Desperate Intentions

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Troy Anderson has steered clear of other people since tragedy changed the trajectory of his life But when Eliza Burke and her children move He lost his family, but he might save another Troy Anderson has steered clear of other people since tragedy changed the trajectory of his life But when Eliza Burke and her children move in next door, he’s unable to ignore the sweet family—especially when it becomes clear there’s to the house Eliza inherited than anyone suspected As Troy and Eliza dig up the past, they’ll have to face things they both hoped would stay buried.Desperate Intentions

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Desperate Intentions  eBook ↠ Desperate Intentions
  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Desperate Intentions
  • Carla Cassidy
  • 11 June 2017

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  1. says:

    This was quite the improvement over Desperate Strangers, the first book in the mini-series. That book had one of the dumbest protagonists I had ever witnessed in my life. The fact I can still remember that really says something! The heroine of this story is Eliza Burke, and she thankfully has a reasonably smart head on her shoulders.

    She has inherited her house from the grandfather of her dead ex-husband. She and her two kids can hear strange sounds behind the walls at night, so she thinks they might have a rat problem. Or is it something more sinister. Well, considering this is a romantic suspense story, it's a safe bet that something hinky is happening in Eliza's life right now!

    The hero is her next door neighbour, Troy Anderson. He's part of the vigilante club mentioned in the previous book. They're all men aggrieved by crimes against them and their loved ones in which the perpetrators have escaped punishment because of justice system glitches. They've set up a system where they'll kill another group member's target in a Strangers On A Train type scenario so that nobody can be linked to the crimes. Except one of the group members is killing the targets before anyone else can do it.

    Anyway, since that's the theme running through the mini-series, it's not resolved here. To be honest, this was one situation where I wasn't too bothered, because the main story worked fine without it. There were some good, creepy moments in which Eliza or her kids saw things or smelt things that they shouldn't.

    As a hero, it was a bit touch-and-go with me in regards to Troy. He's haunted by the fact that his daughter was kidnapped on his watch (he only looked away for a couple of minutes), and ultimately murdered. (Obviously, the killer is the person he wants the vigilante group to kill.) You're starting off in a difficult place when your hero is ready to commit murder to right a wrong! Because someone else got there first doesn't entirely absolve you of guilt. He sometimes came across as a bit of a martyr with his standard romance story I-can-never-be-allowed-to-love-again trope, especially as he rather callously causes Eliza and her kids genuine hurt with his attitude. But the author is also staying true to how a parent would be feeling and acting if their child had been murdered.

    Eliza made for a likable, compassionate heroine! A breath of relief after the moron heroine of the previous book! I managed to buy her connection with Troy because they talked about something other than food (take note, Carol Ericson), and there were some nice touches as to how she communicated with Troy about his daughter. A lot of conversation was tell-and-not-show, but at least there was an idea that they were actually talking about things! Plus, these books do have word limit constraints!

    The kids were sweethearts, especially son Sammy, who is blind. Perhaps too good to be true, but I always prefer that to annoying, sniveling brats!

    It's a solid story with some creepy moments, but alas, not enough of them. It was all pretty predictable, and there were some slow spots, so it wasn't the totally gripping romantic thriller I could have hoped for, but it's above average for the Intrigue line.

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    3.5 stars
    Nice book. Troy had to face his demons to get his happily ever after.

    Eliza's children were really sweet.

    My only minor issue was that Eliza switched gears pretty fast and already started seeing Troy as her going-to-be husband and her kids' father. I thought she would be more apprehensive since it affected her kids' life also. But I think the author wanted Troy to face his demons and make peace with his past so that's why he was the one who was in denial.

    (This book continues the vigilante killer plot from book 1, Desperate Strangers but it can be read as a standalone.)

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    I'm sorry but I was not a huge fan of this book. Personally I thought that Eliza moved way to fast with Troy. She has kids and is doing great on her own, but within 2 weeks she's ready to start a family with him. I've seen too many people go down that path. With that said I did find the house noises and the little hidden holes pretty neat.
    I dunno the book wasnt for me but it could be enjoyable to others. Sorry...

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    I normally love all of Carla Cassidy's books, but not this one. I could not connect with Troy. I understand why he did what he did, but I was turned off from the beginning and never changed my mind. Yes, in the end, he stepped up and was awesome with the kids but it wasn't enough to overcome my distrust/dislike of him. Give it a chance, though. You might like it more than I did.

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    It was an ok book, I didn't like how quickly things were moving on the romance side of things. The mystery is what kept me going. I had to know who was sneaking into the house, I was surprised.

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