intruder Shows Up, Ailsa Fears That The Manor S Careless Rugged Beauty Could Cost Her Everything.The Missing Years

Lexie Elliott has been writing for as long as she can remember, but she began to focus on it seriously after she lost her banking job in 2009 due to the Global Financial Crisis After some success in short story competitions, she began planning a novel With two kids and a new job, it took some time for that novel to move from her head to the page, but the result was The French Girl , whic

[EPUB] ✻ The Missing Years  By Lexie Elliott –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • The Missing Years
  • Lexie Elliott
  • English
  • 18 October 2018
  • 9780399586958

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    This had my dream ratio of is this or is this not paranormal A Scottish manor with a sordid history animals won t go near it, and unexplained things keep happening within its walls.It was really set up for me to love an isolated mystery, set in a small town, with a creepy house to boot Hell yes.What I loved about it The pacing of the reveals was perfect we know from the jump that her mom is dead and dad has been missing for decades, and the rest of the family and manor s history slowly unravels at carefully plotted moments.There was a killer friendship dynamic and charismatic AF characters I would have actually liked 100 pages with them, adding backstory, and even romantic tension which is SO unlike me The perspective of our main character Ailsa was a joy to read from she didn t waste a lot of time just casually wondering about the mystery and not following through on hunches, which is something that often bothers me...

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    3.5 stars An eerie, haunting and deeply atmospheric mystery.When Ailsa s mother passes away, she inherits half of an old Scottish manor house, known as the Manse, set deep in the countryside Ailsa has deep buried memories of living in this home as a young child These fuzzy recollections surface randomly, keeping her connected and curious about her family history hidden within the walls of the house This was a slow burn mystery that kept me on edge with wonder of how things would all work out There are many parts to this mystery that are slowly revealed as Ailsa uncovers pieces of her family history The characters were intriguing, all holding an air of secrecy that kept me curious The Manse was a character in itself, which was definitely my favourite part of this haunting story The author, Lexie Elliott, did an outstanding job developing a thick and engrossing atmosphere that had me feeling wrapped up within the walls of the house I enjoyed the storyline, characters and mystery, ho...

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    2.75 3 starsAilsa Calder has inherited an old Scottish manor the Manse from her Mother s estate Sounds good, right Except that it is in the middle of nowhere and she only owns half the house, the other half is owned by her father who has been missing for twenty seven years She comes to the Scottish Highlands with her younger sister, who feels like stranger to her in hopes of settling her inheritance.She remembers being at the Manse in the past She feels as if the house is watching her She is unnerved and notices that not even animals will come close To make matters worse, she encounters and intruder in her home and strange things begin to happen The premise of this book was fantastic Creepy manor in the Scottish Highlands Is it haunted Is her imagination playing tricks on her What s with the animals who won t come into the garden What is going on with all the strange things happening Again, fantastic premise which fell flat for me There were parts that were interesting and good, but other times I was bored I was hoping that this book would be creepy and sinister It wasn t creepy enough for me If you are going to be creepy then be super creepy that s my motto Obviously, there is mystery here where is her father Why did he go missing and What is going on at the hou...

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    3 3.5 stars on this one Review to come Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    3.5 Ailsa just inherited a house Well, like half a house The other half belongs to her estranged father who s been missing for years Unfortunately, Ailsa is prevented from selling the home until dear ole daddy is found and hopefully agrees to the deal With no other options, Ailsa quickly moves in with her half sister, Carrie.The town is a flurry of second guessing and rumors So many theories on what happened to her father, and everyone has their own opinion Is her home haunted And why do the neighbors pets walk around the property but won t ever set foot inside The questions multiplying like wild fire.With some supernatural elements interspersed truly nothing too scary the tale of Ailsa, her father and their home unfold Lexie Elliott writes an atmospheric read that will draw you in and ca...

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    Creepy Atmospheric Haunting Lexie Elliot Will completely transport you to this Erie Scottish house with her descriptive writing I could feel the cold and contempt seeping from the house The house has a life of its own and is probably the most dynamic character in the book This is a slow burner that combines mystery, suspense, and magical realism Ailsa inherits a house, well half a house The other half belongs to her father who she has not seen for over 20 years Unable to sell the house until her father is found, or pronounced dead Ailsa moves into the house along with her half sister Carrie It doesn t take Ailsa Long to figure out the house has a mind and a heartbeat of its own Not only that she discovers a intruder in the house her very first night there Then things start appearing and disappearing, noises are heard and there is that feeling of being watched at all times A dead fox at the door, fire alarms going off, and the flies oh the flies Just thinking about the flies gives me the heebie jeebies So is the house friend or foe Is it warning her or scaring her off For the most part I really liked this book it was so atmospheric and evocative However some parts were extremely slow Also as much as I enjoyed the magical realism element of this book, I wish it had been explored a little in depth Time folding I was left with a few questions I would have liked answered I recommend this to people who enjoy descriptive wr...

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    3.5 Stars rounded down Strange things are afoot at the Manse Does evil lurk Ailsa Calder doesn t know Dark, Atmospheric and Unsettling Turn the first page and the hair on the back of your neck will immediately stand up Ailsa Calder and her half sister Carrie reluctantly return to the Manse, in the Highlands of Scotland, after losing their mom Ailsa now owns half of it the other half belonging to her dad, who has been missing for the last twenty seven years If only it felt like home People turn up at every corner, are they friends or foes At the very beginning, there were questions that had to be answered in Lexie Elliott s The Missing Years and I couldn t help but wonder what was going on For me, this was a character study as well as a mystery suspense, which, admittedly started out a tad bit slow but sped up as the...

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    MY FATHER IS.Missing really enjoyed reading Lexie Elliott s first novel, The French Girl, last year but I will tell you now that The Missing Years eclipses her first and has landed its way onto my favorite s list The Missing Years crosses genres from suspense, mystery, a touch of romance to a fair amount of magical realism and she marries these together seamlessly It has an essence of a ghost story while keeping the reader firmly planted in the here and now and much of what one suspects as supernatural turns out to be ominously too close to reality for comfort.While both The French Girl and The Missing Years comprise a large ensemble cast of characters, with this one Elliott does a better job of fleshing out her characters so that they are manageable to distinguish from one another and also easier to relate to, feel compassion for and, ultimately invest in their sto...

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    I had really high hopes for this novel The premise of an eerie, creepy and old Scottish mansion sounds like my cup of tea, however, I found the story to be too much of a slow burn for me Some may find the slower unfolding a plus.After a quite intriguing and suspenseful beginning, the story seemed to stall at points and I found myself getting distracted There were moments of suspense that kept me hopeful that the tension would pick up and the characters would pull me in I just couldn t get invested in them There is a mystery that slowly unravels, but for me it wasn t enough ...

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    3.5 starsA missing father, an inherited old Scottish manor with rumors of it being haunted, the daughter trying to escape from the feeling of it watching her The Missings Years is an easy atmospheric read here with the setting of an old Scottish manor called the Manse that I thought should have felt creepier and eerier with the secrets it keeps I had some mixed feelings here and I began to wonder if maybe I have become a predictable reader expecting stories to feel a certain way Here in this story, the lack of creepiness was made up by the house coming alive for me It became a strong entertaining character with an attitude and I enjoyed the dynamics here with the house and our main character Ailsa The characters here within the small town were also entertaining and I enjoyed hearing the rumors and the vibe it created here...

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